'Deception' Canceled by NBC After One Season

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May 8th, 2013

deception episode 2

Deception has been officially canceled by NBC after a single season. Regular TVBTN readers should not be surprised...

  • Dan

    Hannibal will probably be renewed for another 13 episode season for midseason. It wouldn’t hurt NBC, it definitely could go either way without me being surprised.

    The next step is NBC announcing other actual bubble shows

    1600 Penn, Up All Night, and Guys With Kids will all be cancelled within the next few days as well as likely The New Normal.

    However I’m very interested to hear the fates of Parks and Recreation & Go On which both will be renewed as well as Whitney and Community which could go either way but both are on the renewal side of the 50/50 bubble with Whitney being more renewal while Community could easily get cancelled now. I think they will announce it friday. Hopefully Community’s finale gives closure but if not maybe NBC can give it a final 13 episode season.

  • BigBrotherFan


    haha Good one buddy but sadly I am not shocked.

    That sucks! I was enjoying this show and sure it was low but it was pretty steady. I really think it could of worked much better as a summer series similar to that of ROOKIE BLUE but ABC gets that dirt cheap and I’m sure production costs for this show and promo’s where not. Ah, OH WELL! I’m just glad NBC gave us the chance to see all the episodes. I’ll miss it.

    Problem with the show really was Vivian. I don’t think a show could work if you don’t feel bad for the character the show is pretty much revolving around. Vivian was pretty unlikeable but a lot of the characters made up for it. I hope Meegan, Victor Garber and the man who played Julian find other shows to join. I really enjoyed their performances. Sofia too!

  • BigBrotherFan

    Why in the world would they renew that flop HANNIBAL when it’s pulling in (a bit less it’s past two airings) than what DECEPTION was doing? Makes no sense. NBC is in the business of making money (I think!) renewing Hannibal would be real idiotic for pete’s sake they could plug in any cheap newsmagazine show or just about any reality show into Hannibals spot and still make a better profit (NO I DON’T KNOW FOR SURE, OKAY? That’s my feeling).

  • BigBrotherFan

    Just because NBC hasn’t announced the cancellation of HANNIBAL means NOTHING! They are in the business of making money and HANNIBAL is still on the air. Why would they announce it’s cancelation when there’s a new episode Thursday (still in season)? they would likely want the benefit of maintaining it’s pathetic numbers as opposed to announcing it’s cancelation and seriously risking it go under a 1.

    Some idiot keeps posting that THE NEW NORMAL is coming back for a second midseason with a order of 13 episodes..Uhh..where would this go? Saturday? I mean, the show was getting .7’s-.9’s! That’s pathetic even for NBC. If NBC renews Hannibal and The New Normal they may as well just throw in the towel to FOX, ABC, CBS and soon be leveling close to where the CW is at and pick up GUYS WITH KIDS 1600 PENN and FASHION STAR while there at it!


  • The Cannibal

    I wouldn’t worry too much about Hannibal. I have a feeling that Hannibal will be renewed if it doesn’t get under 1.0 and even if it’s cancelled some other channel will definitely pick it up. I mean it got great reviews and there is probably some channel that will buy it from Gaumont. It has great international sales.

  • k:Alex

    NBC has huge comedy problems, no drama problems, so with a good lead in of 2.#, a 1.1 is too low.

    This means the bar is high, good they will clean themselves and get rid of the crap (ratings).

  • BigBrotherFan

    The Cannibal

    Agh. Another delusional fanboy!

  • k:Alex


    I totally agree with you.
    Many people look at what they like themselves, and not the ratings.
    1600Penn, Up All Night, New Normal, Guys with kids, Fashion star, Smash are definitely gone next season.

    Some shows are toss-up because NBC still is NBC and they want some shows to stay alive, but should not be surprised if most off them are canceled too (or to another cable channel).

  • BigBrotherFan


    Wow! I completely forgot about UP ALL NIGHT! They should really just announce it’s done already!

  • gerry

    why are we still talking about the secret circle? especially on an nbc cancellation thread?

    watched the first few episodes and liked it enough, but i kind of saw this coming and it isn’t surprising. not sure how it ended, but hopefully there was a bit of closure for the fans.

  • gerry

    @ bigbrotherfan

    if tnn gets picked up, it has everything to do with politics (ie not burning bridges with ryan murphy) and less to do with its ratings.

    it was pulling those ratings throughout the spring and still nbc ran it post voice to give it’s average a bump. i feel there may have been some reasoning behind that.

  • BigBrotherFan


    I can see your point but I don’t get the economics of that, at all!

  • samurai99


    Hannibal aired after daylight savings time and had a worse lead-in and tougher competition than deception ever had. It still has a shot at midseason renewal.

  • BigBrotherFan


    Are you kidding? FAN EXCUSE BINGO!

  • gerry

    @ samurai99

    if you’re using the logic that nbc aired hannibal after DST, you also need to take into consideration that nbc chose not to run it sooner.

  • TheFrenchGuy

    Renew Hannibal please !!!

  • JC

    Can not figure out why they take off the good shows and replace it with some nonsence reality show or dumb sitcom.

    Where are their heads.

  • Austin

    If you stop watching a show and you love it because you think it will be pulled, you are a dumb ass. Sorry, not a Deception fan… just saying.

  • The Cannibal


    I’m an optimist. I strongly believe that this show will be renewed/picked up by some channel because it’s quality show. Netflix picked up The Killing and it’s not even close in matter of quality to Hannibal. Of course this is completely different but maybe NBC will give this show a second chance, although I hope that some cable network or Netflix would pick this up because network tv channels don’t deserve this kind of quality. They should stick to their tired police, hospital and other godawful shows.

  • HT

    Pilot had potential then it went downhill fast. Stopped watching middle of episode 3. Bad writing, obvious storyline and a poor Revenge (which had a crap season – gave up on ep 9) rip-off.

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