'Cops' Canceled by FOX But Finds New Home on Spike TV

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May 6th, 2013


Like America's Most Wanted before it, Cops has been canceled on FOX but will live on via another network . This time, Spike TV is stepping up and will premiere Season 26 of Cops this fall, according to Deadline

  • Glue

    Does anyone actually care about this? (No offense, this show isn’t popular.)

  • Dillan


    Isn’t it Saturday’s highest rated show?

  • MDM

    Long overdue. Will probably become Spike’s highest rated show.

  • charmedcraft

    Don’t really care about Cops, but Americas Most Wanted helped catch a lot of criminals.

  • networkman

    It does well for FOX on Saturday night, at times beating the programming that air on Friday night for FOX. What else do they have that will produce decent ratings and keep the network competitive vs. Football programming on the other networks?

  • Glue

    How low are Spikes show ratings?

  • Dan S

    Huh, 26 seasons & I don’t think I ever watched 1 show in its entirety. I much more enjoyed it when it was lampooned on My Name Is Earl. Saturday nights might as well be given back to the affiliates as its become a dumping ground for failed shows & reruns overall.

  • Iggy

    networkman, FOX is on of those networks with “Football programming” on Saturdays.

    Between Sports in the Spring, I think FOX will put on animation reruns in primetime, to match its ADHD cartoon block at 11pm.

  • Mark

    Worse mistake Fox could make. It was one of their org shows that put them on the map. But, glad that Spike picked them up.

  • Christian


    Before College Football (Fall 2012), Fox only had Saturday football programming during the NFL playoffs.

  • rgxx

    FOX gives up highest rating Saturday nite show on Network TV ?!

  • obisgirl

    I actually thought Cops was cancelled years ago and the shows we were seeing were reruns.

  • richierich

    I’ve now read from two media outlets that FOX did NOT cancel the show. John Langley, the Executive Producer was upset with the number of episodes being cut and it being pre-empted regularly the last few seasons. He had been speaking with Spike for some time about moving, but wanted to stay with FOX until the 25 year milestone was reached. Now that that has happened he chose to move the show to Spike TV.

  • sam

    They still show clips from the 1990s

  • Ralph Hahn

    I thought this show bit the dust while Clinton (Bill) was in office. lol

  • Iggy

    Christian, that’s true, but networkman was talking about the future: “will produce”.

  • Ted

    Spike has announced the show will also air in the long and popular Saturdays night at 8:00 time slot. Now they should pick up AMW and air it at 9:00.

  • Rebecca

    Aw, it was fun to watch sometimes, especially with actual cops on my lunch break at the PD where I used to work, lol. Those were mid-day reruns though. I don’t have SpikeTV so I guess that’s the end of it for me.

  • Ralph Hahn

    I suppose you’re going to tell me that The Simpsons is still in production?

  • Ralph Hahn

    @Dan S. I’ve never watched one show to the finish one edition of “Cops,” either. Like “Jersey Shore,” if I stumble upon a program where every other word was bleeped-out, the channel is changed within the first five minutes.

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