'Touch' Canceled by FOX After Two Seasons

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May 9th, 2013

Touch Season 2 Premiere Event Horizon

Touch has been canceled after two seasons

  • pov

    There needs to a new model for making/sustaining TV shows. One that can accommodate the millions who enjoy shows that are intelligent and even quasi-spiritual. Nowadays even good sci-fi has little chance to survive.

  • KK

    Good show, would like to see more. Touch needs more than a few episodes to understand/appreciate.

  • Mary

    Finally a great show! Compelling and intelligent. Wonderful story! Please do not cancel this show!

  • David

    should have never cancelled it!!!!!!

  • David

    I won’t be watching anything from fox because of this

  • Touchfan

    Finally, a show for us 40 year olds! I Love Touch!!!!!! Keep it please! Hate the rality tv crap for the youngins!

  • Anthony Kurtz

    I will not be watching any other fox shows as they canceled Alcatraz and now Touch. Whoever is running the show at fox should be FIRED!!!!
    Touch was a very warming show that needs a chance and I hope other people agree and show fox network executives that this show should return. Fox I refuse to watch any of your programing.

  • Susan

    Loved Touch! A show that thinks outside of the box with wonder and possibility. I am truely sorry it has been canceled. Hope another network would take it over. Keffir Sutherland is always an incredible actor. I will miss Martin Baum, Jake and Amellia. A show that “Touched” my heart and imagination. Thank you.

  • Jaycie

    I love the show! It’s to bad it was moved because it did well. Ill miss watching Keifer & that adorable boy!

  • Sanity

    You guys are all nuts. My teenage son and I absolutely LOVED this series. I don’t understand any of you. There’s two of us who are really disappointed. We wish it would continue on for at least a few more seasons. What a shame……………

  • Fe

    I think the show had possibilities, it just needed to…..Jake? ……JAKE?!?…..dammit, I told him to wait right here, usually he listens to me.

  • Gnash

    This was one of the few shows I could actually watch watch with my parents.
    Really disappointed.

  • Fanned

    Morons! To cancel Touch.

  • Cal Gal 3

    First, really sad about “Touch” supposedly not being renewed. Thought that it was such an interesting idea and had so much potential. Loved the relationship between Martin and Jake. And thought that Amelia made a nice addition to the “family”. Really could see that nucleus in the future traveling around the world and helping the “36”. Not a smart decision on Fox’s part, so much more revenue potential in such a unique show as a package of a “three season” than a “two season”. But instead of a “13” series of Jack Bauer, they should make a TRILOGY of MOVIES (even as TV movies). And base them on “24/7″. Jack could have a really bad WEEK instead of a bad day. More flexibility in traveling worldwide, etc. Spread the financial risk over a trilogy and every time one comes out , it ignites interest in the entire franchise of “24”. It worked for “Star Trek”. It would be fun to see Jack as an Argentine cowboy, or an Alaskan survivalist, or a Greek fisherman. The scenery could be an exciting part of the movies and freshen up the concept a little. Kiefer could show off his skiing, skating, and riding skills instead just shooting a gun. Although, all that action does get the heart going “pitter pat”. But what really got me saying OMG was when Kiefer kissed (etc.) those ladies. A little bit of a wonderful mystery how the quintessential “Everyman” can also be so devastating physically. More Kiefer Sutherland! !! Whether as Jack Bauer, or Martin Bohm, or any other character.

  • The Beamon Girls

    I watched this show with my daughters….It really does suck that they will not bring it back for a third season. We watched season 1 and 2, and loved it. Goodbye Martin, Jake, and Amelia.

  • JS

    BUT ..24 is BACK!! Awesome!! Maybe Jack Bauer will have a son and a stepdaughter played by the same 2 kids. :)

  • Finpissedoff

    I think there is a lot of people out there that are disappointed that TOUCH is being canceled. I for one love Touch and for the rest of you haters out there don’t be so judgmental, take a good look in the mirror. The point is that there is a bigger picture out in the world than you or I. Of course anytime a good respectable show is on, it gets cut by the cutthroat executives in Hollywood. If they loose out on ratings its their fault for moving the shows days and times around. Why air a show for one or two years just to cancel them all the time. That’s why Showtime, HBO, and Starz have a good fan base, good shows, good writes, and there on the same time every year. Plus they end shows with a good ending and respect for the viewers! That’s the one reason I don’t like to watch the regular networks anymore because they get you hooked on a show and then cancel it out of nowhere. It makes the viewers MAD!!! You won’t have people back to your channel to watch a new shows because they are afraid to get emotionally attached to character and then have them taken away all of a sudden. BTW 24 is so 5 years ago. I love Kiefer Sutherland but he should be on to something new, not revert back and grasping for straws. Move on and come up with some new stuff. This generation of writers are such posers off the 60’s,70’s and 80’s shows, be more creative. I could write better shows than what’s being aired today.

  • squirreltoofies

    Very sad Touch is leaving. I really enjoyed it.

  • Jennifer Sturgeon

    I loved this show. It was one of my favorites!!!!! My kids loved watching it too! It was one of the handful of prime-time shows I actually let them watch! Crap!!!!

  • Christine

    I actually liked the show and stuck it out until the end. It improved toward the end and they slowly gave Keifer some bad ass qualities toward the end which made me want to watch more. I am glad that writer’s chose to resolve the story so finale didn’t leave you hanging! It was a nice try but cannot wait for “24” next May. Just haven’t found same adrenaline in any other show. The “Following” did help to fill the “Jack attack!” But let’s face it, There is only one Jack Bauer!!

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