'Deception' Canceled by NBC After One Season

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May 8th, 2013

deception episode 2

Deception has been officially canceled by NBC after a single season. Regular TVBTN readers should not be surprised...

  • Dahne

    I watched every episode of this show live and I am fine with this news. Deception had FBI equally stupid to The Following. I swear Joanna was making phone calls where she talked about her undercover work in hallways with suspects around. She met with FBI out in the open close to where she was working undercover. Her FBI handler was equally incompetent. Bah! Good riddance.

  • Ultima

    always ends up getting canceled anyway so whats the point of even watching at all

    Because TV is entertaining?

  • Scott M

    Yeah this doesn’t affect Hannibal at all really. If anything if Deception got a shocking renewal or something that would pretty much destroy any chance of it coming back.

    I said Hannibal had a 60% of coming back earlier this week and I’m sticking with it. There’s always one or two shows that get a renewal that nobody expected, so I’m putting my money on this one.

    As an aside I can’t really remember a surprise cancellation recently. Anybody have any they recall?

  • Kyle R

    Whoops, thought Bookworm said Go On instead of Hannibal. I think it’s entirely possible that NBC is willing to give Hannibal a second chance, maybe in a better timeslot. Deception had a better shot and this was expected. Hannibal has a better shot.

  • CrimTV

    @Scott M

    The Secret Circle’s cancellation was quite surprising to many as more were thinking about Hart of Dixie and Ringer which looked as though they had more chance of cancellation. Also there were different reports announcing TSC’s renewal and some were announcing it’s cancellation, so there was a lot of confusion!

  • MichaelChickless

    Go Hannibal!!

  • Survivor Fan

    @ Scott M

    I was surprised that some shows were made final seasons (The Office and Desperate Housewives). Also, I strongly expected CSI: Miami to be renewed over CSI: NY last year.

  • Survivor Fan

    Also, NBC canceled its #2 entertainment program last year (Fear Factor).

    While it may have something to do with donkeys, it is still classic NBC!

  • Chris J

    This is GOOD news for Hannibal.

    I’m assuming NBC may have chosen Hannibal over Deception for renewal, and the reasons range from successful international pickup for the series as well as far higher critical acclaim.

    Deception had NBC’s best lead in at the time and sank. Hannibal had one of NBC’s worse and is pulling similar numbers so that may be in Hannibals favor. Yes that us a retentionista/Fan Excuse Bingo argument but those could be legitimate factors for NBC

  • TV Addict

    Dammit!!! I’m soooooo scared about Community now!!! Season finale tomorrow, and I just have to keep hoping it’ll be two more years til the SERIES finale. #sixseasonsandamovie

  • Ted Craig

    This doesn’t affect Hannibal in the least. This show was dead before Hannibal debuted. I still believe Hannibal will get canceled.

  • Dan S

    In addition to Hatfield & McCoys getting passed over is Bloodlines & 6th Gun. Both those shows sounded promising. Maybe they can get shopped over to a cable network. I could see Hannibal time sharing with other limited series like Dracula & Crossbones. It would fit well with Grimm on Fridays but Hannibal definitely needs to remain a 10pm show.

  • omabin

    @Ultima or Anyone Else Who Knows,

    Do you know if these decisions really come down to a call that is made on a specific day? I mean, I would think that networks have more extensive CF projections, so they would be able to know more in advance what is worth keeping and what is not for quite a few time. These sites like variety, deadline, etc, they all make it sound like they are some 11th hour decisions, when in my mind it should be something that networks know for quite some time (hence the logic of the early renewals by fox, cbs and even cw) – their financial projections won’t change like that with 1 or 2 more months of data. Am I wrong? Just out of curiosity really, maybe I am too naive. Thanks

  • Jazz

    Can’t say I am surprised. Can’t say I am not very disappointed. This was the one I was hoping for. The others I am less concerned about. But, I can’t fault the network. The writing was on the wall well when it should have been in the script. Weak start and didn’t show improvement till it’s short season was nearly done. Would be hard for a network to justify renewal. Hey, but the fans started to really like it 3 episodes before it ended. Naw. Oh well, I hope for something like this again. I really did enjoy it. I like that type of show. It wasn’t an overly dramatic screamy soap like the stuff on ABC. It just fell short, very very short.

  • Ram510

    Ok that’s fine, just renew Guys With Kids!

    BTW I get a feeling that Hannibal will be renewed. NBC keeps promoting the show heavily eventhough the ratings are sinking, it shows faith when a network keep purging money into a show.

    Unlike Deception they stop advertising it after week 2

  • Oliver


    I wouldn’t read too much into it. NBC currently have very little to promote and Hannibal will continue to air into summer.

    I’m still not convinced it’s a slamdunk cancellation, though.

  • Nerdbot

    It could have been worse. NBC could have announced Hannibal’s cancellation as well. I wanted to watch this show (I saw the pilot) but I decided to wait until see if it got canceled or renewed. After watching so many shows that end up canceled, a person starts being more careful about the shows he watches.

  • Rollie Dethloff

    The lead-in to Smash, 1600 Penn, and Up All Night

  • rob60990

    I guess NBC is done for tonight. I think Hannibal is the only NBC drama that its fate has not been decided. I can see them waiting until Friday to see how it does this week even though it should just be cancelled.

    Guess we’ll just have to wait a day or 2 to find out about the comedies. There’s probably chaos over there deciding which low rated comedies to bring back.

  • Anna Bones Clarkwood

    Personally, if you don’t want to be burned by show’s cancellation, wait until s3 renewal is given.

    Most shows that make it past s2, at least get 4 seasons, or more of course.

    However, way way too many end b4 S3. It seems like once once a show gets past s2, the chances of getting burned are much much lower.

    Now, as long as you don’t have a Nielsen box, as we still need new shows to replace retiring shows, & you don’t need to be part of the “hip/in” crowd, during tv shows 1st 2 seasons, then this should be a much better way to not have to worry about shows cancellations b4 the show really fleshes out the characters/storylines.

    If you can’t find enough shows currently airing guaranteed s3 or higher to your taste, their are plenty of shows, often better, that have aired in the past of tv history & not just from the US but UK/CAN/AUS as well.

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