The CW Picks Up ‘The Tomorrow People’, 'Reign', 'Oxygen' & ‘The 100' (Updated)

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May 9th, 2013


The CW has picked up sci-fi dramas The Tomorrow People & The 100

UPDATE: Reign and Oxygen have also been picked up

The Selection has been officially passed on.

  • networkman

    The CW has picked up shows that have very ambitious premises. Besides Reign, each show has the potential to be huge hits or complete flops. The Hundred gives me the same feel as Revolution. It is a show that has to have strong writing. It could start out strong but audience will lose interest if acting is weak and there is no clear direction. But I love that it has Henry Ian Cusick and Isaiah Washington.

    This would be my schedule
    8pm Hart of Dixie
    9pm Carrie Diaries

    8pm *The Hundred
    9pm Supernatural

    8pm Arrow
    9pm *The Tomorrow People

    8pm Vampire Diaries
    9pm *The Originals

    8pm Nikita
    9pm Beauty & The Beast

    I don’t feel Reign should have been picked up. I don’t see how the CW audience would be interested in that show. It just doesn’t fit with the other programs.

  • lll

    They would be crazy to break up Arrow and Supernatural. That’s their best lineup. Other than than there’s no complaints. Nikita won’t be on the network long and I can see Oxygen taking Nikita’s place midseason. I hear Carrie diaries will be midseason so Reign will be after Hart of Dixie.

  • SueP

    When they put Pedowitz in charge, they knew he was a sci-fi guy, so I think it was the network effectively admitting the Dawn Ostroff/teenage girl approach didn’t work and deciding to move this different direction. Good for them. they still have a few shows for diversity, but having shows with a genre/scifi/fantasy spin creates loyal followings, so it’s a smart move.

  • networkman

    Oxygen should be held for midseason but I don’t feel it should necessarily take over Nikita’s timeslot. Beauty & The Beast may decline or even one of the other new programs CW air in the fall. Also I don’t know why CW would hold Carries Diaries back for midseason again. See how it will perform in the Fall and possibly give it full season order.

  • KJ Styles

    I remember The Tommorrow People as a Nickelodeon show back in the 80’s. I wonder if the CW show is based on that.

  • Melanie

    I’m wondering how many of the shows they picked up are planned for only 13 episodes? Carrie is already a midseason show and there will be at least 1 midseason launch of a new show.
    The Originals will be eligible for a back 9 as it is intended to air with TVD. Tomorrow People –it seems to be the CW’s hot pilot like Arrow was this year, will be on the fall schedule and will be also eligible for a back 9 pick-up.

    So of Reign, the 100 and Oxygen which one will be the midseason launch?There was some discussion earlier that Reign would be done ‘cable style’ with a short season. I wonder if the 100 is also intended as a short intense series, especially if it is effects heavy 13 episodes rather than 22 might work better? I could see Oxygen being a midseason show or launching in the fall with a back 9 possible.

    Nikita will stay on Fridays and I think HOD will move to Fridays, probably midseason, to live out its 3rd & 4th seasons enroute to syndication.

  • Melanie

    @networkwoman I could see them pairing Carrie & Reign at midseason both are stories of a teenage girl trying to find her way. The visuals – which I’m assuming include the costumes are supposedly a big part of Reign’s appeal.

  • Restless

    Star Crossed (aka Oxygen) will probably be the cheapest to make, since it’s aliens look human and it takes place in a high school. So I think it’ll be a fall show with a full order. Oddly enough, it already has a fansite. Why? XD

    Tomorrow People is another show that, while it’ll have some effects, will likely take place in ordinary places. So it’ll probably be the second cheapest to make. I’m more interested in The 100 though so if two have to be midseason, let this be one of them. :P

  • Sam

    Reign seems like an odd choice for the network. I expected them to pick up Company Town and The Selection instead (and cancel TCD). I have no idea why they would renew the low-rated The Carrie Diaries with only 13 episodes. That show will never ever make it to syndication. I also have no idea what the point is of renewing Nikita for only 6 episodes (not enough for syndication).

  • ToXiX

    8:00 – Hart of Dixie
    9:00 – Beauty & The Beast

    8:00 – Arrow
    9:00 – The Tomorrow People

    8:00 – Supernatural
    9:00 – Reign

    8:00 – The Vampire Diaries
    9:00 – The 100

    8:00 – Nikita
    9:00 – Top Model

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