'1600 Penn' Canceled by NBC After One Season

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May 9th, 2013


1600 Penn has been cancelled after a single season.

  • JJ

    Good now Robbie Amell can focus on The Tomorrow People

  • What Am I Missing Here?

    Yey! Am a big Jenna Elfman fan, but when I tuned in on the first episode, I didn’t last 10 minutes. Didn’t like the Josh Gad character at all.

  • TVDude

    I was surprised they kept it on as long as they did. Fans should be happy they got to see as many episodes as they did, there was no chance at all of syndication. It’ll have its grave site on Netflix.

  • BigBrotherFan

    Jenna Elfman is the hottest first lady ever but this show was a pile of dog crap!

  • TV Addict

    I actually liked this show, but it’s no Community.

  • ROLY


  • Anon

    Jenna Elfman sure knows how to pick ’em.

  • Tomcatt630

    Saw first episode and that was enough. Jenna Elfman is another 40ish actress desparate stay ‘hot’ for 18-24 y/o guys. Tries too hard and is clinging to her “Dharma & Greg” sexpot image.

  • BigBrotherFan


    Dude, you totally have a major hate on for the MILFS!

  • Carl

    It wasn’t as bad as Animal Practice, but that is literally the only good thing I can say about 1600 Penn.

  • Bitter Ringer Fan

    not a shocker but I hope Jenna can find a better show next time. The season finale was epic and ended on a cliffhanger.

  • Don Juan

    Not one for celebrating when other people lose their shows but this one was so horrible it just made me root against it. This one and the neighbors.

  • HV

    Very sad and extremely obvious.
    NBC, why did you put this show at 9:30?
    Veiwers, why did you give up on the show so fast? Skip got less annoying as time went on!

  • David Howell

    The fact that they put this midseason when a fall launch would have put it in election season was an ominous sign for me all along.

  • ron

    i stop watching on ep 3 i knew they will cancel it :s

  • Rebecca


  • DM

    This show improved drastically after the first three episodes. But if you suck out of the gate, no one will stick around to see the improvement.

  • CM

    Im sad, this was a decent show. The show that needs to be cancelled is revolution! Talk about terrible writing!

  • Columbo

    Not surprised. I saw one episode where Bill Pullman and this fat dude (his kid, maybe?) was in a pool without shirts on. No one wants to see that on their tv screen.

  • Redeck

    I liked 1600…. its a dame shame its not comming back….:-(

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