Will 'Once Upon a Time' Rise for Part One of its Finale? (Poll)

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May 5th, 2013


Tonight's episode of Once Upon a Time is being billed as the first hour of a two-part finale. Could the series conjure up some magical ratings tonight? Last week, Once Upon a Time hit a series low 2.0 adults 18-49 rating. Could it go even lower or will it rise like Peter Pan's flight? Vote below and tell us why in the comments!

  • brian

    2.1 this week and 2.2 next. A mild increase, but its best days are behind it.

  • Tony

    OUAT 2.2
    REVENGE – 1.9

  • The End

    @but its best days are behind it.

    With respect, and as we’re very close to the renewal announcement, I strongly disagree with you.

  • Melissa

    Whoever voted >2.5 is delusional. 2.3 at best.

  • Amanda

    I think the problem with Once’s ratings is all the hiatuses. There was a three-week break before the last two episodes, so some fans may be forgetting to watch.

  • tv_viewer

    Predictions for May 5, 2013:

    America’s Funniest Home Videos 1.6
    Once Upon A Time 2.0
    Revenge 1.8
    Red Widow (season finale) 0.8
    Amazing Race 22 (season finale) 2.5
    The Mentalist (season finale) 1.7
    Simpsons (repeat) 0.9
    The Cleveland Show 1.1
    Simpsons 2.0
    Bob’s Burgers 1.6
    Family Guy 2.5
    American Dad 1.8
    The Voice (repeat) 0.8
    The Celebrity Apprentice 1.5

  • JR35

    Why would the show get back half of the viewers it lost next season? An uptick would be great, but a full point higher than it’s at now?

  • The End


    Who said it will be a full point higher? If anything Once has lost a few 18-49 Nielsen households. A strong start to Season 3 with some well written episodes, and a direction to the series would see it recover 1-2 million viewers. And ironically those viewers would bump up the 18-49 a bit.

    Older viewers have stuck with the show in greater numbers than younger.

  • JR35

    ^ryan posted that it would premiere in the fall well above 3.0. :)

  • The End


    Lol, wow. Must of missed that. Well above 3.0 is ridiculous lol. I think at most 2.7-2.8. If the season then hooks viewers better than Season 2 did, I think it’l average above 2.5 before dropping off to below 2.5 for the remainder of Season 3.

  • SJ

    I’m sad to say the show has really gone down the drain… These last few episodes have been a chore to watch. I can see it getting a 2.1-2.2, but if they want to gain back the viewers they lost, season 3 needs to be different – radically.

    1.9-2.0 for Revenge, with its finale next week definitely above a 2.

  • Paulo PT

    Maybe a 2.2, unfortunately.

    I hope next season ABC don’t mess so much this shows on the grid. Don’t make sense airing new episodes of OUAT when Revenge is a repeat, and vice-versa!

  • Raul

    OUAT will rise, last year Desperate Housewives when from 8.03 million to 9 million viewers. We just have to hope for the best!

  • sarah nz

    2.1 – 2.2, just guessing.

  • HV

    Once Upon a Time 2.0
    Revenge 1.7
    Red Widow 0.5

  • cimmer

    Short answer, no. 2.0 -2.1 tops.

  • Rook

    2.1 – This season was really unfocused and many of the characters became really annoying…especially Snow, who is just a simpering, whiny idiot at this point.

    I still like many of the characters, and some of the actors that have been added, but if they can’t refocus the show and re-invigorate the lead characters then I’ll most likely drop it before it gets too far into season 3.

  • Ram510

    @ Samuel

    “Scandal gets boring the second half of the season?”

    Scandal has been on fire! Yes it’s not as edge of your seat eventful like the president being shot, but they can’t shoot the president every episode. The show has been superb the entire series

  • Liz

    Frankenstein was not the tipping point for me. I honestly feel it was Tallahasee. After that episode things went down hill very quickly. That episode was suppose to be a high point but it did Emma no favors, and ruined Bae.

  • Ram510

    Frankenstein and Tallahassee were both terrible episodes, but after the whole traveling to New York and finding Bae, the creature with its eye in its hand, Belle changing are the events that have made it tough to watch.

    I actually feel that Regina is the best character (except for last weeks run in with Henry).

    Eventhough this last half of season 2 hasn’t been the best Once Upon a Time is still one of the most creative and innovative shows on broadcast TV and I’ll keep watching

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