'Parks and Recreation' Renewed by NBC for Sixth Season

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May 9th, 2013


Parks and Recreation  has been Renewed by NBC for a sixth season. And yes, I know...you're not terribly shocked.

  • Tommy M.

    I’m kind of surprised ABC hasn’t jumped in with any renewals yet, especially the obvious renewals like Modern Family and Greys.

  • Mark3

    Yesssssssss:):):) im gonna miss the office tonight. Amazing show

  • Tom Shaw

    I thought it’s been Paul Lee’s MO not to let any info slip out early.

    I don’t know what, if anything, that gets him if everyone else has already finished.

  • HV

    So NBC isn’t 100% idiotic.

  • Miah

    I knew the chances of Parks and Rec being renewed was very high but I was still so nervous. I am so happy it’s finally official. I love this show so much. My abandonment issued would be triggered if it wasn’t coming back. I might need to see a therapist when it does end. ;)

  • miss may

    Not a shocker, P & R did score a syndication deal and well…I have to be honest. This is NBC’s last remaining signature series. And before people scream about Community, the show lost that spark after the first episode of the 4th season.

  • Glue

    Parks isn’t low rated. It’s decently rated (even when they kept changing the timeslot.)

    Is this the final season? Hopefully not.

  • JJ

    NBC would be smart to cancel all their other “On the Bubble” comedies! They just are not working. Giving Up All Night & Whitney a second season was likely a poor decision when they cancelled other higher rated programs. NBC needs to present some fresh new programs!

  • NE1

    It’s a half way decent show but if they refer to it as Parks and Rec one more time I’m never watching again. Say the whole word people.

  • NE1

    @JJ I agree but they have nothing else, they had to renew Community, which is just sad to read. Meanwhile on CBS sitcoms that are actually good are getting canceled.

  • Justin121

    NBC only keeping 2009 comedies.


  • nina

    I am excited! i absolutely love this show

  • Courtnayyy


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