'Deception' Canceled by NBC After One Season

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May 8th, 2013

deception episode 2

Deception has been officially canceled by NBC after a single season. Regular TVBTN readers should not be surprised...

  • MichaelChickless

    Go Hannibal!! ;-) :-)

  • One

    Deception had no fans. Only zombies, who forgot to turn off the TV post-Biggest Loser…

  • BigBrotherFan

    The Cannibal

    I agree 110% Hannibal is much more suited for a cable format and on a channel like FX.

  • BxActor


  • Dr. RLWJr

    I would have like to see the conclusion! This is pitiful. It had a slow start but the episodes really started to heat up as the weeks past and I looked forward to the show. RECONSIDER!

  • mva

    I hate to see it cancelled. I followed the show closedly

  • amikrazie

    Ohhhh no not another one!!! Seems like all the shows that I enjoy watching are all being canceled. I am truly discourage to watch anymore new shows that are going to air.
    For the life of me I can’t seem to understand why some of the most ridiculous ones that have almost pointless to no plot can go on for numerous seasons.Makes me want to canceled cable altogether… =(

  • Dale Banks

    I really liked this show. Going to miss it.

  • Lawanda

    SHAME ON NBC They didn’t give the show a chance!

  • Kathleen

    Too bad. This show was actually amazing.

  • I am Nikki

    really enjoyed this show

  • Anna

    I liked deceptions. Its refreshing from the sci fi n terrorist themed series. Too bad. I really wish they’d reconsider.

  • Susie

    I really thought there might be a slight chance for Deception as I really enjoyed it. It is like you don’t want to even start watching a new drama series until it is established for fear they will end it without anything being resolved. Did we ever even find out who killed the sister? Was it really the dad? I have been reading and reading trying to see if the show was cancelled. Since I could never find anything that said more than it was likely to be cancelled , I thought there was hope. This is the first thing I saw that actually said it had been cancelled. Damn!

  • Susie

    I loved most of the characters especially the relationship between Joanne? and Julian and he relationship with Sohpia. I just wonder if there is a chance some other network will pick it up. This will be the last new drama I watch before it is established. I think if they last at least a season they should at least wrap things up to a point! :)

  • val s.

    VERY pissed that NBC cancelled Deception. LOVED that show and watched every episode. Once again a good show gets canned.

  • Indigo Denja

    Sooo sorry to see it go. It was just getting started. Many shows have been given much more of a chance. Bad decision NBC.

  • Rachel

    No!!!!!!!!!!! ???????????? I’m so pissed

  • ryan

    Eh it’s NBC. Not surprised. I see a new show from them I don’t even bother anymore.

  • Pissed off

    When it’s an African American story line the show never makes it. It’s sad that we can’t have a diverse tv lineup…to add stupid shows instead that’s crazy…ALL NETWORKS NEED TO DO BETTER

  • TP

    I’m so upset this show was canceled. I don’t watch any of the other shows on NBC. Wow I’m so upset but I had a feeling because it was a mystery and people these days aren’t that bright. Instead they prefer dumb comedy and unrealistic horror.

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