'Cops' Canceled by FOX But Finds New Home on Spike TV

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May 6th, 2013


Like America's Most Wanted before it, Cops has been canceled on FOX but will live on via another network . This time, Spike TV is stepping up and will premiere Season 26 of Cops this fall, according to Deadline

  • Alex

    Cops is the only real ‘reality’ show. IT’s interesting to watch, sometimes in a sad way. I don’t know how real cops deal with these situations. Americas Most Wanted was right after it for some many years. You see all these fake cop reality show or all the others, they just look fake compared to cops. Mainly because they are. I guess it also reminds me of when I was younger and Cops was mentioned on shows like SNL or Living Color or with your friends.

    My only problem, they never went to the Hamptons. You know some bad stuff is going down with those rich folk.

  • nickp

    instead of switching to esquire, g4 should have got this series and officially became the cops channel

  • ROLY


  • MikeRand

    FOX should move its animation lineup to Saturdays and air live action shows on Sundays. Cut back on the amount of episodes for the animation shows to 13 per season so it’s equivalent to the football, UFC, NASCAR preemptions, etc.

  • Ted

    This is actually a pretty good move considering how badly Fox has been treating it the past two years or so. Between having less episodes this past season and ones that DO air getting pushed off by sports frequently, it’s time Cops moved to a network that won’t use it as a punching bag.

  • Katie

    glad cops is being moved to spike tv. fox obviously isn’t standing behind the show. only wish they would carry America’s most wanted as well. oh well. goodbye fox! now you can get rid of American idol too :)

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