NBC Picks up Dramas 'Crisis' and JJ Abrams' 'Believe' + Comedies 'About a Boy','Sean Saves The World' & 'Family Guide'(Updated)

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May 9th, 2013

About A Boy - Season Pilot

NBC has picked up Rand Ravich’s drama Crisis and J.J. Abrams’ drama Believe.  Jason Katims’ comedy About A Boy has also been picked up.

UPDATE:  Comedy Sean Saves The World has also been picked up.

UPDATE (2) DJ Nash comedy Family Guide has also been picked up

  • Glue

    I really, really hope they pick up Assistance.

  • gerry

    well, since abc has a multitude of dramas performing well at 10, certainly they should move parenthood to 8 pm.

    wait……. ;)

  • Jt

    Is that it for Nbc or will there be more pick ups?

  • Tommy M.

    @ Dan

    “NBC would probably move Parenthood in order to air another drama Tuesdays at 10 so that Parenthood can help another strugling slot.”

    Or what could happen is they end up killing Parenthood by making it face Scandal (Which I believe shares an audience with Parenthood) and creating an issues with Tuesdays at 10PM if they can’t get anything to work there.

  • Mr Mumble

    @Tommy M, you could well be right about a whole bunch of more pick-ups but if NBC were so adamant about cleaning shop they’d have announced more today before going back and negotiating over existing shows.

    The decimation of the existing comedy line-up may happen but it could be because NBC are now giving offers to studios, of existing shows, that they can’t accept rather than NBC saying we don’t want these shows under any circumstance.

    Negotiations can’t be going smoothly though – you’ve got to worry for Community specifically the longer no news comes out. Both NBC and Sony would want to announce a renewal to try and get a bump in ratings tonight.

  • Ultima

    @TV Addict
    They never have room for them all and eventually have to burn them off (Bent, BFF, Save Me, etc)

    They had plenty of room for Save Me, they just didn’t like it enough to air it during the season (just like FOX with The Goodwin Games).

    Anyways, it’s always better to have a little more than you need rather than not enough.

    Finally, the schedule changes too much with all the new shows, so people don’t know when they’re on.

    This has always been the case, yet somehow viewers have managed to find their shows for decades. It’s even eaiser now with digital guides and the internet!

  • Glue


    “If Assistance doesn’t get picked up….”

    … I will be just as pissed as you.

  • bjssp

    The scheduling for NBC dramas essentially revolves around SVU and Grimm, as odd as that may sound. NBC could pair either Believe, The Blacklist, or Revolution with Grimm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, or even Thursdays, while it could do the same with something like SVU and Ironside, I Am Victor, or the Night Shift (all of those are still in the mix, I think) or the Chicago Fire spinoff on Fridays.

    I suspect NBC might want to completely reboot Thursdays, including putting a new drama on at 10:00, and give the post-Voice slot to a new drama on Monday.

  • bjssp

    @Tommy M.:

    That’s why Parenthood would be perfect for Wednesdays at 9:00 or 8:00. It’s not all that similar to Criminal Minds, to say the least, and it’s not a comedy nor a reality show. It also pairs well with Chicago Fire.

  • rob60990

    David Walton is in About a Boy. You’ve been warned. ;)

  • Bad Wolf

    Regarding Crisis : Welcome back, Gillian ! I missed you !

  • Anthony

    That’s why Parenthood would be perfect for Wednesdays at 9:00 or 8:00. It’s not all that similar to Criminal Minds, to say the least, and it’s not a comedy nor a reality show. It also pairs well with Chicago Fire.

    While it is true that there isn’t a whole lot Criminal Minds and Parenthood have in common, the same could be said about Believe, why not put it there? And also how exactly does Parenthood pair well with Chicago Fire? Just curious because if you want two shows on NBC that pair well together, right now it’s SVU and Chicago Fire, not Parenthood and Chicago Fire.

  • Mr Mumble

    Parks & Recreation renewed.

  • David


    Right on the money there! ;)

  • bjssp


    My posts tend to run long, so I didn’t want to make 10 different schedules, but I will elaborate a little further. As I said before, I think it depends on what NBC does with SVU and Grimm, because each could be paired with any number of pilots or current shows. Will NBC leave Grimm on Tuesdays? Perhaps, and it might make sense to put either Revolution or Believe in front of it. But then what goes on Fridays? Certainly not three hours of news shows. SVU will end sooner rather than later, and it probably wouldn’t do any worse than Grimm does, why not move that there? Let’s assume NBC does that, leaving Wednesdays open. Parenthood needs a new home, and it would do well with Chicago Fire. I wouldn’t have picked up that show in the first place, but it’s doing well, so while I think it could move as easily as SVU and do well on Fridays, it’ll probably say.

    So, so far, in this example, we have SVU and a new drama on Fridays, along with Grimm and either Believe or Revolution on Tuesdays. This leaves Wednesdays at 8:00 (comedies are possible here, but not guaranteed by any means), Thursdays at 10:00, and Mondays at 10:00 as open slots. Plug in The Black List on Mondays, Crisis on Wednesdays, and Night Shift on Thursdays, and you’re set on dramas, for the fall at least.

    Far from the only set of options, of course, and they might in fact put up Dracula or Crossbones for the fall, which makes it harder. But I think you see my point…

  • samurai99

    So, this is my first pilot season. Is this more or less than the normal number of pilots NBC picks up? Is it good or bad news for Hannibals already dim chances?

  • Ultima

    Is that it for Nbc or will there be more pick ups?

    This may be it for today. Per Deadline, apparently the next big thing is NBC’s deal with Sony, which involves their top drama pilot The Blacklist, comedy Welcome to the Family, drama Night Shift and, of course, Community.

  • Mike

    All I know is if NBC picks up ironside I will scream….

  • Mike

    NBC should have picked up

    6 guns and hayfields and mccoys

  • Carmen

    My Guesses for these pickups by NBC are:

    1) Crisis – I doubt it.

    2) Believe – Has a shot.

    3) Sean Saves the World – On the surface I would say no.
    -I don’t believe that Sean Hayes can carry a show, especially if he were to attempt to play a straight character. Some gay actors can play straight and be believable. Sean Hayes is not one of them.

    – This is probably next seasons attempt by NBC to air a show aimed with good intentions at social consciousness, that simply doesn’t have a big enough audience to succeed.

    4) About a Boy – Cancelled in less than 10 episodes.

    5) Family Guide – Possibly. I’ll have to see a couple of episodes. I’m not sure JK Simmons is a comic actor based upon Family Tools, but I’ll reserve judgement.

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