'Deception' Canceled by NBC After One Season

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May 8th, 2013

deception episode 2

Deception has been officially canceled by NBC after a single season. Regular TVBTN readers should not be surprised...

  • Nada

    I loved this show WTF!!!

  • Maria

    Very Sad to hear this! I loved this show. Can we at least find out who was going to be named her killer? This really S**ks

  • Disgusted with NBC

    Very upset NBC cancelled Deception! We thought it was a very good show. We are fed up with getting into a show to then cancel it. NBC did the same with the show Missing. Deception and Missing were very good drama shows. They both need to come back!!! We are definitely finished watching the NBC network!!!

  • G Denys

    Im actually sad abt this. I loved Deception and have been waiting for Season 2. I need to know what happened next darn it!

  • Kaylin

    Are you kidding me?! NBC has one good show and they cancel it.

  • The Office

    NBC also wanted to cancel The Office after the first season and look how great it turned out. NBC doesn’t give new shows a chance. And the ones they keep are awful. Smdh!

  • MOE

    Unlike every one else I am really surprised! Deception is one of the first shows I’ve watched in a long time and the first on NBC(stay busy, always in mommy mode).I fell in love with it! Sooooo disappointed :( Enjoyed the comments though, learned a lot! lol forget how showbiz works sometimes. . .

  • MOE

    I’m with Maria!! and G Denys!! What happens next!!!!!!

  • opal

    it was such an amazing and thrilling TV show.
    i cant believe they gave it up so easily!!!!!

  • Naomy

    Nooooooooooo! I loved Deception!

  • Marissa

    Im actually pissed off about them cancelling this show. Really enjoyed it. :(

  • Ruth

    I WAS SO DISSAPOINTED TO HEAR THIS! Me and my mom watched every single episode of it and at the season finale we promised ourselves that we were going to keep watching it. 3 months later i began to wonder when it would be back and so i did my research and omfg! So not fair! I LOVED MIA! IM SO MAD! Literally not happy right now just plainly annoyed i hate when tv networks cancel shows cause theres always the small percentage if people who ACTUALLY like it. Done.

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