'Touch' Canceled by FOX After Two Seasons

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May 9th, 2013

Touch Season 2 Premiere Event Horizon

Touch has been canceled after two seasons

  • Alain V

    The networks want us to keep watching their shows and yet they keep having shows that I have no ending, perhaps it’s time for us to stop watching their shows! I can run through the names of all the series I’ve been canceled and left us hanging and enough is enough

  • Leo1989

    They always cancel shows I like. Guess its too much for all the narrow minded zombies. Any show that goes outside of the box gets canned. People should open their minds more. SMH at the mainstream media.

  • Sheryl G.

    Damn right I am sounding off!!! This is one of only a handful of the best tv shows currently running!!! There is nothing on Friday nights that I watch except Touch!!!!! I think it’s interesting that one of the few feel good shows on tv, one with a positive, upbeat vibe, is the show being cancelled!!! People are robots!!! I am an exception!!!! **NOT HAPPY AT ALL** Why was there no attempt to change it to another night??? puffffttttt to FOX!!!! There is nothing else on FOX that I watch!!! Your loss!!!

  • deaply sad

    Please don’t cancel Touch. Only show worth watching! Please renew!

  • Grumpy

    An example of why network TV is becoming less relevant.

  • Jenny

    Keifer Sutherland is a great actor and this show is great….Cancel some of the stupid reality shows, this show is great……………..Very disappointed…………It is on Fridays which isn’t good, it didn’t have a chance, Terra Nova was good, too, I agree….

  • charchar

    I discovered this show midway through the season and became hooked. I am sorry to see it go!

  • Ancient Dust

    This is only more proof that most people who watch TV would rather watch reality blather or “Dancing with the stars” than a great TV show with some depth and meaning. Big mistake fox. We are out here and we are many. We watch and we listen. And best of all we hear and understand! It is on behalf of us, that I say thank you to the creators of Touch.
    And all of the rest of you out there, you know who you are ;-) Those sharing knowledge only received by a few.
    I also apologize, as I suspect it is because of us that you end up being canceled.
    Shhhh. It’s all a secret after all! ;-)
    Fox, you should stop following orders and bring back the show!
    Much appreciation to the shows creators and big booooos to the executives that canceled the show. You are not all that, as you shall soon see. :-) Good luck boys!?

  • DonKay

    How dumb are you guys? This was a great series. Like “Medium” that some of the higher powers decided to cancel. This is better than watching another reality series–how much can the American public take of reducing weight, seeing families broken up, people demeaning themselves (Splash, Bachelor/Bachelorette/Wipe Out). This series, like Medium, made you think and use the brains God at least gave a goose. SO DISAPPOINTING. YOU ARE PAID WAY TOO MUCH.

  • Pat

    Touch is a wonderful show. I for one do not want to see it go. Move it from Fridays. A bad night. What about Saturday there is nothing on on Saturdays except 48 hours.

  • fem0501

    I’m sorry to see Touch go. I thought it got better an better plus I love Kiefer. I enjoyed it and am sorry it’s not being renewed. Damn

  • Ken Bennett

    Why is it that mindless shows like The Kardashians and Two Broke Girls get all the high ratings? Have people lost the ability to think? Is t.v. being used as a nightlight? Touch was an excellent show as is Blue Bloods and a few others. The news that it is has been cancelled is disheartening to say the least. I am too flabbergasted to add to these comments right now. I don’t watch too much many t.v. series but I felt this show should have been more highly promoted as is many dumber shows.

  • Very Disappointed

    Point Pleasant, Sarah Connor Chronicles, Terra Nova, Human Target, Alcatraz, and now Touch!? After having cancelled so many of my favorite shows over the years, I’m pretty much done with FOX.

  • dog mom

    I don’t often watch a show a couple of times and connect with it, but I did with Touch. Because of the multitude of story lines interplaying with each other, it was a complex and intriguing show. Too bad they pooched this one.

  • MDR

    I love Touch, I watch it every week, it’s sad such a great drama will not be on TV. I won’t watch FOX anymore.

  • Cerebro

    I must say, the series finale was satisfying. All the storylines were wrapped up and nothing was left hanging. If the show had to be cancelled, you really couldn’t ask for more.

  • Karol

    I really enjoyed Touch. I’m ready for the movie 24

  • Isabelle zimmerman

    This is such a great show, and I can’t believe the show is being canceled! We are hopeful another her network will pick it up.

  • Bruce

    Touch was just too intelligent for the dumbing down of America. Had they made it into something where you don’t have to think at all, it would still be alive. I can’t wait until all television is, is Honey Boo Boo and the Kardashians…

    Touch was one of the best shows on TV. And Tim Kring does amazing work. Heroes was an equally brilliant show, but Touch was, I suppose…WAY too spiritual for America to like it.

    Of course, this cancellation doesn’t surprise me. You got to go to the reality shows that the dumb are salivating over, even though…98% of those shows are completely fake and staged….much like wrestling. Nice. I’ll get a lot more time to read books.

  • pov

    Another good show bites the dust. Admittedly I thought that season 2 had already gone awry – back to the shootings, violence, betrayals and other nonsense that are the standard fare of a banal TV landscape.

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