Nikita Renewed For A Short (Final?) 4th Season & The Carrie Diaries Renewed For 2nd Season

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May 9th, 2013

With Fire

Nikita and The Carrie Diaries have both been renewed by The CW. The Carrie Diaries is returning for its second season and Nikita is returning for its fourth season.

Update:  It looks like Nikita will be returning a shortened fourth season – reports are for 6 episodes and hopefully episode count will be confirmed by CW’s upfront presentation next Thursday

  • ChingChongineh

    why is it only a short season? :( 6 episodes isnt a season, they could easily just add that on to this season and no one would notice.

  • hi


    >>These were pitty renewals.. they dont have anything else. Its actually really pathetic.. this network is dead. Thank mark for putting the final nails in the coffin.

    A “pity renew” is better than nothing. (90210, I’m looking at you)

  • serendipity’s last stand

    Oh dear

  • Tabitha

    Holy Cow!!! I lost my jaw when I seen TCD renewed. Of course, Nikita was not a suprise

  • Nikki

    @ hi they should of renewed 90210 instead of Nikita. That show at least held ratings.. Nikita cant hold crap.

  • shana

    very happy nikita got renewed, but only 6 episodes. y not @ least 13. supernatural & nikita are the best shows on the cw, imo

  • thesnowleopard

    Links or it’s not true. You think having some vague memory of an article you read sometime, somewhere, is anything like a reliable source? Where did you go to school?

    The CW probably loses money on Nikita. If anybody is making money off the show, it’s the studio and the studio is making it worth the network’s while to air the show a little longer.

    The “rumors” you refer to were fan speculation, based on as little evidence as you provide in your post. Also, international sales are not directly proportional to domestic sales. Every single dollar made overseas does not go back to the studio and doesn’t go back to the network at all.

    Being in its third season, on a network with…shall we say…low expectations, Nikita ought to have been a shoo-in for a full final season, even with soft ratings. That it was not says something about just how terrible those ratings were, even by CW standards.

    I’m guessing the main reason for the final six (assuming that is true) was Netflix revenue. If it were more about regular syndication, the show should have got a full season order. Another reason was probably schedule spackling.

  • thesnowleopard

    Really? Over a TV show?

  • hi


    Yes. But they renewed Nikita over 90210. kisses.

  • hi

    I LOVE to see all Nikita Haters or other shows’s fans pissed off shouting about Nikita’s renew. Just LOVE!

    to: John A, rob60990, Nikki, even Claudia and a lot more. Love you.

  • v

    Well the 3rd season rule has been broken the past 2 seasons with CougarTown / Happy Endings and now Nikita.

    I believe all shows on CW Network lose money, they make money on the back end.

    There are some reports of it not being final season, they wanted to do 6 episodes and see how things go.
    Don’t know how this makes sense, other than its a mid-season filler for when one of there other shows fail.

  • thesnowleopard

    Technically, the show has been canceled. It’s just been canceled-with-an-announced-short-final-season, but that still means a definite end point. If the rumors about it getting a final six episodes are true, it will be done after that. And with the ratings the way they are, any extension on whatever the final episode order will be is unlikely.

    So, I’m not quite sure what you’re crowing about. Is it nicer for Nikita fans to get six more episodes next season than for this season to be it? Sure. But it doesn’t make the posters who said its ratings are bad wrong. Its ratings *are* bad and that counteracted the syndication factor enough to nix a full final season.

    As for renewing Nikita instead of 90210, that’s comparing apples with oranges. 90210 already had its syndication number; Nikita didn’t. If Nikita had already gotten that syndication number, too, it’s probable it would have been canceled around the same time 90210 was. Either way, 90210 fans still got five full seasons and 114 episodes, which is more than Nikita will ever get, so I don’t see why they’d be upset about that.

  • hi


    I know that final season = canceled, but still, we got 2, 3, 6, 13 whatever extra episodes to give us a proper end.

    I’m just trying to annoy those guys hehehe
    They spent 4 years bashing, let me have this taste now. Thank you.

  • scifi

    Nikita was renewed not because of syndication. 22 episodes could be because of it, not less. So predictions that it will be renewed because of syndication were totally WRONG too.

  • Bizarro

    No, they weren’t one of the main reasons it was renewed was because of sydication. 6 to 13 more eps just sweetens the deal making the total 70+ instead of 60+, when it comes time to see if a network picks it up. I would not be surprised if FX or the new FX picks up the show after season four ends.

  • Mike

    With 6 episodes, that’s only a month and a half. Are they planning on airing them in September through to mid-October (the start date of Nikita this past season)? Or airing them during the Christmas hiatus? It doesn’t make much sense to debut it with the rest of the shows in the fall or in the winter, unless they plan on making it a 13 episode order (which would be the maximum as I understand it under Craig Silverstein’s contract).

  • TheFrenchGuy

    Only 6 episodes for Nikita ???

  • Lucas

    LOL does six episodes even count as a season XD so much for the “syndication gods” hahahahaha what a joke

  • Anthony

    I guess the network did not want to loose all its teen dramas in one year, TCD’s better prove its spot next year especially with a full season!

  • thesnowleopard

    First, it’s three years and second, you are acting like a signal example of the kind of Nikita fan that has encouraged them to be hostile toward the show. Please, for the love of God and your own body, put a sock in it.

    As for a “proper ending,” if you don’t get one this season, when the writers had plenty of writing on the wall to get the show’s act together and finish it properly, chances are they won’t be giving you much satisfaction in another six episodes, either. A proper ending is not dependent on getting a few extra episodes instead of the full season the show would normally get if its ratings weren’t in the network toilet.

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