'Mom' Reportedly Picked Up by CBS

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May 8th, 2013

Chuck Lorre

Several sources are reporting that Chuck Lorre-produced comedy Mom has indeed been ordered to series  by CBS. There's been no official word yet, but we'll update this post when there is.

  • ToXiX

    @Petar Ivanov

    Mike & Molly will begin it’s fourth season next year. It’s not going to be a midseason replacement next season. after that, anything is possible.

  • Petar Ivanov

    Better make this main page for all news around pilots not only Mom. NBC kill a lot of its pilots deadline report minutes ago.

  • Petar Ivanov


    WHY….they can run it like midseason show 3-4 seasons like rules.

  • PurpleDrazi

    The only thing I know about this show is that it has Allison Janney in it. That alone is enough to get me to check it out.

  • David

    Crazy Ones CBS…Crazy Ones…

  • HV

    I hope these are just rumors. It doesn’t sound like a good comedy to me. The CBS comedy pilots that do sound good or maybe good are Gaffigan, Ex Men, Jacked Up, The McCartheys, and Friends with Better Lives.

  • Nick

    Yay. Now just pick up Crazy Ones, Beverly Hills Cop, and Intelligence & I’ll be very happy, CBS. (And we all know the world revolves around my happiness ;-) )

  • American

    Least surprising pick-up of the season. Hope it’s a good show.

  • ROLY


  • Californiadgd

    The Big Bang Theory at 8:00
    Mom at 8:30
    Two and a Half Men at 9:00
    Mike & Molly at 9:30
    Elementary at 10:00 maybe..

    How I met your mother at 8:00
    2 Broke Girls at 8:30 at Monday

  • Rebecca

    Chuck Lorre also had “Roseanne” for a while (I don’t remember if it was for the whole run of the show or just for a portion), and I liked that show except for one or two seasons near the end.

    Anyway, yes, Anna Farris and Allison Janney? I’ll tune in for them and see how it goes. I had noted I’d watch “Mom” if it aired but didn’t note why, lol. Same with Gates (which I think is Rob Riggle, a good reason to watch IMO), The Gabriels and Crazy Ones, if they air.

  • TheFrenchGuy

    Maybe CBS will create a Chuck-Lorre-Comedy-block on Thursday.

    8:00 – The Big Bang Theory
    8:30 – Mom
    9:00 – Two and a Half Men
    9:30 – Mike & Molly

  • ToXiX

    I would love to have Mike & Molly after Two and a Half Men again. I haven’t watched it much since they moved 2.5 men and the rest of cbs mondays’ comedies I dont watch. (HIMYM, 2BG, RoE).

    I’m looking forward to Mom. Love Anna Farris, Love Chuck Lorre.

    Mike & Molly is the weakest. I feel like the supporting cast is better than Mike or Molly. Carl is the best.

  • Anthony

    Chuck Lorre’s ‘Mom’ versus Seth Macfarlane’s ‘Dads’


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