NBC Picks up Dramas 'Crisis' and JJ Abrams' 'Believe' + Comedies 'About a Boy','Sean Saves The World' & 'Family Guide'(Updated)

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May 9th, 2013

About A Boy - Season Pilot

NBC has picked up Rand Ravich’s drama Crisis and J.J. Abrams’ drama Believe.  Jason Katims’ comedy About A Boy has also been picked up.

UPDATE:  Comedy Sean Saves The World has also been picked up.

UPDATE (2) DJ Nash comedy Family Guide has also been picked up

  • Gio

    I think they should put the Community`s final season and another low-1s show on Fridays, like oficially were done last season. These shows can either work like spackle or keep fixed there, leaving space for the fresh meat who`s coming.

  • Potato


    “NBC is so pathetic. All those comedies are flops.”

    And we have a NEW RECORD!! Calling NBC pathetic and all it’s shows failures, less than AN HOUR after they’re announced!!! Congratulations!!!

  • Gio

    I think they should put the Community`s final season and another low-1s show on Fridays, like oficially were done last season. These shows can either work like spackle or keep fixed there, leaving space for the fresh meat that are coming.

  • Tommy M.

    @ Dan, NBC may not give any official word on Community and Whitney if they cancel them. The fate of those 2 shows may not be known until the upfront presentation next week.

  • r0ckmypants

    @Dan – NBC will almost certainly pick up more shows than just these.

  • bjssp


    As I said earlier, from what we know of it so far, Crisis doesn’t seem like the sort of show that might last for many seasons. That could be just because the description can only tell us so much, and lots of shows can evolve from their original premises. (A good example is Parks, which could have been described as a series where government employee tries to get a park built on a pit.) But whatever the case, it’s serialized, as both Bloodline and The Sixth Gun would have been.

    Perhaps neither of those would have been very good over the long term, but I would have surely liked to see NBC try.

  • BigBrotherFan


    Funny thing is he or she is likely right!

  • Mr Mumble

    None of these pick-ups are a surprise and so far nothing has impacted NBC’s bubble shows, specifically the comedies. NBC have effectively lost seven comedies since September (Animal Practice, Night Caller, Up All Night, 1600 Penn, Save Me, 30 Rock, The Office) so four comedy pick-ups (including the Michael J Fox vehicle) is a good tactic for NBC in last minute negotiations.

  • Dan

    @Rockmypants – Most likely but the real anticipation is for the comedies.

    @Tommy M – Not necessarily, last year the friday before the upfronts NBC officially cancelled Ben, BFF, Are You there Chelsea, and Awake. They could decide the fates of Whitney and Community by tomorrow or by upfronts, hopefully sooner rather than later. The Community finale airs tonight so my guess is we’ll know tomorrow.

    If anything else is renewed early, it will be Parks & Rec as well as Go On.

  • David

    Is NBC likely to order more comedies?

  • bjssp


    Absolutely, I think it is likely to do that, even if it decides to reup some of the older ones.

  • Tommy M.

    @ David,

    “Is NBC likely to order more comedies?”

    I’m sure they will unless they shrink their comedy hours down to just 2 and add more drama hours. Even then I think they’d need more than this to stock their bench for the inevitable DOA comedy.

  • Tony

    Rachael Taylor and James Lafferty – Crisis, Of course I will watch it, YEAH.

  • David


    Thanks, I’m just want either Assistance or Crazy Ones picked up so badly, and I know Crazy Ones is almost a lock on CBS, but it’d be the icing on the cake to get Assistance on NBC. :D

  • Dan

    @Mr. Mumble – NBC is basically doing what they have done the past 2 seasons. Overloading on Comedy until they get something successful but the problem is they never do.

    Last season they just renewed what was just barely passing (The Office, 30 Rock, Community, Parks & Rec, Whitney, and Up All Night) All other bubble comedies were cancelled but those midseason bubble comedies were all expected to be cancelled.

    Of those renewed from last season The Office and 30 Rock have ended this year with final seasons, Up All Night crashed and burned, Community is on its last legs (Though NBC could give it a nice farewell), Whitney ends up surviving since its multi cam and has done OK, and Parks emerges as the only guarantee.

    This seasons comedies have been all flops, and Go On may only make it to be save face.

  • swalker

    @ bjssp

    I heard the Bloodlines script wasn’t very good and The Sixth Gun had a good script but the pilot didn’t come out great.

  • StevenD

    I think it’s safe to guess Believe and Revolution will pair on Tuesday 9-11 after The Voice, and The Blacklist will go Monday at 10

    I’m curious as to which comedies that AREN’T family oriented will get picked up ( Assistance, Mr. Robinson, Brenda Forever, Mulaney, Undateable…)

  • Dan

    @David – Yes, NBC will probably order a couple of more comedies, but hopefully they don’t get cancelled before they air like Next Caller or pushed to summer like Save Me.

    NBC always seems to order so many comedies and when the schedule ends up being overloaded in the spring they end up having no room for them.

    NBC had the right idea 2010-2011 and to some extent 2009-2010. I hope all of these comedies get somewhat of a chance but it seems the difference in NBC ordering all of these comedies this year compared to last year is that NBC doesnt have 4-6 returning comedies.

  • Tommy M.

    I don’t know why so many think NBC will move Parenthood from Tuesdays at 10PM. It performs very well for them there.

  • Holly

    I haven’t been following development this year so I just read the descriptions. There isn’t a single one of these I’m interested in seeing based on the official descriptions. That could change with the trailers.

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