Friday Final TV Ratings: 'Nikita' Adjusted Down; No Adjustment for 'Happy Endings', 'Vegas' or 'Touch'

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May 6th, 2013

Invisible Hand

Nikita was adjusted down a tenth  among adults 18-49 versus Friday's preliminary ratings.

Want to know why adjustments occur to the preliminary ratings? Read this.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Friday, May 3, 2013:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00 PM CBS Undercover Boss 1.2 5 7.24
FOX Kitchen Nightmares 1.1 4 3.05
ABC Happy Endings 0.8 3 2.68
NBC Fashion Star 0.7 3 2.76
CW Nikita 0.2 1 1.03
9:30PM ABC Hapy Endings 0.7 2 2.17
9:00 PM ABC Shark Tank 1.7 5 5.72
NBC Dateline 1.2 4 5.09
CBS Vegas 0.9 3 7.38
FOX Touch 0.6 2 2.19
CW Supernatural -R 0.2 1 0.66
10:00PM ABC 20/20 1.6 5 5.49
CBS Blue Bloods 1.3 2 10.02
NBC Rock Center 1.1 3 4.16

Nielsen TV Ratings: ©2013 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • MichaelChickless

    Ouches for everything, except maybe some of the reality (or news) and Blue Bloods.

  • Fred

    Happy Endings was hilarious.

    Love this show!!

  • DM

    @Max why is this confusing

    90210 = .3 18-49 and .55 million viewers total
    Nikita = .2 18-49 and 1.03 million viewers total

    It means Nikita has an older audience than the target demo and than 90210

  • Serial Rocker

    I’m one of those at a loss as to why a show like Nikita can’t get better ratings than it does. Sure it’s no Game of Thrones or Walking Dead but it’s a well written show with fully fleshed out and interesting plots and characters. Plenty of action too, which I love.

    Why Nikita gets 0.2’s whilst badly written dirge like Grey’s Anantomy continues to drag in the viewers I will never understand. Government assassins, car chases and explosions versus a collection of doctors randomly getting in and out of relationships with each other? Really shouldn’t be any competition. Do guys in the US refuse to watch the CW on principle or something?

  • reallypeople

    And I should follow up my last post with the answer to the next chant…

    Why not renew TCD and axe Nikita? Why? So the CW can schedule a more expensive show… farther away from syndication that will, at best, do just as well… yeah, that’s not going to happen. Sorry fans.

  • Tessa

    Why doesn’t Nikita have a fanbase? If I were to venture a guess I’d say because it doesn’t have a ship to sail on, meaning it doesn’t have two characters fans could pair up and obsess about. Shipping is what brings a a devoted fanbase and younger viewers to a show. I don’t watch nikita so I don’t know why Nikita and Alex didn’t become a candidate for it, or Nikita and Michael. Maybe the writing team didn’t angle for that and it didn’t happen.

    They would’ve had way more success had they added two guys to the team and created a bromance between them. If they were hot guys they would’ve created a buzz that would’ve gotten fans of other ships interested in the show. The other option they could’ve gone with was a love triangle like what they have on The Vampire Diaries. Either of those options, although cheap, could have helped the show.

    Bottom line is, in this day and age, it doesn’t matter how well written and engaging a show is if it doesn’t give its young audience something they could cling to and chat about, especially if you’re on the CW.

  • Iggy

    With numbers this low, I think the cable channel that buys Nikita reruns can legally advertise them as “brand new.”

  • Tom Shaw

    Honestly, it took Nikita longer than I thought to hit 0.2 – I was thinking as soon as DST started.

    I still think it gets a fourth season (the syndication gods must be appeased!), but you have to wonder if it will be with a Dollhouse Season 2 level budget.

  • Brandy

    Lol LMAO at Nikita!Its again going to be the lowest rated show in the history of tv ever renewed.Pedowitz dosent know hoe to run a network first he renews incrediably low rated shows like Nikita,Breaking Pointe,OhSit,LA Complex then he focus more on web series and summer programming than fixing the network from Sept_May.He should be fired and never allowed to run a network again.I wonder if Nikita will ever 0.3_0.4 again.If Pedowitzs is gonna keep terribly low rated shows like Nikita around, then he should never a show again cause those ratings are ok aperrantley.He should renew Cult and Carrie Diaries if 0.2_0 4 are acceptable ratings.CW wont survive past 2015_2016 if he keeps renewing shows getting 0.4 & lower cause why would the affliates want that?CW is mocked cause of its ratings and the fact it renews shows so low rated as Nikita.Why it be worth it keeping it for syndication when its not making ad revenue,dosent do well in dvd sales ect and repeats,reality shows and a probably a test pattern get the same or better ratings for less cost?Noone watches Nikita in dvr either, so clearly it dosent have an audience,people arent interested in it and theers no Friday Factor cause if there were, it would get a lot more in dvr than it does.Moved off Fri to another night ,like Nikita fans want, it would go up against Idol o,Big Bang Theory,Ncis,The Voice and get similar ratings to what it gets now.Its a shame the ratings bar is sooo low at CW.If noone watches it now,whos gonna watch it in syndation?If I were a networj, I wouldnt pay a dime yo syndicate such a low rated show.Dont networks want to syndicate/buy thier highest rated or stable middling performers, not the lowest rsted its entire run cause the syndicated higher rated shows would get better ratings,make more money.The tetms for syndication need to be changed, a show should have to earn syndication by having good ratings in season three and it not be just cause it got a seasin three, it automatically gets a fourth ,no matter how incredibily bad the ratings.CW deserves to go under for keeping a show with ratings around for syndication.Oh well, itll be fun to see how low Nikita can go before it ends.There really should be a limit to a how low a shows ratings can be and still be renewed for syndication and syndicated.CW will continue being the laughinstock of all tv networks with Nikitas fourth season renwal.

  • Serial Rocker

    To be fair Tessa, Supernatural has thrived on almost the opposite of shipping, unless you count the brotherly relationship of the Winchesters themselves. Every time the writers have attempted to add a regular female to the cast, the online fanbase has slated them for it. Jo, Ruby, Bela, Anna. All quickly dismissed by the fans because they got in the way of the Winchester relationship and took screen time from the boys.

    I’m not saying you are entirely wrong. You only need look at TVD and True Blood to know shipping is alive and well, but I dread the day when show writers have to create shows around the possibility of character shipping over actual good plots and story concepts.

  • Serial Rocker


    Aaaand breathe…

  • Winston

    @tom shaw
    Dollhouse season two was pretty good though. so I’d be okay with that.

    I think you hit the nail on the head. Nikita doesn’t pander to the lowest common denominator or cheap tactics like triangles. It truly operates on a different level, isn’t engaging for younger viewers.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman


    Aaaand breathe…”

    Brandy has chosen to rage early, and often.

  • Jared

    Nikita is pathetic..I hope the syndication is worth keeping this show around for another year with those ratings. I watch most series on the CW but come on now.

  • Fred

    Did a CW show ever air an ep with 0.0 18-49 demo rating?
    I think I saw a 0.1

  • Serial Rocker

    “Brandy has chosen to rage early, and often.”

    And without the use of paragraphs… ;)

  • halloween

    Nikita will join Veronica Mars as one of those shows 3 seasons and done shows…just too low to renew at this point

  • Serial Rocker


    That’s just it though, Jared. Nikita actually isn’t pathetic at all. The show is really good. It’s ratings admittedly are beyond pathetic, but the ratings have never been a true measure of quality.

    Again, see Grey’s Anatomy.

  • DM

    Cult got a 0.1 at least this season but that’s the lowest I remember seeing.

  • John A

    Lol at Brandy comment.

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