Nikita Renewed For A Short (Final?) 4th Season & The Carrie Diaries Renewed For 2nd Season

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May 9th, 2013

With Fire

Nikita and The Carrie Diaries have both been renewed by The CW. The Carrie Diaries is returning for its second season and Nikita is returning for its fourth season.

Update:  It looks like Nikita will be returning a shortened fourth season – reports are for 6 episodes and hopefully episode count will be confirmed by CW’s upfront presentation next Thursday

  • Drizz

    Holy crap, Carrie Diaries, really? CW must have cash to burn.

  • pedro

    They Renewed both????? Well that’s shocking!

  • Eric Robinson

    Congrats guys! Now spread the word if you want the show to survive beyond a second season!

  • Adam

    So happy for the Carrie Diaries!

  • Lmw931

    the carrie diaries renewed? did not see that coming

  • Danity

    Yes Nikita!

  • Holly

    Wow. They must really hate their pilots.

  • Ben

    Hahahahaha, come on Nikita haters, bring it on!

  • Greg

    Wow, now that one is in fact a total shocker.

  • feinn

    Ringer and TSC aired the wrong year

  • James

    Blimey. Didn’t expect Carrie to be renewed. The CW really are an oddity. Can’t second guess them.

  • Matt

    Yay!!! Carrie Diaries

  • StevenD

    Carrie Diaries, really? Good for them I guess, and no shock with Nikita

  • Sel

    WTF Carrie ???? Honestly I did not expected that…

  • James


  • Dodge Hickey

    What!? With those numbers this is the biggest surprise this season….

  • Noel

    Omggggg yessss Nikita!!!!! Omgggg Carrie??? The most huge surprise of the season definitely.

  • hello

    Expected that Nikita would get renewed, but shocked and saddened that Carrie Diaries got a renewal

  • Brittney

    I really like The Carrie Diaries, great news!

  • Ultima

    Ringer and TSC aired the wrong year


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