Fox Picks Up Dramas 'Rake,' 'Gang Related,' 'Sleepy Hollow' and 'Almost Human' for 2013-14

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May 8th, 2013

Almost Human

Fox has ordered four dramas to series for the 2013-14 season: Rake, Gang Related, Sleepy Hollow and Almost Human (from Fringe team of J.J. Abrams and J.H. Wyman).

Update: Fox has also picked up Dads from Seth MacFarlane along with four other comedies.

  • Petar Ivanov


    Gang related after comedies and sleepy hollow on friday after reality crap is stupid idea. Sorry. All 3 crime dramas are with male leads(almost human/gang related/sleeepy hollow) make most sense to be pair together like cbs crime dramas.

  • DonJ1973

    You cannot put Sleepy Hollow on a Friday. Expensive new scripted show would die there. Glee, I see as being placed there. Already has an established fan base and renewed for 2 seasons.

  • jen

    With this many pickups and declining ratings for both X-factor and Idol, I think it’s possible that they reduce both by an hour. But if they do I think they take a cue from So You Think You Can Dance and do one two hour show and eliminate the seperate results show. It makes no sense to eliminate the highest rated of the three hours in favor of the lowest .

    The other (slimmer) possibility is they turn one of the two into a summer series for 2014.

  • Petar Ivanov

    @The results shows are garbage anyways. Less than 10 minutes of actual significant content. The rest is fluff. FOX is better off not wasting that extra 30 minutes.I don’t think FOX would be that desperate, but they could also follow in the pattern of So you think you can dance and kill the results show entirely

    ME: I agree. The real problem is that thursday is worst case scenario as day for new shows. TBBT if they put comedies and PoI vs male crime dramas is not what fox need. Wednesday is real open door. nbc-dead. abc with only MF. cbs – droping reality and aging cm. Idol and factor can make the same ratings on thursday around 2.0 i guess.

  • tv#1

    @ Peter Ivanov

    The problem is where do you pair them together? ABC has proved that Thursdays at 8 is a bad time period to launch a new drama, so I don’t think Fox should try doing that next season. They could do a two hour block on Tuesdays, but then that would mean they would have to put comedies on Thursdays. It is most likely that NBC and CBS will be airing a two hour block of comedies on Thursdays next season, so I am not sure it would be a good idea for Fox to try to create more comedy competition on Thursdays. They will probably just end up losing if they did. They could go bold and move Bones from Mondays and launch two new crime dramas then, but Mondays can be tricky, and I am not sure if Fox would want to move an experienced veteran show like Bones where they know what they will be getting.

    Also, I think Sleepy Hallow on Fridays could work. Fantasy procedurals, in the past, have done well on that night.

  • ToXiX


    8 – Bones
    9 – Gang Related


    8 – Raising Hope
    830 – The Mindy Project
    9 – New Girl
    930 – Us & Then


    8 – The X Factor


    8 – The X Factor
    9 – Dads
    930 – Surviving Jack


    8 – Glee
    9 – Almost Human


    730 – Repeats / American Dad
    8 – The Simpsons
    830 – Bobs Burgers
    9 – Family Guy
    930 – American Dad / Murder Police

  • Marc

    Sleepy Hollow premise just sounds ridiculous. Elementary is doing okay for CBS, but they didn’t rip Sherlock Holmes through time. Even if it’s good it could be DOA because people will read the premise and be all like “WTF”

    Gang Land has “Southland” written all over it. It’s described as gritty, and I will count the cop shows that have succeeded on network TV being that. TV viewers tend to like lighter fair, even in their crime shows.

    Almost Human might have the most promise. Sounds a little like robocop, probably won’t be gritty. If they stick to it being a procedural, it could be the best new pickup.

    Rake premise sounds like they took House, Elementary, and Franklin & Bash and put it in a blender and waited to see what character would come out. So, there is that.

    That said, you either go with boring and predictable, but that is what has worked in the past, or too niche and weird, which sometimes works but gets you out of boring and predictable mode. Good luck, Fox!

  • Petar Ivanov

    I write on page 4 and exactly before your comment. Wednesday is best day for male crime dramas now. No footbal, no competiton. I think they can work great there. Only hit show is MF but is better than TBBT. CM without two leads(at least) and droping 2-3 tehths again(without this leads can go even lower look at csi now) will be easy to compete. survivor is not what use to be once. I think all 3 will target same demo and audience.

  • DW

    people , why would you put a show like glee on fridays when it hit well over a 2.0 rating but keep raising hope that has never hit a 2.0 rating and keep it on tuesdays?

    if anything RH would move to fridays where it’s 1.5 rating will live for 13 episodes.

  • tv#1

    @ Peter Ivanov

    I could possibly see that working. The only thing is I am skeptical about Fox wanting to move the results show (x-factor/Idol) to Fridays. Something tells me they still want to hold onto that for during the standard week. But maybe they will be bold and push it to Fridays?

  • Quadrey

    Will fox get 10pn privileges full time?

  • James

    FOX has ordered at least 9 new dramas and sitcoms this season (as opposed to 5 last season). Not sure how they will squeeze them into the schedule….

  • Petar Ivanov

    @Almost Human might have the most promise. Sounds a little like robocop, probably won’t be gritty. If they stick to it being a procedural, it could be the best new pickup.

    In other words more like Person of interest less fringe like. Fringe in season 1 was less seriealized but in season 2 start to be heavy serialized and was impossible for new people to jump in. Greg Plageman is the procedural master who make that work on PoI. He explain it very well how he creat that “procedural structure”/”hybrid” so not to be standart procedural cop show and loyal viewers to be awarded with twists but new people can jump in and show can grow. He is showrunner along with Nolan. You can watch this interview with him on you tube after season 1. So they need to find one more showrunner for procedural structure of the show.

  • Petar Ivanov


    Let’s wait 3 more days and we will understdand.

  • Petar Ivanov

    fox order way too many comedies. so tuesday will stay comedy block.

  • pll fan

    people that saw the pilots say sleepy hollow is actually really well done. said they were very surprised by how good the pilot actually was. i’m a little surprised they didn’t pick up delirium. that show sounded interesting with a pretty good cast too.

  • David


    Raising Hope could move to Friday, but not for just 13 episodes. A full 22 episode season will get them to 88.

  • tv#1

    Honestly, though none of these dramas sound that good to me. They all sound like repetitive procedurals. The only one I may check out is Gang Related because of Terry O’Quinn. The rest I may pass on. So I guess the only drama I really care about now on Fox is The Following. I hope it does well when it returns in the Winter.

    The comedies Fox picked up sound good though. I would like to watch Brooklyn 99, Enlisted, and Surviving Jack.

  • Jake


    A couple things…
    1) did you eliminate the X-Factor results or forget them?
    2) are Rake/Gang Related the most comparable shows you could pair with Glee?

  • Jake

    Maybe FOX will shuffle dramas wherever they fit during the season like how they did last season ala House/Bones/Terra Nova/Alcatraz/Touch.

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