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May 4th, 2013

Smash March 6


Smash has garnered a series low 0.4 adults 18-49 rating for the past two weeks.  Has the show, like Ivy circa late season one, hit its ratings rock bottom? Or will it fall further? Is there a greater indignity for an expensive drama whose cast includes Emmy and Oscar winners than being repeatedly and decisively beaten by Bet on Your Baby?  Make your schadenfreude-filled predictions.

  • Eliot

    NBC should keep [i]Smash[/i] in the Saturday slot for next season as a midseason replacement only. It’s doing quite bad, but, NBC are doing bad on the whole right now, let’s face it.


    Please, this show is so gone, keeping it would only bring more pain and frustration to the fans when it will be canned on a cliffhanger ending.

  • Robert

    I don’t understand why there is so much hate for this show. Yes, it failed and will be canceled. So? Since when are all canceled shows bad? Most people who wish the show all the worst never watched it. So why do you care?

    Smash is not the greatest thing on TV but it’s not bad. I don’t understand why no one watches it. Glee get’s renewed for two seasons at once and that show sometimes doesn’t even have a plot. And the writers keep forgetting what has happened in the last episode. Nashville started ok and got better but the last two episodes were pretty weak.

    I’m glad NBC shows all episodes of Smash. And the last two even on a Sunday. Oh, and episode 8 only had 3 Million viewers but one song out of it got downloaded 10000 times on iTunes.

  • Tom

    @ Robert

    I’ve seen all the episodes and I agree that Smash is not bad. The problem is that musical theater is a tough sell. The golden age of musicals ended in the 1950s. Sure, you’ll still see an occasional hit like CATS break through but, for the most part, musicals draw relatively small audiences even on Broadway. So, I have to give snaps to the producers for making a fine effort. However, there’s just no audience for this.

  • Frost

    When DVR numbers are factored in, it’s actually not horrible. I wish more people watched it live.

  • The Cool Max

    This needs to be cancelled pronto!!

  • Rick in Denver

    Musical theater isn’t dead, touring productions sell out most performances here in Denver, IMHO there is nothing like a live show and I’ve season tickets for the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. I am also a former gypsy and character actor who toured around the country in many different musicals. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed “Smash” and hate to see it come to an end, it was, for me, like a bit of my past and a reminder of the days of “on with the show”.

  • Joe.

    7 million could watch it on DVR but it wouldn’t matter. NBC makes their money from live showings. No companies will want to advertise during it because the vast amount of people will just skip through the ads.

    Smash is already canceled in NBC’s eyes.

  • sarah nz

    0.4 – think it may have ht the floor, but would not be surprised if it went under that for the rest of it’s remaining short life.

  • Brandy

    Im not normally a musical theatre person, but love Smash.Im not a high income professional that Smash typically attracts either. I agree with Tom about giving nbc credit for even trying such a unique show in the first place.I wonder if part of the problem is theyres too many musical shows on tv now(Smash,Glee,Nashville,Idol,The Voice,XFactor,The Sing Off)& people are just oversaturated and tired of them.

  • Sandy McCaffrey

    That’s because NBC moved the show to Saturday night. NBC always keeps the worst shows on and cancels the good shows. No wonder NBC ratings are not good bad choices. Really Hannibal now that is being desperate. NBC really needs to keep Smash on and put it on before Parenthood and the ratings should do really well.

  • CBSviewer

    Who cares ?

  • Lucas

    @ultima They were wrong actually. Harry’s law had a lot of people tuning in, and nbc lost out on tons of money when they cancelled it. A lot of the time these big networks wont pay attention to the amount of viewers watching their show, and it really hurts them financially when they end up cancelling it.

  • Jeremiah

    As a fan of Smash, I simply don’t understand why NBC has not formally announced its cancellation? Are they too embarrassed? I assume they will do so in the coming weeks but why wait so long?

  • Tested

    I like the show.. but NBC totally failed to recognize why it had somewhat decent ratings last year: it was on after “The Voice”

    They didn’t put it there for this season and it died.

  • Anthony Parello (AP076)

    “and nbc lost out on tons of money when they cancelled it. A lot of the time these big networks wont pay attention to the amount of viewers watching their show, and it really hurts them financially when they end up cancelling it.”

    That is an idiotic assertion care to explain or provide a source.

    Getting rid of Harry’s Law helped make way for new well (enough) rated shows like Chicago Fire and Revolution.

  • Amy

    @ Michael LMAO I hope you were being sarcastic. ;)

  • Toni


  • Lucas

    @Anthony parello Get a clue before spewing out spew. Nobody is watching c.f. or rev. Harry’s law pulled in way more viewers.

  • Justin121

    3.8 all the way down to 0.3.


    Do you think it’ll be pulled?

    Can’t see NBC tolerating the humiliation of a 0.1, 0.2, or a 0.3 for SMASH
    even for a Saturday burn-off.

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