'Deception' Canceled by NBC After One Season

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May 8th, 2013

deception episode 2

Deception has been officially canceled by NBC after a single season. Regular TVBTN readers should not be surprised...

  • Androme

    Let the haters (who never even watch) rejoice!!

  • ron

    we saw this one coming!

  • omabin

    Community and Go On, brace yourselves! Really hope to see you on the other side of what is to come…

  • rob60990

    No surprise to anyone. Well except maybe BigBrotherFan. ;)

    If anyone follows pilots, you can go to deadline to find out which NBC ones did not make it including Hatfields & McCoys.

    Sure there will be more cancellations tonight. Hope we hear about NBC sitcoms.

  • a p garcia

    Saw it comming

  • Bookworm

    I’m not shocked but I was hoping NBC would have given it a chance as a mid-season or summer series. This gives no hope to Hannibal or Community.

  • Garrett S.

    As a fan of Community, I’m getting very nervous now.

  • Billiam904

    I watched the first 4 eps and really liked it but when NBC and ABC started yanking shows off the air after 2-3 eps, I stopped watching, expecting them to yank this one too. I will now watch the rest of the eps with the full knowledge of not seeing any more but I will not be investing in new shows in the fall until about ep 5… I’m sick of getting into a show to have it yanked.

  • Jason C.


    Please forgive my ignorance, but why does that give no hope for Hannibal or Community?

  • Ultima

    I’m sick of getting into a show to have it yanked.

    So you stopped watching a show that didn’t get pulled? Nice own goal.

  • John A

    Meh who cares obvious months ago.

  • Reache

    chomp chomp

  • Survivor Fan

    @ Jason C.

    It probably actually helps both, as Deception will not take up a spot on the schedule.

  • Kyle R

    @Jason C

    Yeah, I don’t know what he’s talking about either. Deception was in a completely different situation. First off, it’s not a comedy. It’s not in the same boat as Go On because Go On was, at one point, a huge success for NBC. And it’s not in the same boat as Community because Community’s been on for four seasons and is entering syndication. I’m still worried for both shows, but this really means nothing with regards to both.

  • PurpleDrazi

    And so it begins…..

  • Bookworm

    @Jason C.

    Community might pass because it is a comedy but Hannibal had similar ratings to Deception and I can’t NBC keeping one low rated show and not axing the others. Community might be saved but Hannibal probably not; next season it will be as low as Do No Harm.

  • Jason C.

    @Kyle R
    @Survivor Fan

    Ah okay good, thought I was missing something.

  • tv#1

    I really enjoyed the show. I am sad that it will not becoming back. However, I am not surprised that it has been cancelled. Its rating were not very good.

  • rex

    now networks see why people dont bother to watch live. always ends up getting canceled anyway so whats the point of even watching at all. lol smh

  • D Diva

    saw this coming, sadly :(

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