'1600 Penn' Canceled by NBC After One Season

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May 9th, 2013


1600 Penn has been cancelled after a single season.


    no surprise here

  • rob60990

    NBC is just trolling at this point. Can they just announce something newsworthy?

  • EatMorePez

    NBC’s getting the obvious ones out of the way first.

  • Charmed

    When are we getting into the exciting ones?

  • Androme

    AWWW…Why am I happy?

  • Greg

    Hopefully we got all the obvious decisions out of the way and now the fun can begin.

  • EatMorePez

    Hey Rob, the fact that you have accused someone else of “trolling” is hilarious.

  • Mari

    Whitney was cancelled as well.

  • Oliver

    Whitney is dead.

  • gerry

    its like nbc keeps hitting the high and low sides. another obvious choice. but now….. things are going to get interesting.

  • Rebecca

    Dang it. I liked it. Oh well.

  • rob60990

    Something exciting, Whitney is cancelled!

  • SJ

    Ha! Whitney cancelled! Called it! :D

  • Greg

    I had all but Community (and Parks) cancelled.

  • Feedback

    That was probably one of the worst comedy pilots I had ever seen. How did NBC ever expect this show to be successful? It had FLOP written all over it. They really need to get some new management up there.

  • PurpleDrazi

    Filed under ‘D’ for “DUH!”

  • Mon

    This could have a better chance if the show wasn’t centered on the goofball son (based on about 4 episodes I watched). It could have been the Veep of broadcast TV.

  • Dan

    nbc is most likely waiting to see how community’s season finale does tonight before making a final decision

  • kg

    Disappointing, but not surprising.

  • Marius

    I guess this frees up Josh Gad for “Love and Other Drugs 2″ .

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