NBC Picks up Dramas 'Crisis' and JJ Abrams' 'Believe' + Comedies 'About a Boy','Sean Saves The World' & 'Family Guide'(Updated)

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May 9th, 2013

About A Boy - Season Pilot

NBC has picked up Rand Ravich’s drama Crisis and J.J. Abrams’ drama Believe.  Jason Katims’ comedy About A Boy has also been picked up.

UPDATE:  Comedy Sean Saves The World has also been picked up.

UPDATE (2) DJ Nash comedy Family Guide has also been picked up

  • bjssp


    It’s funny. I’ve been going on and on about MJF’s new show being NBC’s savior for months. I think it could very well be that sort of show for the network, if it’s done correctly. Seriously, if they blitz the country, so the point where everyone who isn’t blind and deaf or living under a rock knows about it, it will get a huge tune in, possible 30+ million. What happens after that isn’t clear, but if the show is good, it could stay strong.

    If it’s weak, it might fade. But what if it gets a huge initial tune in, which helps a creatively stronger show get exposure, and this show lasts longer? That’s kind of like what happened with the remake of The Fugitive in 2000. Everyone went nuts over it, but after it premiered a new drama called CSI that helped CBS climb to the top.

  • rob60990

    The flop puns are getting ridiculous and these shows havent even aired yet. If you think your funny your not.

    Anyways none of these pickups are a shock. Blacklist will be next since deadline stated it tested high. Glad NBC picked up a lot of family comedies.

  • bjssp

    Come to think of it, if Dracula is a go, as is Crossbones, wouldn’t this mean the reason The Sixth Gun and/or Bloodline weren’t picked up isn’t that they were worried about the shows running for many seasons? Because really, how many seasons is Crossbones going to last for?

  • David

    If Assistance doesn’t get picked up….

  • BigBrotherFan

    Petar Ivanov

    I agree with you 100% exactly why HANNIBAL flopped with the Hugh in the lead! NBC will never learn!

  • rob60990

    Whitney and Sean saves the World would not be compatible despite both being multicam. They are better off pairing it with a new famly comedy despite being single cam.

  • Joie

    @rob60990: “The flop puns are getting ridiculous and these shows havent even aired yet. If you think your funny your not.”

    A high five for you.

  • r0ckmypants

    @bjssp – I would think Dracula is an ideal candidate to pair with Grimm on Fridays. Besides, NBC can’t air it on Sundays in the fall because of football.

  • Tommy M.

    I think MJF should be used to anchor an entirely new 2 hr comedy block. As badly as NBC is doing with comedies it would probably be easier to promote an entirely new night vs. individual shows much like ABC did when they launched their Wednesday comedy block.

  • r0ckmypants

    @omabin – They weren’t fine, though. Animal Practice bombed.

  • bjssp


    I think it will be.

  • k:Alex

    So they will start a Thursday Family Night.
    Smart, but will P&R (and Community) move, those are shows for young people, but not a family?

  • Tommy M.


    I don’t have all that high of hopes for Community being renewed first of all, but if it is I think it’s best if NBC moves both to another night and they start fresh on Thursdays (or even a completely different night and do something else with Thursdays.)

  • Dan

    @Omabin – NBC probably did that figuring one would fail and if Animal Practice failed, which it did, NBC would move Whitney there and make it a multi camera night. If GWK flopped then my guess is NBC would move Community to the slot and air Whitney midseason. The Friday comedy thing for Whitney and COmmunity was just a way to make the shows available for the fall schedule while not pushing them to midseason.

    At this point if Whitney gets picked up it could stay Wed at 8 with SSTW. Everyone keeps saying Parenthood would be better Wed at 8 but I think NBC should move that to Thurs at 10 while pairing Dracula and Grimm and maybe Crossbones on Fridays.

    Here’s a thought, NBC should have Parks and Go On lead the Thursday night into MJF then followed by another single camera comedy, so theres 3 new comedies on the schedule then hold Community for midseason so if one of NBC’s new shows flop, Community can swoop in.

  • BigBrotherFan

    I can see it now @Dennis

    Flopieve, About A flop, Sean Saves The flop, Floppily Guide

  • ToXiX

    NBC is so pathetic. All those comedies are flops.

  • bjssp

    @k:Alex and Tommy M.:

    I don’t think it will be a pure family night, because unless they mix single cam and multi cam shows, they only have three family comedies on tap. And I’m not even sure I’d say SSTW is really a family comedy.

    Also, there’s nothing at all to prevent NBC from ordering a full season of Parks but holding it. The absolute worst case scenario is that NBC has all new comedies on Tuesdays and Thursdays, all of them get good enough ratings to say, and then the network has to open a comedy block on another night.

  • j

    “That’s my guess, too, but TSG (and to a lesser extent, Bloodline) TONS AND TONS of buzz. As I said before, NBC needs more people to tune in, and both of them could have done that.”

    Yeah, but so did a ton of other genre shows before them, and many of them had superbig pilots making people be like “Next Big Thing OMG” before being one and done.

    I mean I personally wanted to watch at least a pilot from both shows, but new broadcast shows seem to be doing best by playing it safe. Cable’s doing great when it takes risks though.

  • BigBrotherFan

    My prediction

    Up all Night, Guys With Kids, Deception (already), Hannibal, The New Normal, Betty White, 1600 Penn, Fashion Star, Whitney :( (realistically) and Smash.

    Community (Limited 13 episodes)

  • Dan

    Now that they’ve announced which Pilots they picked up, what they’ve passed on, what dramas they’ve renewed and what dramas have been cancelled all thats left is the comedies. I expect them to announce it tonight or friday as they did the same this friday last year.

    Up All Night, 1600 Penn, The New Normal and Guys With Kids being cancelled is expected.

    Parks & Rec will be renewed but I’m very anxious to hear the fates of Go On, Community and Whitney.

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