Nikita Renewed For A Short (Final?) 4th Season & The Carrie Diaries Renewed For 2nd Season

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May 9th, 2013

With Fire

Nikita and The Carrie Diaries have both been renewed by The CW. The Carrie Diaries is returning for its second season and Nikita is returning for its fourth season.

Update:  It looks like Nikita will be returning a shortened fourth season – reports are for 6 episodes and hopefully episode count will be confirmed by CW’s upfront presentation next Thursday

  • Sel

    TCD and Nikita’s is one big FU to all people, who thought international sales doesn’t count!

  • Dave

    Whatever Nikita gets, I’m a happy camper! I was expecting 22 but not shocked by the 6-13 renewal. Just glad the network is letting the show bow gracefully and satisfying the fans.

    Oh and John A, why don’t you just go away! You’re such a bleep troll it’s disgusting! Leave us fans alone and go do yourself a favor and learn a thing or two about manners!

    Idiot I tell you!

  • gerry

    after going back and reading everything here, i think a few things need to be realized.

    first and foremost, the carrie diaries does not fit in the same box as 90210, one tree hill, gossip girl and the like. it plays differently. it’s demo aim is the same, but they way they tell story is vastly different.

    i watched 90210 and cringed for two seasons before coming to the realization that it was too unbearable to watch. it had its run, and the producers and writers had enough notice to wrap things up. so if you don’t like the ending, blame them.

    i loved ringer. i could care less about the secret circle. they are gone. also, it should be noted that ratings in general across the board are lower this year than last.

    cw needs to have various types of programming, otherwise it would be the syfy broadcast network.

    lastly, cw is low in demo, but tv is changing. viewers (especially the young demo that cw has) watch tv online via hulu/amazon/netflix and the like. so something like tcd that does well there stands a better chance of renewal than something that doesn’t. it doesn’t bode well for the affiliates, but maybe cw is a bit ahead of the curve in regard to taking all of the ‘fan excuse bingo’ considerations into account. if what i’ve heard about apple tv is true, and a la carte station purchases and the like become commonplace, the ratings system we have now will likely become more antiquated.

    all that said, tcd may not survive the next season. i think it would pair beautifully with HoD. so i hope that happens. i also hope they get it on soon (when something bombs) since they are likely going to use it for filler. i think it could be damaging to hold it until spring.

    regardless of all of this, cw made me happy today. thanks cw!

  • MarcJames87

    I bet Bill and Robert are in shock. I’ve always said from day 1. The CW are very different than the other 4 networks. This now surely gives some proof they look look at a lot of other aspects when renewing shows.

    I imagine TSC/Ringer were very expensive to produce, whereas TCD is cheap and worth slotting in midseason.

  • John A

    I didnt insult anyone. Nikita fanboys insulted me but whatever.

  • Brandy

    @JJa,accoding to CW press release announcing BATB &HoD s renwals, HoD is the second most streamed show.

  • imadiva

    Good so now Nikita will get six episodes and then they will cancel it, about time take out the tissues Nikita Fans, it’s over Yes!

  • Dave

    @John A

    Yeah okay, people are apparently insulting you for no reason. You’re a saint, an angel, an innocent victim who’s done nothing wrong. Go cry me a river! If you don’t want people attacking you, stop acting like a douche and stop trolling like a little MoFo.

  • truth

    lol Dave acting like a butthurt child because his precious Nikita is ending.

  • thesnowleopard

    Well, as I’ve been saying, the syndication factor was likely to force a renewal for Nikita, but that didn’t mean Nikita fans would be happy with how the network did it. And, sure enough, many of them aren’t.

    Remember that it’s always about the money, not about making fans happy.

  • theCroup


    Actually, aside from the rumors that were posted here and other places (some from reliable but still not newspaper-reliable sources), there was actually a major newspaper (I want to say the NYTimes?) article that references Nikita’s low domestic ratings and popularity overseas that was all about syndication deals and TV economics. I think that’s enough evidence to say that Nikita makes money overseas. That’s not to say that it does/doesn’t make money anywhere else, or that it’s hugely profitable overseas or that it is/isn’t the only reason for renewal. Logic tells you that the CW must make some money off of it or it wouldn’t renew Nikita for ANY episodes.

  • John A

    Call me what you like i dont give a crap. Your telling me to grow up when i dont insult anybody is silly is all.

  • james

    only 6 episodes of nikita? whats the point of renewing it if its so short :( id rather a full length season…and another 10 after that..

  • lakersupbyten

    Congrats to Maggie and crew. Have always been a fan of her.
    My guess some folks are willing to give Maggie more episodes :). Good for her!

  • Bizarro

    TCD was renewed because of high streaming numbers not because of syndication. It currently airs internationally only in Canada and Australia which is less than Cult. If international viewership was the case Cult would of been renewed. Nikita was renewed to sweeten its syndication deal.

  • Bizarro

    correction: not because of international viewership

  • ActualGuru

    Hey, remember when you morons tried to pretend that The Carrie Diaries wasn’t getting renewed?

    Looks like you, as I’ve been saying for months, know absolutely nothing.

  • Nikki

    These were pitty renewals.. they dont have anything else. Its actually really pathetic.. this network is dead. Thank mark for putting the final nails in the coffin. They will see next year when HOD is hitting 0.4 and 0.3s and Beauty is hitting the same if not lower. And TCD will sink to new lows and Nikita is a joke.. i wouldnt be suprised to see it hit 0.0 next season. God awful show. And their new shows dont look to promising.. maybe next year when everything fails except VD SPN Arrow and The originals (thats the only one i see making it through next year) they can bring back OTH at least that show could hold ratings and in its 9th season no less. I kinda feel bad for the network and kinda dont, they brought this on themseleves.

  • j

    Hahaha 6 episodes for Nikita? How is 6 episodes a renewal? That’s pitiful.

  • serendipity’s last stand

    Please don’t be abusive y’all if you like nikita hey at least ur show gets an ending and if u don’t its cancelled after the next season anyway. I personally think its a waste of a timeslot but other people don’t I’m just glad cw picked up a crap ton of pilots let’s hope at least one is good.

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