The CW Picks Up ‘The Tomorrow People’, 'Reign', 'Oxygen' & ‘The 100' (Updated)

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May 9th, 2013


The CW has picked up sci-fi dramas The Tomorrow People & The 100

UPDATE: Reign and Oxygen have also been picked up

The Selection has been officially passed on.

  • HV

    Yay for The 100! I may check this show out.

  • Wright

    I’m so happy that Oxygen got picked up. The Tomorrow People & The 100 sounds good too.

  • David


    Tomorrow People is based on the 1970s show of the same name, so that predates Heroes by a few seasons.

  • ana

    sad, the selection is an exellent story.

  • Rook

    Glad to see the CW focusing on more of these genre shows. I only hope that The Tomorrow People can succeed where Heroes and Alphas failed.

  • Justin

    All of the CW’s new shows sound promising, but if I were the CW I’d keep The Selection for retooling again for next year. It seems that The CW really wants to perfect this pilot.

  • Body of Poof

    All of these shows will FAIL.

  • Shaniqua

    @ Body of Proof

    Shut yow ass up! You ain’t know nuthin!
    Go & watch ur crap menopause show BOP & leave the interesting cool shows for da rest of us!

  • Jorge

    I really wanted to see The Selection! Boo!

  • Meg

    WTH? Out of all their new shows, I just wanted “The Selection,” and they pass on it AGAIN? Jerks.

  • jason50

    WOW! Didn’t expect some of these shows to be picked up although I’m glad. I only had some interest in Reign and the 100. Maybe even the Tomorrow People will grow on me and not make me miss Alphas. Hope they show all these pilots at Comicon in a couple of months.

  • ron

    how the could tunr down “The selection” twice in a rown¿? how bas was it¿? i was hoping for it the idea looked interesting…

    Now i wonder how the 100 and oxygen will turn out….

  • Joe

    So now CW has more original Sci-Fi dramas on its schedule then SyFy does. It’s refreshing to see a resurgence of scifi/fantasy on TV

  • Joe

    Tomorrow People had a bit more space/aliens focus then heroes or alphas though… We’ll see what the remake does because the original was beyond cheesy.

  • Joe

    Oxygen was renamed “star crossed” though… Not sure about the rename sounds corny.

  • Amy

    Reign is the only show that sounds interesting to me. It’s “The Tudors” for teens. I hope they execute this idea well.

  • zoe

    These show sound expensive to produce. Look up the cast members for new shows -to many actors. Reign is filmed in Ireland with international cast. These shows will need big ratings . This is one of main reasons SyFy has not produced a real show in yrs , and started buying Canadian sci shows.

  • The Bear OmNomNom

    What the CW might do…

    8pm The Tomorrow People (13 eps +)
    9pm The Hundred (13 eps +)

    8pm Reign (13 episodes) / The Carrie Diaries (13 eps)
    9pm Hart of Dixie

    8pm Arrow
    9pm Supernatural

    8pm The Vampire Diaries
    9pm The Originals (13 eps +)

    8pm Star-Crossed (13 eps) / Nikita (13 eps)
    9pm Beauty and the Beast (13 eps +)

  • Rachel

    It look like the Originals, The Tomorrow People and Star-Crossed(Oxygen) will start airing in the fall.

  • Brad


    Supernatural aired AFTER The Vampire Diairies. SPN didn’t help TVD at all.

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