Will the Ratings for the 'Happy Endings' Finale Live Up to the Show's Title? - Poll

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May 3rd, 2013


Happy Endings airs its season, and, most likely, its series finale tonight. Fans can take solace in the rumors that USA is interested in picking up the show. The show's fans are passionate, but, unfortunately, they are also few. ABC's frequent schedule changes -- the show began  the season on Tuesdays, briefly had additional episodes airing on Sunday, then moved to Friday -- certainly didn't help its cause. Last week, both episodes that aired garnered a 0.6 adults 18-49 rating.  So, how do you think the show will fare tonight?

  • Brandojames

    I hope the ratings increase. I’m still super bitter it got moved from Wednesdays. No show has been able to match Modern Family. And Happy Endings did just as well as any show.

    Hopefully it lives on in cableland.

  • PJM

    ABC has done absolutely no advertising for it, so I wouldn’t count on ratings going up because of that. They might get back to the ratings of 2 weeks ago because so many people watch this on DVR and DVRs didn’t record last week’s episodes because of the push-back. But now the schedules have had time to be fixed, so a lot of 1AM viewing should be taking place, which still counts, I suppose.

    Hopefully we’ll see the show on USA Network next season. They need some new blood over there.

  • Joseph

    Three words: “Iron Man 3″.

    That movie will get huge box-office numbers that will significantly affect TV viewing levels this weekend.

  • Juan

    Please USA, pick up happy endings, it is such av amazing show and I love every episode, as for ratings I think it will be a .8/.9 or maybe even a bit higher because its the finale, the episodes have never aired or been on iTunes/Hulu

  • Fourat

    Finges crossed for a usa pick up

  • Gustav


    Go USA Network! Please, pick this awesome show.

  • Anthony Parello (AP076)

    It just seems at these ratings, even with it in the sights of the syndication gods, USA might just take a pass on it.

    Even despite renewals Cougar Town was hardly a smash success for TBS and that was better rated at ABC.

    I wonder is NBC were to have a comedy cancellation bloodbath if Whitney or Guys with Kids or Community would be better candidates. All three have Universal involved in production. Whitney and GWK would fit poorly because of the multi-cam thing though.

    Too bad Up All Night did not completely implode the way it did as it might have been a good match with Modern Family reruns.

    Just a thought.

  • Rollie Dethloff

    I agree with Joseph, but only for tonight because it’s opening night. I think Sunday won’t be affected too badly

  • Hi

    defeated by nikita

  • Penny

    Hope it returns. I need Penny, Max and Jane is my life. :(

  • Troyb

    Iron Man 3, no higher than 0.6 people will be at the movies.

  • alvar

    good riddance! ABC has given this show every chance to improve and it hasn’t. After a slow first season, ABC gave it the post Modern Family slot for its whole second season, where it should theoretically have found its own audience. This year ABC showed confidence by moving it to 9pm Tuesdays with Dancing With The Stars as a lead in and it absolutely tanked. It was given additional exposure with extra episodes airing on Sundays. And even now ABC have accommodated the final episodes on Friday nights in the hope that the show may be more successful in a lower rating Friday timeslot. Fans have absolutely nothing to complain about, and should be thanking the ABC for giving this show so many chances.

  • Monica


    You’re kidding, right? ABC moved the show off its original night, behind a declining, old-skewing DTWS, where it faced a comedy collision of similar New Girl and Go On boosted by the Voice. They even held it back so late that people already settled on one of the other comedies and they never aired Happy Endings for more than 3 weeks in the same place. Then they push it off to Sunday at 10 PM, an hour where no network airs comedies because they don’t work at 10 PM. One of those episodes was actually a season 2 episode that was aired out of order. Then they dump the show on Fridays when the target audience doesn’t even watch TV after a two month hiatus.

    This show has aired in EIGHT different half hour slots in three seasons. No show can survive that kind of treatment.

  • alvar


    You can’t blame the failure of the show on things like its lead in, its competition, its timeslot. If the show actually resonated with viewers, it would rate regardless of all of these excuses. For example, shows such as SVU and Chicago Fire have found success for NBC on Wednesdays despite no lead in and strong competition that included similar skewing procedurals such as Criminal Minds and CSI. All programs face pre-emptions and air infrequently, thats certainly no special excuse for your show. As for the timeslot, season 1 was consistent (10pm Wed), season 2 was consistent (9.30pm Wed) and season 3 was consistent (9pm Tue) for 10 weeks until ABC decided to react to the abysmal ratings. Any timeslot changes after that I will disregard. My point being, if viewers really loved the show, they would have followed it over to Tuesdays.
    If viewers really loved Happy Endings, they would have followed it over to Tuesdays.

  • Bitter Ringer Fan

    I really hope it doesn’t get pick up by USA, not because i hate the show (i don’t) but because how sad would be to pick up a show that already hit 0.6 on broadcast tv (i don’t care about the excuses of early online airing or fridays etc.). That proves not enough people care to be worth it.

  • Caden

    These headlines are just like kicking a puppy now.

  • Mal


  • Jon

    At this point who really cares, nobody is still watching anyway

  • Jon

    @alvar….well put….it seems to me ABC did everything they could to save this show….it’s too bad they don’t put more effort into some of their other better shows, shows like Detroit 187, which was one of the best cop shows to come on the air in years back in the fall of 2010. Or this year with Last Resort.

  • Anyanka


    It’s true the show should have done better on Tuesday, but I’m going to laugh when any combination of Neighbors, HTLWYP, or Suburgatory moves there and flounders. I bet if they even moved the Middle there it would do as poorly as Happy Endings did. You’re right that shows should be able to build their own audience, but at the end of the day, when the only real hits on ABC are Modern Family and whatever happens to be airing after it at the time, you have to wonder if their strategy is a good one.

    Now CBS, that’s a network that knows how to cultivate hits. They rarely move anything ever. They actually show patience with their programs.

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