Fox Picks Up Dramas 'Rake,' 'Gang Related,' 'Sleepy Hollow' and 'Almost Human' for 2013-14

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May 8th, 2013

Almost Human

Fox has ordered four dramas to series for the 2013-14 season: Rake, Gang Related, Sleepy Hollow and Almost Human (from Fringe team of J.J. Abrams and J.H. Wyman).

Update: Fox has also picked up Dads from Seth MacFarlane along with four other comedies.

  • Stop-Colin-Me

    Hmm. Will there be enough room in the schedule?

  • were123

    YEAH!!!! I wanted “Almost Human” to be picked up :D, I hope this serves as my Fringe replacement :D

  • Gina

    Um, where do they for all these shows??? Lol

  • rob60990

    Unless they premiere a new drama on Friday, Bones or Glee may move there. I doubt Bones since they won’t premiere 2 new dramas on Monday. Plus they have The Following coming in midseason.

  • Dennis


  • Blue

    Rake was an obvious pickup because it’s a limited series and can therefore timeshare a slot with The Following. I’m wondering if we’ll have a double dose of scifi on Fridays next season

  • forg

    Wow that’s a lot given FOX’s limited slots. Maybe they’re like The Following and wont have 22 eps?

  • Holly

    Scheduling will be interesting. One or two will be kept for spring, but with The Following there, even spring could be tight. They already renewed 3 dramas, so they aren’t cutting the Tuesday block. They won’t want to launch two new shows on Monday, so Bones will likely stay there. That means either XFactor is going to take up fewer than 3 hours or Glee is moving to Friday.

  • Adrian

    Almost Human and Sleepy Hollow sound interesting. The other 2 *yawn*

  • StevenD

    I’m guessing one will go after the Super Bowl then move to Thursday at 9 mid season, one will debut on Friday, and the other on Monday. Not sure about the fourth one

  • catsrule

    FOX can always cut back on X-Factor to make room for new shows. A new drama could air Wednesdays at 9:00.

  • Colin

    I bet Sleep Hollow will be Super Bowl show… Also, when will we see shows previews like you showed us last year?

  • rob60990

    According to Deadline, Rake will probably be saved for midseason.

  • rob60990

    @Colin, networks release previews the day of their upfronts so for FOX on Monday.

  • forg

    Rake feels like House but instead of doctor it’s a lawyer

    Almost Human is intriguing

  • Oliver

    Fox ordered too few dramas last year which screwed them when Mob Doctor was DOA. They haven’t made the same mistake this season. My guess is they will air a new drama between half-seasons of Glee (which will air straight through). I also wouldn’t be surprised if they cut an hour of X Factor.

    Comedy-wise, I wonder whether Fox might go in for Brenda Forever now NBC has passed. I know it rarely happens, but it seems like an unusually good companion for their other comedies.

  • JaredK


    They should. Fox currently has 2 hours of drama (Glee, Bones) and 1.5 hours of comedy (Raising Hope, New Girl, The Mindy Project) on tap for the fall. Tack on three hours of X-Factor (which can be reduced if absolutely necessary) and that’s 6.5 hours out of 10, leaving aside Animation Domination on Sunday. So they can premiere 3 new dramas and 1 new comedy in the fall, assuming that they hold off on any Gordon Ramsay shows in their initial schedule (they’ll likely save those as emergency spackle in case one of the new shows bombs). They can hold the remaining drama and the other 1-2 comedies they’ll likely pick up for midseason.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Almost Human reminds me of a similar show done many years ago which paired a male cop with a female android. It didn’t last. This one won’t, either, probably, although it could if done right. It’s probably the only one of the four I will check out.

    Sleepy Hollow is one of those “confused premise” shows which make no sense out of the gate. Ichabod Crane pulled through time? Seriously? It’s a joke waiting to happen. I predict this will “die very badly.”

    Rake is just another oddball lawyer show. Yawn.

    Gang Related is just another cop show. Yawn.

  • panda22

    Excited for Almost Human!….a nice Fringe replacement….very I, Robot-ish :)
    Not a huge fan of Fox in general….tbh, the only show i have watched in a few years was Fringe.

  • MrPierreMazz

    I think this should be the schedule for next fall.

    8:00 – Bones (Final Season)
    9:00 – Sleepy Hollow/The Following
    8:00 – Raising Hope
    8:30 – NEW COMEDY
    9:00 – New girl
    9:30 – The Mindy Project/NEW COMEDY
    8:00 – The X – Factor
    8:00 – Glee
    9:00 – Rake/Gang Related
    8:00 – Kitchen Nightmares/New reality
    9:00 – Almost Human

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