NBC Picks up Dramas 'Crisis' and JJ Abrams' 'Believe' + Comedies 'About a Boy','Sean Saves The World' & 'Family Guide'(Updated)

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May 9th, 2013

About A Boy - Season Pilot

NBC has picked up Rand Ravich’s drama Crisis and J.J. Abrams’ drama Believe.  Jason Katims’ comedy About A Boy has also been picked up.

UPDATE:  Comedy Sean Saves The World has also been picked up.

UPDATE (2) DJ Nash comedy Family Guide has also been picked up

  • Matthew Chapman

    Another Comedy (Family Guide) has been picked up.

  • j

    Maybe they thought 6th Gun & Bloodlines would join the bloodbath of the long, long line of high-concept “genre” shows that crashed and burned after less than a full season.

  • Spike

    so how many of those will be shown as midseason replacements or never air at all (being burnt off over the summer) again

  • bjssp

    Waiting to see if Welcome to the Family is picked up, too. If it is, which will get paired with MJF’s show in the fall?

    Also, I don’t think Whitney will get picked up just because SSTW did. NBC is supposedly considering both the John Mulaney show and Undateable, and both of them could easily pair with that show.

  • Tommy M.

    @ Petar, It’s not like Michael J. Fox, Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, Minnie Driver, Gillian Anderson, Dermot Mulroney, and Kyle MacLachlan are no namers.

  • Ultima

    I think that they will pick up more than that. They had 5 new dramas this year and I would be shocked if they don’t cut back comedy hours for dramas, so I think they will go with at least 6!

    I thought six as well. Believe, Crisis, Crossbones, Dracula, The Blacklist and one more.

    Remember, they also have one more returning drama this season (Revolution and Chicago Fire replacing only Smash).

    However, I don’t count Crossbones and Dracula as 2 necessarily

    They each had ten episode orders; Dracula will probably be on in the fall, but Crossbones won’t be ready until midseason. Midseason dramas only typically air 13 episodes, so I think it’s fair to count these along with the rest.

    That would give them a total of 11 dramas, more than this season (9) and last season (10). The returning dramas all have full seasons, so this is a significant increase in drama hours.

  • Joie

    A note to the masterminds behind this site: Please find a way to forever ban the word “flop” from the comments. I — as well as so many others — would appreciate it if we never had to come across that ****ing word ever again…

  • bjssp


    That’s my guess, too, but TSG (and to a lesser extent, Bloodline) TONS AND TONS of buzz. As I said before, NBC needs more people to tune in, and both of them could have done that.

    And does Crisis really seem like it has more of an elastic concept, from what we know about it, than either of those?

  • Melissa

    For NBC’s sake, I hope they can find success in at least one of these comedies.

  • bjssp


    Both it seems likely both Dracula and Crossbones will either share a time slot or go on the same night where no dramas are now, which is Sundays. Thus, they aren’t really competing for slots like the other shows are.

  • Androme

    Thank you. That word annoys me to no end. And the “Change Parts of a TV Name to Flop” thing is getting old.

  • serendipity’s last stand

    @ultima is dracula a go cuase I could be happy about that if its a done de.al for the season

  • Joie

    @Androme: Amen.

    @outlawz: Go **** yourself.

  • Androme

    Calling THIS out now: Floplawz

  • Joie

    @Androme: Nice. Two thumbs up.

  • Ultima

    @serendiplity’s last stand
    is dracula a go

    Yes, they’re filming now.

  • omabin


    Yeah, you are probably right. But I wouldn’t past them else cutting on a newsmagazine hours on a scheduled repeat hour as they had in the fall, thus ordering yet another drama.

  • Dan

    Parks & Rec and Go On look like the only ones safe at this point. I can see Community returning for a final season but again who knows and same goes for Whitney.

    Are any of these Multi Camera?

  • omabin

    I wouldn’t read too much in them ordering a multi cam in what concerns Whitney’s chances. Last year they were fine pairing a multi cam (GWK) with a single cam (AP). Why would they be bothered this year?

  • Jefferson

    If NBC wants ratings, they have it all wrong. As 2 Broke Girls have proven, literally all it takes is bland “comedy” plus a couple of pretty women dressed semi-provocatively and people will tune in.

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