'Touch' Canceled by FOX After Two Seasons

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May 9th, 2013

Touch Season 2 Premiere Event Horizon

Touch has been canceled after two seasons

  • Namvet

    My wife and I loved this show and most of the people I know were also watching it. It’s too bad it got canceled supposedly because of bad ratings.

  • Tidbits

    Oh no! Love the series, could not follow the Friday schedule in south Florida so kept up with with Hulu+, I am going to cry!!! Please do not cancel it!!!! Retouch!!!!

  • Mark Vincent

    Honestly, it really blows that such a unique drama was condemned to Friday nights and then cancelled. TV executives have no clue about quality programming.

  • Dominic

    The first few episodes of the first season were amazing and beautiful shows, the best I’ve seen in a long time. Good writing, heart wrenching theme, great graphics – it was gripping. Then it descended into a desperate race against the forces of evil as personified by the evil corporation. I almost thought KS was going to do some acting in this, but either him or the writer gave up on a really great fresh, new idea and went back to the “winning” formula of 24 and the like. Maybe that’s all KS can do any more, but I for one am bored with it. I won’t watch a new 24 either, even though I did see the others.

  • Dave

    Such a great show treated poorly by executives without a clue!
    Stall the season start 6 months, move the day, have no lead-in, no promotion. Drop the show on Friday nights and “hope it can swim”.
    This sounds so much like the same guys who canceled Firefly it’s pathetic!

  • Touch FAN

    Loved this show! But no surprise it was cancelled – made people think too much. :-/

  • Rob

    Touch is my favorite show on television. Sad to see it go.

  • rebeccanole

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I mean everyone did keep dying, so who would make it to the end of season 3? They should have kept more of the different story-lines from around the world all connecting at the last minute theme, it was seriously lacking in season 2, which is probably why the number of viewers went down

  • Bones fan

    How about cancelling X-factor and and American Idol both those shows are a waste of money and everyone knows the shows are fixed (winners are known for a long time) Lets see some decent shows on FOX instead of those crappy shows.

  • Saul

    I work late so I started to watch it on Hulu… That suck!! ;/
    Retouch!!!!! Retouch!!!!! Retouch!!!!!

  • Greg

    I am disappointed as this was my favorite show. Boo hoo We need more shows like this one. I do think it was a mistake to get rid of danny glover so early.

  • Semper

    That’s so messed up. Every time there’s a show that’s intellectually stimulating and has a wonderful and beautiful story line that isn’t just full of ridiculous explosions and completely surreal theatrics America fails to measure up. They’d rather watch mind numbing stupidity over and over. Shame on America. I’ll miss Touch and I’d LOVE to see a cable channel pick it up!

  • Laura

    I am sooo disappointed! I love TOUCH. Please bring it back, or some other network pick it up. Is there a place to sign a petition or something and save it like Family Guy?

  • rcpark57

    My wife and I don’t fit the 18-49 demographic and we LOVED the show. Part of it is we’re fans of KS, but the kids did a good job, but I would agree; the writing at the beginning of the show was better, less predictable. Honestly, I think that as the show revealed it’s Judaeo-Christian leanings, it got branded perhaps as too “religious” for some viewers. There were too many mysteries solved, and not enough new ones started… ABC’s lost kept viewers because it kept adding mysteries not revealing them. This takes VERY creative writing not to be hokey. Please hear our voice saying, we’d still watch the show if it came back!

  • Justin

    Now they should bring back the highest rated cancelled show ever, terranova, still dissapointed we never saw jake speak befor the show was cancelled

  • jose angel

    what my favorite serie noooooo please saludos desde mexico

  • Delwyn X. Campbell

    Jack comes back? Ok, I can live with that.

  • Ally Ward

    Loved Touch, in Season 1 and 2, it’s mine and my family’s favourite show!
    The only bad part was when Lucy died, on Episode 8 of Season 2.
    Definitely should NOT cancel the show, there should be another Season, maybe carrying on from 2, maybe Aster-core could have faked Lucy’s death and took her for some weird reason? Maybe so Jake and Amelia go running to save her, in order for Aster-Core to kidnap them or something, bad end to a great character, to me…
    But, FOX should absolutely, positively make another Season!

  • No one

    This is disappointing. The season finale ended on a cliffhanger in every way and we will never find out what happens next. It was so good.

  • Marynelle Taylor

    I am VERY DISAPPOINTED you have canceled TOUCH. It is one of my favorite shows. I am also a BIG 24 fan of Keifer Sutherland, but this story line was even more personal. It was intense every week as you waited to see what would happen next and if the little boy would speak. I hope your viewers beg for this to return. I think there is a lot more that could be done with this story line.

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