'Whitney' Canceled by NBC After Two Seasons

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May 9th, 2013

whitney november 14

Whitney has been cancelled after two seasons.


  • Greg

    Whitney was on a downward spiral for its last episodes. I believe all of its last four episodes rated a 1.0. Community hit a 1.0 once or twice, but it has been able to rise from them.

  • BigBrotherFan

    Whitney Cummings was my dream girl!

    Totally doable and funny as heck! :(

  • TV Addict

    Holy mother of god I am so nervous about Community…

  • davie

    God I really hope the article I read next is “Community renewed for 5th Season by NBC”

    I seem to always flashback to May 2010 reading, “No Last Minute Renewal Heroics Folks, Heroes canceled by NBC after 4 seasons”


  • swalker

    Up All Night and Guys with Kids is cancelled

  • Greg

    Guys with Kids cancelled!

  • John A

    @BigBrotherFan why do you hate Hannibal so much? Im not a big fan either but you really hate it.

  • ROLY


  • CrimTV

    It all comes down to Go On, The New Normal and Community, arguably the most anticipated renewal/cancellations on NBC this season.

  • RyanCanada

    I’m so mad, i loved this show.

  • BigBrotherFan

    John A

    I hate that show! I watched the pilot and it was so lame. No Hannibal type show should ever be on network TV! I wouldn’t hate it if it was on cable and had less limitations. :)

  • AA

    LMFAOO. She must be in depression. Two cancellations in less than 6 months.

  • BigBrotherFan


    Why is that funny? she’s hot and funny! Must be some jealous chick!

  • BigBrotherFan


    You couldn’t of picked a more fitting pic, though. Total props to that!

  • Tomcatt630

    Whitney Cummings just tries too, too hard to be “Ms Hipness” in her act. She is 30-something lady desparate for 21 y/o drunk guys to call her ‘hot’. Tells dirty jokes to please same demo, too.

    Her cancelled E! talk show was a bad carbon copy of “Chelsea Lately” and her sit-com was yet another bad ‘friends’ wanna-be.

  • BigBrotherFan

    Whitney Cummings is beautiful, funny and sort of young! she’ll find new work!

  • BigBrotherFan


    Ummm….dude it’s working for her then I’m 20-something and I do her!

  • Lukes

    They are really tiptoeing around The New Normal!

  • buttondiet

    Oh BLAH!! I’m not surprised, but I was hopeful it would get renewed. Go On and TNN don’t deserve to get renewed since Whitney held up better on it’s own than those two shows.

  • BigBrotherFan


    Further more… “30-something”? the woman is only half way into her 30th yr! you make it sound like she’s so washed up hag! c’mon!

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