Will 'Once Upon a Time' Rise for Part One of its Finale? (Poll)

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May 5th, 2013


Tonight's episode of Once Upon a Time is being billed as the first hour of a two-part finale. Could the series conjure up some magical ratings tonight? Last week, Once Upon a Time hit a series low 2.0 adults 18-49 rating. Could it go even lower or will it rise like Peter Pan's flight? Vote below and tell us why in the comments!

  • Fred

    @ Brian Canada

    What rivalry between Revenge and Scandal? They are on the same network and both will surely berenewed for next season.
    True Scandal #s have greatly improved this season and Revenge was performing better last season. But many shows on all networks are not performing as well this season.
    The imagined rivalry started with a crazed Scandal fan.

  • DW

    this is the reason why CBS is #1 on sundays and others are not. you have 2 1st round playoff games on ABC and ABC doesnt have them lead into the sunday night programming?. CBS would do this in a heartbeat if they carried basketball. CBS despite all the negative on TGW and TM , wins the night in total viewers and demo. so no OUAT will not do well because ABC has their heads up somewhere.

  • Liam

    2.1 to a 2.3 in that range. It is not going to get a 2.5. Possibly for the season finale next week. Season 2 has been a little inconsistent but overall not a bad year for the show. Hopefully the season finale will bring the show back to its season 1 roots a bit. I think the storyline of the outsiders should have been used possibly next season or in season 4, where I think it would have been better suited.

  • NBC Fan

    America’s Funniest Home Videos-1.6
    Once Upon a Time-2.1
    Red Widow-0.9

    60 Minutes-1.5
    The Amazing Race-2.5
    The Mentalist-1.9

    The Cleveland Show-1.2
    The Simpsons-2.0
    Bob’s Burgers-1.8
    Family Guy-2.6
    American Dad!-2.1

    The Celebrity Apprentice-1.6

  • Bryan (Canada)

    I meant in the sense of the Old Monday Max posts bashing Revenge and those who defended and vice versa on Friday when Scandals numbers came in. It always seemed so fascinating to me that I just had to watch both shows. Perhaps rivalry was a poor choice of words, but I’m sure you get what I mean.

    A good friend of mine told me the same thing, but she agreed that there are enough good episodes thrown in to warrant powering through it. Thanks for the heads up though :)

  • Penny

    OUAT needs to decide what they want with Regina. A super psycho or someone trying hard for redemption because you can’t do both at the same time.

  • Antonio

    2.3 for tonight’s episode, 2.5-2-6 for next week, hopefully.

    Revenge will be back to 2.0 next week.

  • Ian

    I think OUAT will get a 2.2 tonight and a 2.4 for it’s finale. I think Revenge will get a 1.8 tonight and could get at most a 2.3 for it’s 2 hour finale. If ABC really promotes it’s big finale next week I think Revenge could do well!

  • Shepherd

    I an see it going up to a 2.1 this week, but I can also see it falling back down to 2.0 for part two.

    Where did all of those predicting mid 3’s for the finale go? lol

  • John A

    OUAT 2.1 Revenge 1.6

  • Juan

    I say 2.3 for it and 2.0 for Revenge, though I hope for higher, especially for revenge

  • JR35

    Wow- some expect it to climb five-tenths? I’m going with a 2.1-2.2. Anything higher, great. But if I come to this site tomorrow and see anything that has to do with OUAT dropping… :)

  • The End

    If people love Peter Pan they’l watch both Episode 21, and 22 together.

    2.3-2.4 from me.

  • ethan

    OUAT 2.1
    Revenge 1.8
    RW 0.9

    Mentalist 1.7

  • Dan S

    I’m guessing 2.1-2.2 but hopefully it’ll rate higher. Next season OUAT should be paired with SHIELD & moved to 9pm. It has a dark tone that’s not exactly kid friendly at times. The big question is does ABC move DWTS to Sundays away from The Voice ?

  • The End


    Reginas actions are more out of desperation if anything, she wants her Son back but knows as things are now, she’l never get him. She has a valid reason to act the way she has been. I don’t think any mother who has raised a child from birth would be happy to just sit back and watch as an absent mom takes him away. She can’t see past her need to have him back in her life again.

  • Samunto

    Who honestly voted 2.5?

    I say 2.1

  • ryan

    Even if OUAT ends the season with a 2.0, I’m not that worried about next season. It will get back at least half the viewers it lost, and premiere well north of 3.0. Holding onto those viewers throughout the season, and not losing them to a combination of DVR, online streaming, and dropping the show altogether, is up to BOTH the quality of the show AND ABC’s scheduling against major events.

    I personally have enjoyed this season but the writers need to settle on a more clear direction for the show and just go for it. Ever since Emma and Snow got back from Fairytale Land, the show has been meandering a little bit. I suspect the outsiders/return to Fairytale Land/Neverland dynamic will lead to some big changes raising of the stakes. It reminds me of how Lost was feeling a bit stale in season 3 until we left the animal cages and the Others started actually doing things.

  • Brian

    Yes if they Kill off Regina! :-)

  • The End

    @Yes if they Kill off Regina!

    They won’t. Infact watch tonights episode and you’l see the best character in the show is still alive. Watch next weeks and see the same.

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