'Touch' Canceled by FOX After Two Seasons

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May 9th, 2013

Touch Season 2 Premiere Event Horizon

Touch has been canceled after two seasons

  • Brauny

    Show was doomed with a move to Friday night. Everyone I know who saw the show loved it. Should never have been moved after only one season especially since it was doing well in the ratings. What a shame.

  • sondra

    Don’t do this it’s one of the most interesting shows I’ve watched. Can it be that the ratings are low because many of us record the program rather than watch it live. c’mon guy’s don’t take yet another great show off.

  • KARI

    I am heart broken. This is my favorite show. I need to write Fox and everyone involved in this show and beg them to change their minds.

  • Rngj2

    One of the better shows….. EVER!!! It seems that it is probably a bit over most people’s heads. Sorry to hear that. There are powers that most of you aren’t aware of and hearing about them make you uneasy. I enjoyed both seasons, the writers started going in directions that were less believable when so many of the general public stopped tuning in. They should have kept the original concept and went with that, but it still opens up a world made up of connections through numbers, thoughts and emotions.

  • fan

    I enjoyed the show. I thought the boy that plays jake is wonderful. You lost viewers when you added Lucy. I don’t care for her and almost stopped watching. I will miss the show. You take all the good showes off an leave the half hour citcoms that are not at all good. they cater to the younger generation. The more serious shows cater to the older people.

  • Michael Taylor

    What a shame that Touch has been canceled.

  • dave

    You can not go by number of viewers anymore. Friday at 9:00pm is not TV time for most people: so we have to watch it ON DEMAND after it airs, or DVR it. The time slot was a failure not the show!

  • Gail

    Why does Fox keep canceling all the shows I like. Am I just a bad judge of what is good on TV.

  • Lisa

    I am so sad that this show is cancelled. I love this show!!!!

  • sad girl

    Wow…so, I guess I’m in the minority. I love this show! I hope the writers end the show tonight so I’m not left wondering how it ends for the rest of my life. That would be traumatic! I hate this! EVERYTIME I LIKE A TV SHOW, IT GETS CANCELLED!!! ?

  • MW

    Touch has been the best series I have ever seen I can’t believe not many people like it compared to the other garbage out there which we have all seen crime shows.

  • angel m

    sorry touch is cancelled great show fox is to blame for moving it to friday. fridays were made to go out and have fun. i still taped touch and watched it on mondays were it should have been left. some idiot at fox is very stupid or dumb and they should be cancelled.

  • Rick

    Touch was a very interesting and fun show to watch. 24 was and is the most total waste of time ever put on TV !! 24 is not even as good as the animated crap they put on, and it is all VERY VERY bad! Sure all you numb nuts with numb brains, don’t like Touch because it forced you to use your dead brain. It takes no brain to watch cartoons and 24 !

  • DS

    I loved “Touch,” as did many other people. I do hope we at least get an ending of some kind. Hate when shows I like get cancelled; hate it even more when we viewers get left up in the air. If FOX wants to kill it, let them at least give it a decent finish.

  • gandalfthebald

    I knew this was coming. Very few smart series last long. The IQ of the average viewer now is slightly more than that of a ball of silly putty. Please show more ‘reality’ show, competitions for nothing and shows about people who are smarter than the people watching them (Honey BooBoo, Gater Boys, Hillbilly Hand Fishing, etc.). I would really like to just quit watching TV all together.

  • devilman2465

    I loved the first season of TOUCHED but they they morphed it into “24” with a kid and ruined the series. TOUCHED was one of the best written and clever series in a long time but they turned it into a silly adventure/espionage series. That’ll teach me to watch anything on FOX.

  • dirtydancer

    I am really disappointed that we will not have another season. I have been a faithful viewer even when it went to Friday nights. There are a lot of worse shows for sure that continue.

  • Sey12

    I love ‘Touch’ and am sad to learn it’s been cancelled. Moving it to Friday nights was a big mistake, duh!

  • flavors

    I’m PISSED so what the ratings drop once omg this was my favorite ughhh so disappointed

  • Harviroc

    It seems to me that shows with higher meaning, cannot survive on tv or cable. Only shows that debase humanity, or fortify fear or governmental objectives suceed. Sad indeed. I like this show “Touch”

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