'Parks and Recreation' Renewed by NBC for Sixth Season

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May 9th, 2013


Parks and Recreation  has been Renewed by NBC for a sixth season. And yes, I know...you're not terribly shocked.

  • Anthony Parello (AP076)

    Knope for President 2016!!!!

  • What Am I Missing Here?

    Great. That’ll make it six years that I have to find something else to watch. Shouldn’t be a problem.

  • CrimTV


    It’s not low rated for them, yes it’s low rated for CBS or ABC perhaps but not for NBC.

  • gerry

    i mean, duh.


    i think i’m gonna treat myself.

  • Samunto

    Does anyone know if it’s a 22 episode order or 13/16?

  • davie

    not surprised, but worried about Community even more for some reason.

  • rob60990

    Deadline says there’s a chance NBC cancels the rest of their comedies which would be very smart of them to do.

  • Ultima

    From Nellie Andreeva at Deadline,

    “There had been speculation that NBC, happy with its comedy development, may cancel most if not all of its other half-hour series, including freshmen Go On and The New Normal, though given the price tag associated with launching a new series, the network may be compelled to keep 1-2 for financial reasons.”

  • Nick

    If this is the extent of NBC comedy renewals today, I’d say NBC was going the same “chicken” route as Bill & Robert. ;-)

  • gerry

    like it or not, it’s now nbc’s ‘the office’ so it gets a full season order i’m guessing. YAY!

  • NBC Fan

    I think Mr. Burns said it best-“Excellent”

  • Rebecca

    Dang it, I like 1600 Penn. And the press secretary dude was a reporter in “42,” the movie I just saw today. Great movie. TV-wise, I’d love for 1600 Penn, Community, GWK and Go On to come back. Or 2 or 3 of them. Come on, NBC. P&R is the best comedy currently airing, IMO, and long may it reign.

  • Dante

    was never worried about this show being renewed but YAY! now that the office is gone this is my fav comedy

  • tomsman

    Samunto – just minutes ago on Huffington Post – “NBC has yet to release information on the timeslot and number of episodes for “Parks and Rec” Season 6.” I’ll gladly wait. I’m just glad it got renewed. :-)

  • David

    Deadline is also speculating that whether or not Community gets picked up could be part of an overall negotiation with Sony TV that includes new shows like Blacklist and Welcome to the Family.

    Also, a Whitney pickup would be closely tied to Bill Lawrence’s Undateable, which stars Whitney costar Chrise D’Elia. They obviously won’t pick up both shows.

  • reedmac

    1600 Penn has been cancelled btw

  • Yessir

    I think Go On and TNN will be renewed. The rest are done.

  • StevenD

    Favorite show on TV, so glad it’s back!

  • catsrule

    @Rebecca: Dang it, I like 1600 Penn.

    You’re the only one. :p

  • Samunto


    When i read that on Deadline i thought that NBC might very much want to bring back Whitney but Undateable on the other hand stares on.
    Whitney has a good probability of coming back and i think that Undateable might be summoned to midseason with the promise to Warner that it will be heavily promoted during the olympics.

    A sure bet is that Sean will launch in the fall with extra cash into marketing & promo.

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