'Guys With Kids' and 'Up All Night' Canceled by NBC

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May 9th, 2013


Both NBC comedies have been cancelled. Guys With Kids only had a single season and Up All Night was cancelled after two seasons.

  • ethan


  • Yessir

    Go On, Community and TNN will be renewed. Yes

  • Gio


  • edward

    omg I think TNN and Go On will be back next season!!

  • Mika02

    Devastated my family loved that show!

  • Dan W

    Really wondering what it going to happen with Community, Go On, and The New Normal…I think they are the only NBC comedies left?

  • Spike

    i knew this was coming but i actually liked guys with kids.

    Zach Cregger needs to find a new comedy home asap

  • Gio

    Now NBC can renewed Go On, The New Normal and Community. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!

  • Michael

    Welp, looks like TNN will live another season. There’s no way NBC is going to clean house and get rid of their entire comedy block.

  • Mika02

    sorry that was for Guys with Kids I know it was a long shot :-( Up all night has been DOA for a while

  • NBC Fan


  • TV Addict

    I’m am freaking the freak out. TELL ME ABOUT MAH COMMUNITY!!!!

  • Charmed

    If I was a Community fan I would start getting excited right about now :D

  • Dan W

    Not shocked by either of these but I am kind of surprised about Whitney…guess they didn’t want to commit to two more seasons.

  • Ron

    NeNe Leakes was not lieing when she said New Normal would get 13 episode order midseason

  • Mark

    As long as Hannibal is renewed I’ll be happy *fingerscrossed*

  • BigBrotherFan

    Agh! I can’t believe they canned GWK well I can given it’s numbers..whatever Jesse and Jamie will find new work for sure!

  • Garrett S.

    Just Community, The New Normal, and Go On left. Only comedy that has been renewed is Parks, right?

  • Tim

    Go On and Community will be renewed…I’m not so sure about TNN however, if I was NBC I wouldn’t mind keeping three comedies (P&R, GO, Com) and starting fresh with the rest.

  • Nerdbot

    Well, I knew that Guys with Kids would be canceled, but I was still waiting for a miracle. Now, the only NBC show I truly care about is Hannibal.

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