The CW Picks Up ‘The Tomorrow People’, 'Reign', 'Oxygen' & ‘The 100' (Updated)

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May 9th, 2013


The CW has picked up sci-fi dramas The Tomorrow People & The 100

UPDATE: Reign and Oxygen have also been picked up

The Selection has been officially passed on.

  • Charmed

    Let me guess, no one from The Selection crew slept with Mark? That’s what it seems like he’s basing these decisions on! Come on, a Mary Queen of Scots show got picked up!

  • Brandy

    Dwadline reporting Nikita and Carrie Diaries are renewed.

  • Bumblebee

    And yet they picked put several other pilots that seem similar to each other, and Reign which sounds like The Tudors for teens. Not that TS was necessarily any better but the premise didn’t sound any *worse* than the others. Oh well, too little like GOT and THG and too much like “Batchelor: Princesses?”

  • Rachel

    Yeah, I’m thinking ‘Star-Crossed’ will definitely be paired with B&tB. The star-crossed lovers theme night. Very clever CW!

  • Eren

    8pm Oxygen (22 episodes)
    9pm Hart of Dixie (22 episodes)

    8pm The Tomorrow People (22 episodes)
    9pm The Hundred (22 episodes)

    8pm Arrow (22 episodes)
    9pm Supernatural (22 episodes)

    8pm The Vampire Diaries (22 episodes)
    9pm The Originals (22 episodes)

    8pm Beauty and the Beast (22 episodes)
    9pm Nikita (13 episodes) / The Carrie Diaries (13 episodes)

    Reign (13 episodes)
    America’s Next Top Model

  • Carl

    I think Arrow and SPN have 23 episodes (at least SPN has the last two seasons).

  • alexjones

    with CW renewing most of their shows and all these new shows gettings picked up? how do the CW plan to fit them all in?

  • Glenwithme

    The cw should give the selection. Pilot to CBS for summer and pair it with under the doomed .

  • Joie

    So it looks like the CW is banking on sci-fi next fall. Good for them. I sincerely hope it works out for them ratings-wise…

  • starship


    Reign is 100% a 13-episode, type of show, it’s a high production cost cable-style affair and they don’t have the budget for more, so I’d expect that to be held for mid-season (and apparently the pilot is really strong).

    TCD is a 13-episodes and done type of deal too (unless it moves to summer). Nikita might only get 13 episodes as well (or move partially into summer).
    I’m sure they’ll find ways to fit it all on the schedule. Besides, Mark’s been saying how he wants more original programming all year round.

  • alexjones

    maybe we should wait and see until it airs before we pass judgement on it.

  • Alan

    The Selection sounded good! It had a promising cast :(

  • Dan

    Nikita is renewed for syndication purposes, nothing else and its expected

    My guess for the schedule

    8:00 Hart of Dixie
    9:00 The Carrie Diaries

    8:00 The 100
    9:00 Supernatural

    8:00 Arrow
    9:00 The Tomorrow People

    8:00 The Vampire Diaries
    9:00 The Originals

    8:00 Nikita
    9:00 Beauty and the Beast

    Oxygen, Reign and ANTM for midseason

    Hart of Dixie and Carrie Diaries will pair well together on Mondays.
    CW needs to move Supernatural to another night so it can be the lead out to a new show like The 100 while Arrow can lead into The Tomorrow people. The Vampire Diaries and Originals will be paired together while Nikita’s final season will be paired on fridays with Beauty and the Beast.

    ANTM will either air July-Sept ot midseason. Oxygen will likely replzce Carrie Diaries or a failed drama.

  • Anna Bones Clarkwood

    I have no idea about The Selection (books or tv) so throwing this idea in the air.

    What about another Country (UK/CAN/AUS) pick it up?

    I don’t think another US network or even cable should but I think a 6 or 13ep s1 try from another Country might be able to nuture it properly to really give it a go.

  • serendipity’s last stand

    I have no clue were they r gonna fit all the returning shows and the new ones but everything I was hoping would get picked up did so I’m a happy camper. :-)

  • Bitter Ringer Fan

    That’s great. i was looking forward for The Tomorrow People to get picked up, it looks promising and it stars Stephen Amell’s cousin (Arrow). The 100 and Oxigen sound good too. I know nothing about Reign though. Sad about The Selection, i didn’t like the plot very much but i was gonna give a shot because Anthony Stewart Head (Buffy) was going to co-star, oh well!

  • Amy

    @ Charlie I’m just hoping JP leaves TVD to run TP. I want a new showrunner for TVD.

  • Dan

    Almost certain The Tomorrow People will follow Arrow for an Stephen Amell / Robbie Amell night.

    If CW wants a hit they should pair The 100 and Supernatural on Tuesdays. Supernatural helped The Vampire Diaries and Arrow turn into hits, it can help this show possibly too.

  • starship


    There’s no way she’s leaving to run TTP, she has The Originals to run, that’s her pet project. TVD will most likely get a new showrunner and TTP will most likely be EP-ed by Greg with Julie as more of a consultant (kind of how Kevin Williams was on TVD for most of season 2 and 3).

  • Jessica

    I was kind of hoping “The Selection” would be picked up. It must just not be working at all for them to pass on it twice. Too bad- sounded like an interesting concept. Disappointed about that, but might check out some of the new ones except “Tomorrow People,” which sounds like a rip-off of “Heroes,” to me. Can’t believe TCD was renewed- I feel like it will go the way of “Emily Owens” if it continues to tank when it returns.

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