'Guys With Kids' and 'Up All Night' Canceled by NBC

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May 9th, 2013


Both NBC comedies have been cancelled. Guys With Kids only had a single season and Up All Night was cancelled after two seasons.

  • Rebecca

    Was hoping for a renewal for GWK but that’s okay. It was fun while it lasted. I don’t care any more about UAN even though I watched all of it. Waiting to hear about Community and Go On now. Haven’t searched for news.

  • Carl

    I thought Up All Night was a decent comedy. Not great, but better than some other shows. However, the idea they had to turn it into a 3-camera, live studio audience show was absurd. Better to kill it off than change the entire format.

  • Rebecca


  • ZmaX

    @Can’t remember

    haha I would say 90% joking…the other 10%: NBC is already so lost in this downward spiral that it doesn’t even matter anymore :P

  • ArrestedDeveloper

    Come on Community!!

  • Dan

    These are just formalities, NBC needs to make a decision on Go On, Community and The New Normal

    I expect a second season for Go On, a final season for Community and a cancellation for The New Normal.

  • David

    Gothica and King John are dead. So’s Keep Calm and Karey On.

  • Can’t remember

    Posted May 9, 2013 at 3:29 PM
    I don’t think TNN will be renewed, if it makes you feel any better. Nor Go On, actually, though that one I’m a bit less certain.

    I’m a sucker for a good soap. It would make me feel better if Deception had been renewed. I certainly can’t fathom cancelling GWK and keeping TNN. Both shows were awful and GWK truly held up much better. So here’s to hoping you are right.

  • PurpleDrazi

    @Amanda Kondolojy

    A big round of applause for Amanda who must have smoke coming out of her keyboard right now. Way to keep up with all this breaking news!

  • Dan S

    Thank you dear God Whitney is dead. I’m sorry for fans of GWK which sounded a lot better than Whitney ever was. I still maintain Community will likely return but Go On & TNN are still gone. I may be wrong but I think Hannibal stands a better chance of returning than those comedies. With a full plate several shows will have to be held for midseason or ready to replace low rated turkeys.

  • Bitter Ringer Fan

    Guys with kIds was goofy but entertaining but definitely deserved the cancelation. Now i feel more confident that Go On and Community will be back. Not so sure about TNN though, it’s ratings deserve cancelation but if they cancel it then Go On would be it’s only new comedy surviving and maybe they don’t want the image that they failed (even though they did).

  • Ultima

    Gothica and King John are dead. So’s Keep Calm and Karey On.

    From yesterday, Spy is dead as well.

  • Ram510

    No I’m very upset about Guys With Kids

  • Survivor Fan

    I think that Go On and Community are virtual locks and that The New Normal is a toss-up.

  • Dee-Bo

    Aww…I loved guys with kids!!! NOOO!! Anthony Anderson, the sopranos daughter, and Vanessa huxtable…created by jimmy Fallon?! What’s not to love?! Bummed.

  • Josh

    Upset about Guys a with Kids being cancelled oh well

  • HV

    I liked both shows, but I knew this was coming, especially with UAN.

  • Marc

    Can’t imagine why NBC would even consider renewing TNN or GO On. Without the voice propping them up, they were pulling .7s and .9s. And even with The Voice lead in they only had about a 40% retention rate. That is atrocious. Did Whitney/GWK ever sink that low?

  • Fletcher

    I loved guys with kids and up all night this stinks give them a chance please

  • Fake Me Out

    Just because it’s not announced yet doesn’t mean the other shows are ‘safe’, ‘locks’ or ‘sure renewals’. NBC has been dripping out news like a leaky faucet and the -have been canceled- drips for GoOn, TNN and Comm may not have fallen yet. None of these three deserve to be back based on their ratings, even on NBC.

    Comm though I’d consider the most likely to return if Sony makes a ridiculously cheap offer NBC can’t refuse … who knows, maybe a split deal, first run on Comedy Central and a few days later on NBC.


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