'Guys With Kids' and 'Up All Night' Canceled by NBC

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May 9th, 2013


Both NBC comedies have been cancelled. Guys With Kids only had a single season and Up All Night was cancelled after two seasons.

  • Chris

    So upset about Guys With Kids. Will NBC ever have good family multi cams that people can come too season after season? Oh well.

  • Keri

    Such a stupid move to cancel Guys with Kids. It was the one comedy we looked forward to weekly. It had such potential

  • snoot

    Should have canceled Community and TNN instead.

  • Cyrax86

    Sad news, enjoyed both shows a lot…

  • ron

    not surprised at all i wonder what NBC is gonan do with TNN hope they give it another shot

  • mando

    I will be gonna mad if TNN gets renewed. TNN had dived into .7.
    This is the lowest ratings in the history of all sitcoms.
    Guys with Kids had done well without any big lead ins.

  • Psac

    I liked Guys with Kids. Too bad nobody else did. The first few episodes weren’t great, but it really picked up in quality after.

  • ROLY


  • ToXiX

    @Dan S

    You are high off some good dope if you think Hannibal has a better shot at renewal than Go On.

  • JJ

    That younger demographic thing just is not working for NBC. Harry’s Law was raking in much higher ratings and on Saturday nights. NBC chose to renew Whitney and Up All Night and then, added other programs that targeted that important younger demographic, but it did not work!

  • E

    Guys with kids was a great show!
    Very disappointed it got cancelled. NBC never promoted the show.

  • networkman

    I feel Guys with Kids could have done decently paired with Happiness(The Sean Hayes comedy). IMO, it had potential,moreso than The New Normal. I feel TNN has run its course.

  • ChingChongineh

    i knew from the start that guys with kids would be cancelled but im still upset by the news, it was a really great show and i feel it wasnt given a fair chance :( without both this and go on next year, they better give me some pretty damn good pilots.

  • Bill

    Disappointed in cancellation for Guys With Kids :( I enjoyed the pilot the other night and could see a lot of potential. This stuff happens though, ya can’t take it personally. At least I have 17 more episodes to enjoy :) Woulda done better on another network. 15 years ago, it would definitely have survived to 2nd season. But it’s okay, there will be plenty of good future companies.

    Whitney…got a season more than deserved. I hope she isn’t too ticked off. A lotta multi-cams don’t make it to a second year these days. It wasn’t a super great show but I may watch it to get the complete train wreck picture. NBC gave it a chance to try growing at least.

    But damn, NBC murdered damn near all their stuff!! Going to be an interesting Fall to watch them go through. Ill check out their multi cams but outside if that I couldn’t even guess what’ll happen to the network now.

  • Babykay

    I actually LOVED guys with kids. I thought it was pretty entertaining. Sort of sad it’s canceled

  • liz

    Im so mad right now. I loved Guys with kids! Someone needs to pick it up! This is why reality TV is taking over, they cancel good TV comedies. Thank God for hulu.. guys with kids episodes are still on hulu

  • showtactic

    darn. I actually liked this. Plus the last episode left me hanging.

  • Sallie

    That stinks….I loved Guys with Kids!! Up all night…that lost its mojo in the first season…now I have to find something else to watch. :(

  • staj

    So sad that Up All Night is being cancelled. I loved everything about that show. I was hoping Ava would get a new show…that really drove the comedy

  • ChellsBells

    I am so sad! I love, “Up All Night!!” I think it is such a great show! I love Christina Applegate and Maya Rudolph together. :( Serious bummer.

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