'Guys With Kids' and 'Up All Night' Canceled by NBC

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May 9th, 2013


Both NBC comedies have been cancelled. Guys With Kids only had a single season and Up All Night was cancelled after two seasons.

  • Ultima

    @Bill Gorman
    If so, that could easily be my biggest blown call, but she was also writing the same things about Harry’s Law a year ago


    Maybe she should just stick to pilot buzz and steer clear of speculating on renewals? ;)

  • Ultima

    Well this day has gotten more and more interesting.

    Middle two weeks in May and last two weeks in September are the best part of the TV year! :)

  • Yessir

    I don’t see NBC canceling everything.

    They will renew Community, Go On and TNN. That’s 4 returning comedies.

  • Spencer

    :( Sad about Guys With Kids.

  • Charlie

    @Ultima thanks looks like i will be updating all day just in case :-)

  • rob60990

    Did Up All Nights cancellation need to be announced? Like really? :D

  • Samunto

    Someone make sure the cancellation Bear hits the gym as from next week as he’s getting so much food sliding down the throat!

  • Sel

    Gosh NBC, just spit it out already for christ’s sake I really need to go to bed now!

  • Androme

    You got that right.

  • Chris J

    Looks good for comedy pilot Assistance now that GWK is dead.

    I wouldn’t rejoice yet for TNN or Community.

    As @Ultima said NBC is negotiating with Sony. If Community gets renewed “Welcome to the Family” probably doesn’t get picked up, and vice versa. Honestly Welcome to the Family sounds as bad or worst than New Normal except instead of gay-themed is racism-themed.

  • Marc

    GWK was a good enough family sitcom, but incompatible with NBC who has all but abandoned family fare in favor of low viewer niche programming. A formula that has been working great for them.

  • a p garcia

    no surprise about this

  • Guest

    The New Normal has no reason to be renewed.

  • Michael

    Go On now pretty much becomes a “Certain” Renewal.
    Community moves to “More Renewed than cancelled”
    The New Normal moves to “Toss up”…if it wasn’t there already.

  • Carmen

    @ Ultima

    “Middle two weeks in May and last two weeks in September are the best part of the TV year!”

    Without a doubt

  • StevenD

    Now Assistance can be picked up, I’d like to see Mr. Robinson or Brenda Forever picked up too. Welcome to the family could get picked up, and then 1 more multi can, so NBC is looking at 6-8 comedies it seems for next year ( Sean, MJF, About a Boy, Family Guide, at least one more multicam, 1-3 more single cams)

  • Chris J


    It’s likely Go On and The New Normal get renewed possibly both as midseason spackle. Maybe both will air on Fridays after Dracula finishes it’s run?

    Community may be done after tonight depending on how negotiations with Sony go.

  • swalker

    Touch is cancelled.

  • Chris J


    I hope they pick up John Mulaney’s multicam pilot. It was a late arrival so maybe it won’t be ready till midseason, but it sounds like it’ll be funnier than Undateable. Plus he’s got Lorne Michaels behind it.

  • MichaelChickless

    Go Community!

    Go Hannibal!

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