The CW Picks Up ‘The Tomorrow People’, 'Reign', 'Oxygen' & ‘The 100' (Updated)

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May 9th, 2013


The CW has picked up sci-fi dramas The Tomorrow People & The 100

UPDATE: Reign and Oxygen have also been picked up

The Selection has been officially passed on.

  • Dan W

    I think The Selection is dead…again. Time to put that show to rest I think.

  • gary

    great Reing totally in for queen Mary

  • dottydorothy

    I wanted Selection, Oxygen and Reign too!! oh well, there’s still some hope!

  • ethan

    Glad 100, TP, and oxygen got picked up. riegn seems like meh, but mabe will surprise us.

  • Anna Bones Clarkwood

    So, as of right now:

    5 Returning Shows:
    TVD, SPN, Arrow, HOD, BATB
    (all with full season orders, right?)

    5 New Shows:
    The Originals, The Tomorrow People, The 100, Reign & Oxygen

    No News:
    Nikita, TCD or other NEW shows i.e The Selection, Company Town & Blink
    Also, no news on if ANTM will air into the fall.

    I got that all correct, right?

    If so, they need at least 1 or 2 more shows in order to replace a DOA/13ep & done fall premiere.

  • Tom Shaw

    With new 5 shows now (counting The Originals), I have to think CW is done for the year. I see them going with a traditional 3 Fall, 2 Spring releases.

    I will say the pilots are more male-leaning; I might even try out TP or 100! (The last thing I watched on the CW was Reaper.)

  • Nick

    So, Blink & Company Town are dead. Is The Selection a possibility. And is Amazon for 2014 because a Wonder Woman show might be awesome.

  • Dillan

    Confirmed that Company Town and Blink have been passed.

    The Selection still has no decision.

  • reedmac

    CW have passed on Blink and Company Town and there is still no news on The Selection which apparently could still be picked up

  • CrimTV

    Easy if TCD is cancelled and Nikita is renewed for syndication. Beauty and the Beast will move away from Thursdays for The Originals to premiere. There will be 3 more slots for the fall. One will premiere mid-season.

    My schedule

    8:00 – Hart of Dixie
    9:00 – Oxygen

    8:00 – Supernatural
    9:00 – The Tomorrow People

    8:00 – The 100
    9:00 – Arrow

    8:00 – The Vampire Diaries
    9:00 – The Originals

    8:00 – Nikita
    9:00 – Beauty and the Beast

    Reign for mid-season?

  • CrimTV

    Not quite sure about splitting Arrow/Supernatural, but they need to spread their successful shows throughout the week to boost nights

  • feinn

    Cw should air all their failed pilots over summer

  • Tom Shaw

    @ABC: Since we haven’t heard anything about ANTM yet, the premiere is late enough that you should effectively consider it a Fall series.

    Which means CW either has to launch 4 shows in Fall or renew one of TCD or Nikita. I still say that’s Nikita + 3 new shows.

  • Kate

    What do these pick ups mean for Nikita and TCD? I honestly can’t see either getting a full season but Pedowitz has made some weird decisions before.

  • Reward

    Damn it.
    I wanna watch “The Selection”.
    It’s all I ask.

  • Shiro

    SPN will never ever be a 8pm show.

  • Dillan

    I think Nikita renewed for full season.

    TCD axed or renewed for 13 episodes for mid-season for one of the failed shows.

  • v

    They’ll probably move Supernatural to Tuesday 8pm to launch another show.

    The Tommorrow People could be the next Heroes, but yeah, i agree that’s really the only hit show, potentially.

  • I love TV!

    My schedule for the CW:

    8pm – The 100
    9pm – Supernatural

    8pm – Reign
    9pm – Hart of Dixie

    8pm – Arrow
    9pm – The Originals

    8pm – The Vampire Diaries
    9pm – The Tomorrow People

    8pm – Beauty and the Beast
    9pm – Nikita (Final Season)

  • Shiro

    i’m totally agreed with you. they should aired their failed pilot during summer.

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