'Whitney' Canceled by NBC After Two Seasons

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May 9th, 2013

whitney november 14

Whitney has been cancelled after two seasons.


  • JD

    This day is intenseee.

  • Clarke

    Though I think this announcement is one year too late, at least NBC was smart enough to see the show was never destined to become a hit. Good move.

  • hello

    The wait is unbearable, come on, Community

  • catsrule

    Good riddance. Whitney deserved to be cancelled for replacing Animal Practice (one of the rare NBC comedies I’ve liked in the last decade.)

  • Ali

    In all fairness, they should cancel all their comedies except for Parks and Recreation and a final season for community. The rest have all faltlined at 1.0 – 1.2 or ever lower, so try something new.

  • Oliver

    It was a bad show — even if not quite as awful as some people made it out to be.

    It was just so half-baked (and dated) in every way, yet it got an inexplicably big fall launch.

  • Ultima

    Though I think this announcement is one year too late

    Based on the original clip they provided of Whitney, I’d say this is two years too late! ;)

  • Michael

    Safe to say, Whitney should just continue working behind the scenes. First her talk show was canceled, now her sitcom.

  • Marius


    I don’t find Whitney funny. At all.

  • Oliver

    Also, Chris D’Elia taking a lead in NBC’s Bill Lawrence pilot was an incredibly strong hint that this was coming.

  • Survivor Fan

    No! I wanted a third season.

  • Greg

    I watched the first two episodes. Don’t ask me why.

  • pink

    They r canceling all these shows for 2 reasons,1)because they are BAD shows and 2) to make room for and pay for their new shows.I mean Dracula alone probably costs more then a few of these canceled shows put together.

  • bjssp

    Doesn’t this make it like NBC orders at least one new single cam in addition to SSTW?

  • Anyway

    Maybe NBC has something of dignity after all.
    Now cancel Community and Guys with Kids please :D

  • Oliver


    It was after The Office and you assumed there must be a reason NBC was giving it blanket promotion?

  • TVDude

    I can’t say that I’m too shocked. I thought it had a chance, but I also know that NBC didn’t care for it, as they’re trying to move the network in a different direction. Despite lower ratings, NBC pushed Go On and The New Normal because they are trying to turn the focus more toward families. Since Whitney was about a couple with no kids, it wasn’t really as relatable to the rest of their programming. The ratings for the show also made it easier for them to toss it. I doubt too many people will notice that it’s gone.

  • BigBrotherFan


  • MJDB

    Very disappointing news. I really thought this was getting renewed. While obviously not the smartest show, for two seasons it gave me just what I hoped: an enjoyable and funny show that kept me entertained every time. Hopefully the cast will move on to better things. To the cast and crew: thanks for the laughs!

  • tom


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