'Whitney' Canceled by NBC After Two Seasons

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May 9th, 2013

whitney november 14

Whitney has been cancelled after two seasons.


  • Justin

    Leaving Go On and Community on the bubble….

  • SVU: Hannibal

    So I guess Undatebale gets the green light with this news?

  • Androme

    Well, there is a lot to celebrate for now.

  • Timmy G

    YAYYYYY!!!! (Yes, it’s mean, but don’t tell me you’re not thinking the same thing)

  • CC


  • Dan W

    I am really actually surprised by this. I always thought Whitney did decently compared to their other comedies and figured it would make it for another season since most of the comedies will be canceled.

  • Greg

    It’s getting fun.

  • John A

    I kind of rooted for it though i didnt watch it. Weird i know i just felt people hated it for no reason.

  • Recollected

    Poor Whitney Cummings. First her talk show and now this. At least this series lasted two seasons.

  • rob60990

    “It’s getting fun.”

    The fun is just getting started. :D

  • Rebecca

    I watched this show but it wasn’t a favorite. Hoping for good news now for Community, Go On and Guys with Kids. I liked 1600 Penn too, but it’s gone.

  • Carlos Costa


  • Tony ^_^

    Ohh… :/

  • Luis

    I am seriously crying right now :'(

  • Michael

    I like The New Normal, but this would be such a reality check for NeNe if NBC cancels it. Her ego has gotten so big….

  • Charmed

    I was hoping this would get renewed :(

  • Reache

    That’s terrible news for The New Normal…
    The bears right at you ;)

  • DenverDean

    NOOO!! I wanted six seasons and a movie. Kickstarter!!!!

  • Dillan

    I kind of thought the show would have got a pity renewal.

    No need to feel bad for Whitney though. She’s making lots of $$$ from 2 Broke Girls!

  • Feedback

    @Dan W, They’re picking up a bunch of comedies. And Go On, Community and Parks and Recreation seem like they are going to be safe for at least one more season. The New Normal is definitely looking like a cancelation on my end, but they may keep it around as spackle. In reality, Whitney was dead weight and just completely unnecessary at this point.

    Also, keep in mind that picking it up for a 3rd season was basically guaranteeing it would be around for a 4th, and that just doesn’t seem like a good idea to anyone at this point.

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