NBC Picks up Dramas 'Crisis' and JJ Abrams' 'Believe' + Comedies 'About a Boy','Sean Saves The World' & 'Family Guide'(Updated)

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May 9th, 2013

About A Boy - Season Pilot

NBC has picked up Rand Ravich’s drama Crisis and J.J. Abrams’ drama Believe.  Jason Katims’ comedy About A Boy has also been picked up.

UPDATE:  Comedy Sean Saves The World has also been picked up.

UPDATE (2) DJ Nash comedy Family Guide has also been picked up

  • Ultima

    does this still mean glee is going to fridays next season?


  • Tommy M.

    @ Oliver,

    “Early prediction: Sean Saves The World bombs.”

    I’m not big on making predictions without seeing ratings, but as much as I loved Will & Grace I don’t think Sean Hayes can carry a show so I’d have to agree.

  • bjssp

    I’m still stunned The Sixth Gun and Bloodline weren’t picked up. The former had lots of people talking, while supposedly, the latter had Joss Whedon himself impressed. Perhaps they weren’t that good, but it seems like NBC might be missing the boat yet again. How often are these decisions reversed?

    @Ultima: I wouldn’t factor Dracula and Crossbones into the mix, since they are essentially cable-like in format. I don’t recall if it’s been confirmed that both are set for the fall, but if they aren’t, I could see NBC sliding them in on Sundays once football and the Olympics are over. But either way, they don’t need a full slot, like most other NBC shows, so I don’t think their orders limit what NBC does elsewhere.

    As for the comedies, will it be four single cams on Thursday and two multi cams on Tuesday? I think it might be, and I think they might be all new, regardless of whether something else is renewed beyond Parks. IF–and this is a big, big if–CBS decides to go to four comedies on Thursday and moves TBBT up to 9:00, I think it’s all but assured. Why? Because it’s easy enough to slide the new MJF show in at 8:00, something similarly family-themed after, and then, say, Assistance and About a Boy in after that. Slide Blacklist, Night Shift, Crisis, or anything else in at 10:00, and you’ve got a whole new night. Meanwhile, on Tuesday, NBC can put SSTW and the Mulaney show at 9:00 and 9:30.

    Something like this is possible even if CBS doesn’t move TBBT, but it seems unlikely NBC will want to blow its wad by putting MJF’s show up against TBBT and putting something less high profile, and possibly more adult themed, earlier in the night seems more difficult.

  • Petar Ivanov

    nbc dramas without big name actors….again. CBS and FOX show policy is way better.

  • Tommy M.

    @ Petar, NBC just started picking up new series, they aren’t finished yet.

  • Shiro

    just ignore that Dennis character. so pathetic. trying to get others attention. sure he/she having a really bad life.

  • SJ

    About a Boy and Sean Saves the World are both multi-cam. It looks like Whitney and Guys with Kids are all but dead.

  • omabin


    I think that they will pick up more than that. They had 5 new dramas this year and I would be shocked if they don’t cut back comedy hours for dramas, so I think they will go with at least 6! However, I don’t count Crossbones and Dracula as 2 necessarily, didn’t Dracula had a very short order only? I think they will pick up at least 2 more dramas, but possibly 3.

  • Petar Ivanov

    No big name actors. And i guess they deside that they don’t have 88 ep on it. Look what happen with once upon a time and revenge second seasons. Will see revolution next season. These type of shows high concept are really for cable format only. The Sixth Gun will work better on cable as most high concept seialized shows. AMC or other channel will get it.

  • j

    Yes! My broadcast T6 list included Crisis and Believe. The first comment thinks Blacklist is likely as well.

    Shield looks 99.99%.
    Crazy Ones should be picked up; if not for Buffy Summers, then for Robin Williams.
    Reign is iffy; CW doesn’t have historical drama experience.

  • bjssp

    @Tommy M.:

    And this is where it becomes difficult, I think. As I described just before, you could have a nice solid nice of MJF’s show, followed by something similarly family themed, followed by two more adult themed, or at least not family themed comedies. Note how they would all be single cam in this scenario, although it’s possible to do 2 single cam and then 2 multi cam or even mix and match.

    But in addition to Parks being renewed, there’s the issue of what followed MJF’s show. If we can believe the releases*, both Welcome to the Family and Family Guide might be picked up. It could easily be one over the other, but it might be both. If it is both, I think it makes it much more likely that only Parks gets renewed, because in this scenario, that’d be 7 hours of comedy total, making it easier in theory to schedule. If only one of WTTF and FG is picked up, that’s 6.5.

  • Tommy M.

    Comedy Family Guide has been picked up too

  • Dan S

    I hate to say it but with a multi-cam added probably means season 3 of Whitney. I’m thinking The Blacklist will go on Mon after The Voice. On Tues will likely be Believe & then Revolution. The multi-cams will be Sean & Whitney on Wed at 8pm followed by Chicago Fire & Crisis. Thur will be single cam starting with Community, P&R, MJF, About a Boy & SVU. Fridays will likely be Dateline, Grimm & Dracula which I heard will have a fall pickup.

  • SJ

    Oops… About a Boy is single-cam. I was thinking about Bad Teacher. I got my movie rip-offs mixed.

    Also, another single-cam, Family Guide, just got picked up. Surely they have to change that title, right? I mean, try saying it out loud. :D

  • Petar Ivanov

    @Tommy M.

    I read them all. ZERO big time stars/actors. Well i don’t want jennifer lawrence, mila kunis and bradley cooper etc. but at least like cbs/fox dramas. For example all 4 fox dramas from yesterday were with great main lead male. The folloling was the same strategy. Most of CBS crime dramas too.

  • christi


    Where do you see About A Boy is a multicam?

  • Oliver

    About a Boy is single-camera.

  • Ultima

    They’ve picked up the single-cam comedy “Family Gude” as well.

    About a Boy and Sean Saves the World are both multi-cam.

    Both Deadline and FutonCritic list About a Boy as single-cam.

  • bjssp

    @Petar Ivanov:

    I don’t think the big name actors issue was really an issue, because at least Bloodline had well known television actors, and from what I can tell, both were relatively open concepts. Or in the case of The Sixth Gun, there was source material, making it easier to come up with episodes.

    And so what if both shows couldn’t fit the traditional format? NBC’s biggest issue now is getting someone, anyone, to watch, and it could have picked up both of them to help in that process.

  • Oliver

    Bad Teacher is single-camera too, and is a CBS pilot.

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