Nikita Renewed For A Short (Final?) 4th Season & The Carrie Diaries Renewed For 2nd Season

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May 9th, 2013

With Fire

Nikita and The Carrie Diaries have both been renewed by The CW. The Carrie Diaries is returning for its second season and Nikita is returning for its fourth season.

Update:  It looks like Nikita will be returning a shortened fourth season – reports are for 6 episodes and hopefully episode count will be confirmed by CW’s upfront presentation next Thursday

  • Hi


    I’m sorry, did I forget your name? I love you too, don’t worry darling.

    Nikita get the final new episodes. THAT is the gold. xoxo

  • Violet

    The Nikita showrunner Craig Silverstein said that the show would not be getting a full season. I’ m really hoping that stupid CW at least gives it 10 episodes, 6 is such an insult especially for a well written and well acted show. I guess we’re just lucky for some closure.

  • Billiam

    With a steady 0.4 rating, I don’t see what CW can hope to gain by giving Carrie another season but maybe there is something here that none of know about… I will now start watching the eps on my DVR.

    Ironically, I just started watching Nikita. Let’s hope we at least get 12 eps…

  • CBSviewer

    CW next Season:

    8:00 – America’s Next Top Model / The Carrie Diaries
    9:00 – The 100

    8:00 – Hart of Dixie
    9:00 – The Tomorrow People

    8:00 – Arrow
    9:00 – Supernatural

    8:00 – The Vampire Diaries
    9:00 – The Originals

    8:00 – Nikita
    9:00 – Beauty and the Beast

  • Tom

    “With a steady 0.4 rating, I don’t see what CW can hope to gain by giving Carrie another season.”

    More syndication money, more Netflix/Hulu money and more overseas licensing money; i.e. the CW et al. love the smell of money in the morning. That’s also why I still believe Nikita will be renewed for 22 episodes.

  • Mike

    @ Tom:

    It’s very doubtful that the show will get another 22 episodes, considering it was announced in early April that Craig Silverstein, the showrunner, had only signed on for another 6 to 13 episodes. I’m surprised actually that TVBTN hadn’t brought up that information at all.

    6 episodes doesn’t make much sense unless they plan on airing them either before the actual fall schedule runs, during the usual Christmas hiatus, or in the summer. However, 13 episodes would allow them to air them either during the fall or winter. Also 13 episodes would give Nikita a total of 80 episodes — one of the nice magic numbers for syndication.

  • jonnyfrag

    Hey, I kinda wish they would bring back Cult. A little retooling and the show could have been awesome.

  • thesnowleopard

    I’m sorry, are you a troll? You certainly sound like one.

    And I look forward to your disappearance from these boards once your show leaves the network building, since what you have to offer seems to involve mocking other posters about your precious low-rated show, instead of actually focusing on the point of the site, which is TV ratings in general.

  • thesnowleopard

    I’m guessing Nikita is intended as either coming out and finishing later in the fall (like Gossip Girl), when it still has a hope of anything above a 0.1, schedule spackling for brief hiatuses, or summer.

    As for TCD, maybe the fact that it’s designed only for 13-seasons makes it good for filling in half-season holes, especially since some of these new shows will fail. The CW seems to be aiming for a strategy of keeping the few healthy shows it has on 23-episode fall-spring runs and filling in the rest of the schedule with shorter runs of new and lower-rated shows. That way, perhaps it hopes to get in more series and catch another Arrow-type hit.

  • thesnowleopard

    Sorry, I meant 13-episode seasons.

  • hi



  • Jenzo

    Guess they call this “tv” by the numbers for a reason. Hooray for Hulu and CW streaming numbers…glad to see that Carrie Diaries is Back!

  • Shirley Marquez

    Anywhere from 6 to 10 could make sense. Six would probably air from mid-September to late October, skipping sweeps season and letting The CW air either a new series or reruns of something hot, assuming they have anything that qualifies. Ten would probably run through November and maybe into early December like Gossip Girl did. (GG actually ran until mid-December because they had an unscheduled preemption due to Sandy.)

  • Tom

    “Guess they call this “tv” by the numbers for a reason. Hooray for Hulu and CW streaming numbers….”

    I’m not as enthusiastic about the effect that revenues from airing Carrie on Netflix and other net-based outlets are having on the CW’s programming. Josh Schwartz/Fake Empire are mainly in the business of churning out low budget, low rated shows. Aided by the net-based revenue, the CW is clearly making money on these shows regardless of their ratings. Although CBS is making a decent return on it’s investment in the CW, I doubt if it would ever be able to employ the same strategy on it’s own network. That’s because, at that level, it’s competing for viewers with the three other major networks and low ratings would cost it too much. So, while the CW can exploit the internet to make money off of low rated shows, I doubt if that model is particularly beneficial except to those few viewers of shows like Carrie.

  • bryer

    TCD has better ratings that Nikita! (this season) Nikita just got a 0.2 last week, while TCD hasn’t fell below a 0.3 or 0.4, if i’m not mistaken. TCD has a better fanbase than Nikita. I’m very pleased by their decision.

  • Tom

    @ Bryer

    Carrie shot 13 episodes this season and the last 8 came in at a 0.4 demo with around 1 MM viewers. Through 20 episodes, Nikita is averaging a 0.34 demo with 1.15 million viewers. The difference is that it took Nikita three seasons to fall that far. I have nothing against Carrie, but it’s clearly not a very popular show.

    Carrie probably got renewed because Nikita is at the point where syndication is possible. The CW might have liked another year, but a 0.3 demo may have outweighed its profitability even by the CW’s standards. Since the CW evidently wasn’t going to greenlight more than 5 new shows, it had to fill the remaining holes in its schedule with something. That explains why B&B and Carrie were renewed.

    What really baffles me is why Josh Schwartz sent that tweet taunting TVBTN after Carrie was renewed. It’s pretty clear that – like most of Fake Empire’s shows – Carrie certainly isn’t a ratings success.

  • Fran

    So happy Nikita renewed for fourth season. Love that show. Hope they decide to have whole season, not just six. Bought season 1 & 2. Now waiting for 3 to be realeased.

  • cj

    Yay carrie!!! I knew they would … for all of you that are confused its because the viewing stats for the carrie diaries were huge online thank you very much.

  • majka

    Super! I prayed for 4 season Nikita:) great news!!!!!!

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