'Touch' Canceled by FOX After Two Seasons

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May 9th, 2013

Touch Season 2 Premiere Event Horizon

Touch has been canceled after two seasons

  • Ashly

    Kind of surprised it wasn’t cancelled last year. The 1st season was slow and not very good – this season was actually really good and kept me wanting more! Too bad they cancel it as soon as it gets good!

  • Alan

    I found Touch extraordinary and I am very sorry to see it cancelled. I thought it was excellent, well written and kept me glued to the show. I guess it shows that our level of sophistication as a TV audience is decreasing where shows like Hell’s Kitchen and other non-thought provoking shows are allowed to litter the airways.

    I enjoyed it very much.


  • Dan

    Most of the coments here are from people that can’t think. The most inteligent serie in years is now cancelled and that is sad.

  • dawn

    It was too cerebral for most people. In today’s world, people would rather watch HoneyBooBoo.

  • Aeric

    Season 1 of touch was great. However, Season 2 went completely away from what made Season 1 great. Oh well.

  • neil

    this show was great, but no one knew about it, it was not advertised, and people i mentioned it to never heard of it. it was a great show, bummer

  • Suze

    Another good show cancelled. It might not be worth watching any new series since people look forward to the show, then you cancel it.

    Why not cancel some of the reality TV shows that bring no entertainment. It’s time to start reading books again.

  • Angel Denker

    So sad about this. Really enjoyed this show especially with all the filth on TV, it had adventure, mystery, and fairly clean. The concept was great & could have run several more seasons with plot twists. Fox runs so many shows that deserve to go before this one.

  • tiggurrl

    Touched was a fantastic show., ithey should have left alone instead of moving it to Friday nights. He definitely bring that back instead of 24 which is been dead beat in a kick to the curb ten times overedpecially the wsy they endef touched.

  • Abby

    I love Touch and so does my entire family! They shouldn’t have cancelled it. It’s so good! Just because the live audience was bad, doesn’t mean that they don’t watch it. My family watches it on our DVR. And others just can’t watch it live and watch it later. Some watch it on the Internet. They need to bring it back :(

  • Candice Ashby

    Fantastic series. Can’t believe it was cancelled. I find it amazing that critical thinking, connectedness and collective consciousness are still rejected ideas. We’re a backward society. Not at all highly evolved.

  • Pam

    I am just learning of this cancellation and I am so BUMMED! This is one of the best shows on television. I was checking for when season 3 was going to start and was looking with great anticipation! Shame on you FOX! You have the best shows on television and this one is at the top!

    Play on a different night, and do some promotion. Folks are sick of the reality crap! Come on!

  • Judith

    Come on you guys. I LOVE “Touch” Apparently, we are so shallow that we cannot handle a show that requires us to think? Remember “Lost” and “Parenthood”? They, too, were cancelled but there was a hue and cry from faithful viewers that brought then back. Perhaps we could do the same for “Tough.”
    Please tell me they are not replacing it with another piece-of-crap reality series so we can all be voyeurs compare ourselves to the people who are willing to let millions watch them in their homes, at their jobs and doing just about anything for their 15 minutes of fame?
    I agree that “Alcatraz” should have been given more life but I guess it cannot compete with the likes of Honey Boo Boo or Kim K.

  • Touched by Touch

    Everyone can complain but I would still stand by the show if it were to be renewed. If you didn’t watch the whole series than don’t even criticize because you don’t know the half of it. Touch was a compelling drama that my whole family could sit down and enjoy every Friday. I looked forward to the Fridays of new shows. It amazes me that so many people could have a hate relationship with the show. I’m not saying that I didn’t know that it had a chance of being cancelled but it was a decent show so don’t veer solely towards the negative side of the show.

    P.S. I can’t stand it when people talk about other shows on single show forums. Especially shows like Nashville, ARE YOU SERIOUS THEY ONLY AIRED ONE EPISODE (NOW THAT’S A BOMBSHELL)

  • Touched by Touch

    And thank you Judith for a level-headed view of the show. I also loved the thought put into the show by not only the creators but also the viewers.

  • Thecaperino

    Touch was good the problem was it took a while to get going and that’s not a good thing when your average American has the attention span of a gold fish!

  • Sparky

    Can’t believe it every time there’s a good show it gets canceled cause of rateings because there mor people out there that like all that killing shooting crazy shows instead of good wholesome loving caring descent shows

  • catherine

    there has to be a 3rd season for touch, it is brilliant!!!!

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