Wednesday Final Ratings: 'Modern Family', 'American Idol', 'The Voice', 'Family Tools', 'Survivor' & 'Supernatural' Adjusted Up

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May 9th, 2013


Modern Family was adjusted up two tenths, American Idol, The Voice , Survivor, Family Tools and Supernatural were each adjusted up a tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Wednesday broadcast ratings.

Want to know why adjustments occur to the preliminary ratings? Read this.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Wednesday, May 8, 2013:

Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
FOX American Idol (8-10PM) 2.9 8 11.11
NBC The Voice 2.8 8 8.92
CBS Survivor: Caramoan 2.6 8 9.51
ABC The Middle 1.8 6 6.80
CW Arrow 0.9 3 2.62
ABC Family Tools 1.2 3 4.48
ABC Modern Family 3.3 9 9.02
CBS Criminal Minds 2.5 7 10.08
NBC Law & Order: SVU 1.9 5 6.91
CW Supernatural 1.0 2 2.07
ABC How to Live With Your Parents 2.0 5 5.90
CBS CSI 2.2 6 9.82
NBC Chicago Fire 1.8 5 6.89
ABC Nashville 1.6 4 5.38

Nielsen TV Ratings: ©2013 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • Anon

    Tools adjusted up… I just knew someone else had to like it besides me.

  • SueP

    Count me in as one of the masochists that is still watching this horrible season of SPN. I guess I’ve been hoping it would get better it didn’t. Still I’ll watch. I want to believe. It’s just becoming such a chore.

  • Carl

    Aside from some of the poor writing for Sam, the “suck it up” speech to Dean, and that weird stuff with Anna/Dean I enjoyed the last half of season 4.

    It’s always difficult to know when to stop watching a show. If you need to do so I’m sure you know best, and I hope they someday do something that might give you happier memories of the last years.

  • Carl

    The closest I probably came to thinking the show was totally done for me was late season 6, to be honest (Lisa and Ben given memory erasure, Cas out of nowhere the big villain, those idiot Campbells being gunned down by Sam and Dean). That still burns me.

  • david

    Great for Arrow and SPN last night. Good to see SPN up again.

  • Bob

    I have never seen The Voice but after last night’s performance against a lackluster American Idol Top 3, I give them two more seasons before they become irrelevant like the winners and judges that are on that show.

  • MichaelChickless

    Anon “Tools adjusted up… I just knew someone else had to like it besides me.”

    Yes: you, and 15 Nielsen families.

  • Louis

    I’m still hoping they upgrade the writing team a bit. I agree with the canon but I will say for me season 7 was the worst. If it piss me off next season I may have to drop it in come back for the final send off when ever that may be.

    I don’t expect much from a show this old, but I wish they at least get the canon or respect it more.

  • MFitz

    Max hl and you other idiotic people calling voice a flop are quite ridiculous. The Voice beat Idol and Survivor in head on competition and they are not even on Wednesdays plus it was a results show which always is lower. Face it haters The Voice has surpassed Idol and will be on for several more cycles so u can say flop all you want as NBC cashes in on a bonafide hit!

  • Tessa


    Supernatural has a lot of international viewers who watch online. Sadly they don’t count in the ratings, only American families with Nielsen boxes do.

    What I notice is that for an 8 year old show Supernatural skews very young. I wonder if that has to do with the online activity and Supernatural being one of the major fandoms on social media. The online activity is why I watch live and I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of fans, especially young fans, watch it live so they could immediately chat about it with their friends o instead of having to stay away to avoid the spoiler rush.

  • Tessa


    I’m with you. Season 7 was such a terrible season at times I wondered if they were making a parody of the show instead of the actual show.

    I liked the first half of season 8 though. It’s the second half I’m having trouble with. It’s like the show came back from the Christmas hiatus with amnesia and suddenly decided to redo the season. A lot of story was crammed everywhere. I wonder why we spent so much time on Amelia and Benny instead of introducing the Men of Letters and the heaven/hell trials when those were to be the end game.

  • Alen

    So I came here afraid of Supernatural being adjusted down and I get the good surprise that it was adjusted up. Congratulations, Supernatural!

  • CyndiBindi76

    I never thought I would enjoy SPN again after what Gamble did in S7. A few times I thought about giving it up, but it’s come around again and I’m sticking with it. Nice that it’s at 1.0 again. I don’t have too many complaints about this season as a whole aside from teenagers. I hate them. Excluding Kevin.

  • Alen


    For me it was the first half of Season 8. It was horrible and for the first time ever I thought of not watching it anymore, but I gave episode 10 a chance and liked the very end. Things improved from there for me. The second half is good even though how they’re treating Canon is upsetting.

  • Pepper

    wow at Supernatural! 2nd place at the CW even in season eight!! (I mean, it’s the CW but still!) Also decent for Arrow, hopefully it’ll stay steady at 0.9-1.0 next season

  • Mae

    @ Everyone complaining about the writing:

    I completely agree, it sucks. It is inconsistent and sloppy and painful and OOC at times…but I do not think the writing situation is going to change anytime soon.

    With so many SPN writers and producers (and crew) on Twitter, I feel like they are constantly getting praise and pats on the back. I truly think that they think they are writing an incredible show right now and telling this fantastic story. And they just aren’t. They get very skewed feedback. Check their @ replies after an episode and it is all “OMG BEST EPISODE EVER!” It inflates their ego, and really, I feel like the SPN writers think they can do no wrong.

    I think Carver’s interviews are really telling. He has these ideas that he thinks are being presented onscreen, when most people are just scratching their heads going “huh? this season was suppose to be about what? I don’t see that AT ALL.”

    I read somewhere that one of the current writers has admitted to not even watching every episode of the show, and instead using SuperWiki as a source…really? Even if true, don’t admit that. I would like to think the writers are SPN’s biggest fans, but if one can’t be bothered to watch the entire series to see what has been done (and how it has been done) before, why should I care.

  • Carl

    I think the idea was to show the conflict between Sam and Dean, with Amelia and Benny as their other lives, or whatever. People were upset about Sam not looking for Dean, they weren’t crazy about Sam with Amelia, so that might have caused some changes. I liked some parts of the first half (Cas/Dean, some of Dean and Benny) and hated others, and have been about the same in the second half (don’t like Cas being used, don’t like shock value death, don’t like the rushed pacing, do like Naomi and Abaddon, do like Dean’s emotional stories, and some of the insight into how he feels about Cas, like that Sam and Dean aren’t fighting now, like Charlie, don’t like episodes that make Sam and/or Dean look brain dead).

    As for the younger demo, I think it’s because the show has adapted itself in some ways. They have younger characters on a little more often (Kevin, Krissy), they play to the material that younger viewers on tumblr seem to enjoy (‘Destiel’), they have more lighthearted guest characters (Charlie), the comedy episodes tend to be goofy fun, and the lead actors all fit the role of very attractive men in their 30s who seem serious but still manage to have enough of a playful persona to cross demo lines.

  • Carl

    @Mae, Twitter tends to be a mixed bag. You will have people on there yelling at the show about 1) the show is Sam and Dean, dump Cas, 2) give Dean more, Sam sucks, 3) give Sam more, Dean sucks, 4) get Dean a girlfriend 5) keep Dean with Cas forever, they are soulmates, etc. etc. They mostly placate fans on there but not sure how seriously they take it.

    I think some of the writers try their best, they’re just not very good at the basic writing. You can always tell the difference in Edlund, or even Robbie Thompson (the one who said he hadn’t seen some earlier episodes), and some of the other writers.

  • Bitter Ringer Fan

    once again SPN beat arrow (not in a row). I don’t want to be mean but i really don’t see Arrow surviving more than 4 seasons. It’s the number 2 show this year but it keeps struggling with that 0.9 and i keep reading more people saying the first episodes were better so i think season 2 will decrease its ratings, it will still be good for renewal though, so season 3 will come and it will drop some more and get a fourth season in which it’ll finish collapsing and ultimately get canceled. It might end up being a shadow of what it is today…I watch the show so i’m not a hater, i’m just pointing out some things i noticed.

  • tad

    Way to go.Supernatural. the episode was great and was glad to see Sarah back.hate she had to die though.thought she was the right girl for Sam. Ratings are great and can’t wait to see the finale next week.

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