Nikita Renewed For A Short (Final?) 4th Season & The Carrie Diaries Renewed For 2nd Season

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May 9th, 2013

With Fire

Nikita and The Carrie Diaries have both been renewed by The CW. The Carrie Diaries is returning for its second season and Nikita is returning for its fourth season.

Update:  It looks like Nikita will be returning a shortened fourth season – reports are for 6 episodes and hopefully episode count will be confirmed by CW’s upfront presentation next Thursday

  • Charmed

    I take back all the hate I gave Mark! I love him now!

  • Mr Mumble

    Lol Andrea, thinking the same. CW really is a different beast from the big four though. Overseas sales really do matter as they’re set up to sell the shows all over the world to more niche teen focused networks.

  • MichaelChickless

    Let the insanity begin!

    Will this article hit 100 pages of comments? ;-) :-)

  • tommie

    Nikita was expected, but Carrie Diaries? Really? Wow.

  • Drizz

    Next up: CW resurrects “Cult”… lol…

  • SerferTJ

    Can’t wait to see all the comments on this post.
    The haters will be SEETHING!

  • DiegoC

    wating CW to say ” ops, i meant TCD is cancelled. sorry guys” biggest surprise of the season, indeed.

  • RyanCanada

    carrie diaries will most likely be midseason

  • TV Addict

    Why can’t Community be on the cw?!?

  • Freyja

    I think TCD will be a midseason replacement if one of the new pilots fail..
    Nikita was a no brainer TBH, question is how many episodes did it get and will they keep it on Friday.

  • Holly

    …honestly they should have tried selection

    So, seriously, how badly did Selection have to turn out for them to skip it and keep Carrie Diaries?

  • eridapo

    Wow. They must really hate their pilots.

    Lol, I think that is true of all the networks.

    Wow… So .3 is the new bottom for CW shows.

  • ryan

    Is it too much to ask for a Happy Endings/Community block on the CW?

    But really? The Carrie Diaries? Seriously?

  • Spence

    Santa came early at the CW

  • Dan

    Wow I did not expect CW to renew both Nikita and Carrie Diaries, looks like ANTM will only air in the summer.

  • Kate

    Are you kidding me? They’re going to renew Nikita which is getting 0.2s yet they couldn’t give 90210 a proper send off season? This network is absurd.

  • Alex

    Wow. They must really hate their pilots.

    They picked up five (out of eight) of them so they didn’t hate them that much. Although I wonder if they opted to renew Carrie after passing on The Selection (again).

  • Confusion


  • John A

    FFS TCD renewed? LMAO

  • feinn

    Tcd is the new life unexpected

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