'Parks and Recreation' Renewed by NBC for Sixth Season

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May 9th, 2013


Parks and Recreation  has been Renewed by NBC for a sixth season. And yes, I know...you're not terribly shocked.

  • David

    Suprise suprise.

  • jean


  • SJ

    :D :D :D

    (…not that there was ever any doubt)

  • Allen


  • Greg

    That’s a shocker.

  • Androme

    I am so surprised…(Not)

  • oktimeforplanc

    Today got better.

  • Spike

    id like to know which demon they sold their soul to like uhm 4 seasons ago

  • TV Addict

    And Community. This says Parks and Rec and Community, right? RIGHT!?!?!

    On a side note, I love this show too, so yay.

  • ryan

    Yes! And I hope this talk of it being a final season goes away too. When half the new comedies flop, Parks and Rec will still be in the top three highest-rated comedies on NBC.


  • Greg

    Does the show have a syndication deal yet?

  • rob60990

    What a shocker…

    We should be hearing about the other comedies today hopefully.

  • Rebecca


  • David


    My exact reaction! :D

  • buttondiet

    oh no :/ I mean great for P&R, but with all those new comedies announced I’m worried about Whitney and Community..

  • Mon

    Why?!?! (I’m kidding)

    I hope there’s more Lucy Lawless next season. It will be hilarious to see Ron Swanson doing baby duties. :lol:

  • Jason C.

    Is it bad that none of the bubble shows were announced as renewed at the same time?

  • swalker

    1600 Penn is cancelled

  • chrisss

    @ Greg

    Yes, on FX(X?) and Esquire.

  • TimsDale4ever

    Love the show and glad it’s renewed, but it really shows you how bad a position a network is in to keep renewing an extremely low rated show like this.

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