Fox Picks Up Comedies 'Enlisted,' 'Surviving Jack,' 'Us & Them' and 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine for 2013-14

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May 8th, 2013

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Fox has ordered comedies Enlisted, Surviving Jack (based on 'I Suck At Girls'), Us & Them and Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Andre Braugher is back, along with Andy Samberg). They join join Dads from Seth MacFarlane.

  • TonyR5

    I think that should be Andy Samberg judging from the pic. It seems like it should be a pretty funny show.

  • Robert Seidman

    whoops, thanks. four letters and begins with an A, I was close!

  • StevenD

    I’m really curious how Fox will get 9 new series on its schedule

  • WoWza

    These comedies are strong. Very strong.

    It is clear that FOX cares more about the comedy side this time around, for buzz appeal.

    I think Dads will be a hit, Us and Then will be a huge hit, and Brooklyn nine nine will all last throughout the season and be renewed.

    Called it. Fox has to be happy.

    Raising Hope

    Rake / The Following

    New Girl
    Us and Them

    X Factor / Idol
    MAYBE a comedy (If so put Brooklyn Nine Nine here – or Dads)

    New Drama Almost Human (Sleeping Hollow after Super Bowl!… or Visa Versa depending on quality)
    Idol / Xfactor

    Kitchen Nightmares

  • JaredK

    Damn, 9 new shows. I think it’s safe to guess that Fox learned its lesson about having insufficient scripted inventory on the shelf after last fall. Furthermore, they recognize that relying on a flailing X Factor and a declining American Idol for three hours each week is leaving them with an unacceptably thin bench. They have to brace themselves for life without one of those two reality pillars, possibly both, in the very near future. Whether or not any of these new shows is the answer to that problem is of course another matter entirely

  • SJ


    10. Don’t forget about Murder Police.

    Is Us and Them fka To My Future Assistant? Because that’s the only one I’ve been looking forward to…

  • Spencer

    I don’t see how they can schedule all of these comedies. Especially the guy-oriented comedies. I’m thinking that they could possibly add Us & Them to their current comedy block and then put two of these comedies on Friday along with Almost Human.

  • WoWza

    Also, they could really shake things up moving idol and x factor back to teusdays and wednesdays…. where people seemed to watch them more. people want the music fix earlier in the week rather than later… come on FOX. Get Idol on earlier in the week than the Voice. Go for Mondays if you … must. Or… even Sundays and Mondays, moving animation to Wednesdays. It will get people talking, and liven up their schedules. People want this singing earlier in their week maybe.

  • ethan

    what about to my assistant? is that us and them?

  • Ultima

    Is Us and Them fka To My Future Assistant?

    No, it was originally “Friends and Family.”

  • bobby069

    Lets see what happens before all you “experts” start thinking negative.

  • HV

    No The Gabriels? Or at least To My Assistant? And so is Surviving Jack the same thing as I Suck at Girls?

  • Ultima

    is Surviving Jack the same thing as I Suck at Girls?


  • StevenD

    Uhh let me guess a schedule here

    Assuming all these dramas have 13 episodes, I could see them having two hours of X factor and 3 of Idol

    Sunday: 7:30 Repeats/Bobs Burgers
    8 The Simpsons
    8:30 Bobs Burgers/Murder Police
    9 Family Guy
    9:30 American Dad/ Dads (maybe)
    Monday: 8-9 Bones (most likely final season)
    9-10 Gang Related/ The Following
    Tuesday: 8-9 Brooklyn nine-nine/ Surviving Jack ( male skewing, voice/ dancing wouldn’t affect as much)
    9-10 New Girl/ Mindy Project
    Wednesday: 8-9 X Factor/Idol
    9-10 Almost Human/Idol
    Thursday: 8-9 X Factor/ Idol
    9-10 Glee/ Rake
    Friday: 8-9 Sleepy Hollow/ Glee
    8-9 Raising Hope/ Us and Them

  • KJ Styles

    With all these pilot pickups by Fox, their will be a ton of time sharing…and the renewals and cancellations next year will be 50/50.

  • ROLY


  • Josh Emerson

    Gavin and Stacey is one of my favorite shows ever, so I’m very anxious to see Us & Them. I really hope it’s a great show. I know US remakes don’t have the best track record, but the US versions of The Office and Shameless turned out great, so why not this? The cast mostly seems strong and it’ll be a perfect fit in Fox’s Tuesday lineup. I hope they air it at 9:30 and give it the New Girl lead-in.

  • Marc

    Is Dads the ONLY multi-camera offering on Fox next year? What are they going to pair it with? Won’t be shocked when this is the biggest hit and they wonder why they insist on only offering limited appeal, more miss-than-hit single cams.

    CBS seems to be the only intelligent network launching multi-cams. As a result, they have almost every top-rated comedy, while Fox has only New Girl and ABC has Modern Family (and Middle, though it still hits under 2’s often).

    NBC is just a mess win they go with one anchor multi-cam and it’s Whitney. Yikesers…

  • HV

    Thanks. So that’s the one Fox show I may watch next year.

  • forg

    The Middle rarely hits under 2 but it is usually in the low 2s

    Anyway, wow lots of comedy pick ups, one is likely destined to be the next Goodwin Games

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