Have the Ratings for 'Smash' Hit Rock Bottom Yet? - Poll

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May 4th, 2013

Smash March 6


Smash has garnered a series low 0.4 adults 18-49 rating for the past two weeks.  Has the show, like Ivy circa late season one, hit its ratings rock bottom? Or will it fall further? Is there a greater indignity for an expensive drama whose cast includes Emmy and Oscar winners than being repeatedly and decisively beaten by Bet on Your Baby?  Make your schadenfreude-filled predictions.

  • John A

    Who cares at this stage?

  • jay_s

    I don’t even care enough to vote… sorry.

  • RobertN

    Bring back Chuck!

  • Funeral Dinner

    Maybe 0.3 or even with last week. Surely if people know it’s on burn off and destined to be cancelled, it will just keep sinking as more people are bound to just stop watching. How many episodes are left?

  • Nick

    I’m no fan of Smash, but obviously when you cancel a show the ratings are going to tank. Not sure what the point of a poll or story like this is….

  • Kissan

    This show is DEAD but it did win that Save One Show competition on E! so I don’t know…

  • Melanie

    I think Smash will drop to a .2.

  • Kevin

    It’s just funny to watch how far Smash drops and how low it will go. The way NBC left it on the air and moves it around in the schedule I think they find it funny at this point as well. Worse is there are fans of the show that think it might be renewed because they were winning some stupid online Save Our Show poll.

  • Michael

    Smash can not be cancelled! It is in the top 5 scripted shows on Saturday night! Smash should be on forever!

  • moshane58

    And they cancelled Harry’s Law with over 8 million viewers because they thought the people watching where to old.NBCC needs to get the crap together.Get a hit and cancel it.Have flops and keep them on.

  • Fake Me Out

    No. While I do feel somewhat sorry for the cast & crew they should have known better than to sign up for a musical … or anything on NBC … recent studies and surveys have shown that Americans can not stand musicals … or NBC. I have been informed of these studies by a friend whose cousin dates the daughter of a barber who cuts the hair of the guy who delivers pizza to the offices of those who did the studies … so 100% rock solid intel here.

  • Melissa

    I guess flat at 0.4.

  • The Rookie

    With the overall network ratings this week I think people are enjoying other activities. Why stay in watching a doomed show when you could be dining, at festival or other events, etc?

  • Ultima

    And they cancelled Harry’s Law with over 8 million viewers because they thought the people watching where to old.NBCC needs to get the crap together.

    They were right. Broadcast primetime advertising is priced off of the A18-49 demographic (and subsets thereof).

    It doesn’t matter if you don’t like it or don’t think that it should be that way.

  • Theoacme

    Any idea what the ratings are in just New York? Broadway is far stronger there than anywhere else, so I would expect the ratings to be significantly higher there…possibly double the nationals.

    I have a good friend who is personal friends with some of the supporting cast; she is heartbroken, knowing that SMASH will be cancelled, but knowing the very hard work that has been put into it by those who appear on camera.

    SMASH the producers, SMASH NBC, SMASH Nielsen, SMASH the advertisers, SMASH FOX News and Obama, but please do not SMASH the cast – there is no magic wand that can tell them “…do not sign up for this show because the network will treat you like trash, and a few nasty commenters will try to make you wish you had been thrown into a wood chipper at birth…”

    As for my guess – 0.4 demo, but New York will have significantly higher numbers, say, a 0.7 to 0.8.

  • bob

    sucky show

  • Tom

    There should be enough homebodies and musical theater buffs around to keep Smash locked in at a 0.4.

    Too bad this show is so expensive to produce. At a 0.4, it would otherwise be a good bet for a slot on the CW.

  • Tom


    Bill D’Elia, executive producer of Harry’s Law, claimed it was the Cancellation Bear’s fault that his show was cancelled.

  • DW

    i don’t watch the show but there is a part of me that wants NBC to bring this back on Saturdays next winter for 13 eps. but bring in a new cast for a new show opening up just so i can see peoples heads explodes on sites like this one. :)

  • Joseph

    The new “Iron Man” movie will likely have a record or near-record opening weekend at the box office, which will likely depress prime-time TV viewing levels tonight (May 4th).

    Not to mention, in some cities, local telecasts of hockey and basketball playoffs as well as local baseball telecasts in many cities. Those local sports telecasts will do very well in cities whose local teams are playing.

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