'Whitney' Canceled by NBC After Two Seasons

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May 9th, 2013

whitney november 14

Whitney has been cancelled after two seasons.


  • Alan

    At least Whitney still has 2 Broke Girls.

  • Dan

    I’m somewhat surprised but not shocked. This seems to be a year where NBC is cleaning house and I guess there’s just no room for Whitney.

    Next we can hope for is a final Community season.

  • Nick


    Though I did like the show, hopefully this will make her turn her attention to 2 Broke Girls. She did create it after all, I haven’t laughed as hard as I did when she co-wrote the episodes in the beginning of the first season.

  • Dan

    Poor Whitney, 2 shows cancelled in 3 months. First Love You Mean It, now Whitney. Maybe she can get a recurring role on 2BG.

  • starship

    Oh, that’s a shame, but at least the season finale wrapped up all the stories nicely, so it wasn’t left open-ended. Wonder if they’ll keep The New Normal after all.

  • were123

    This means Go On and Community chances are better now! I hope both of them get renewed! NBC can’t cancel everything ;)

  • HV

    Yes! Now Go On is almost sure to be renewed! NBC is not going to go into the 2013-14 season with only two returning comedies! (I say two because we should be seeing Community back one last time.)

  • alexjones

    good riddance

  • Jordan Boudway

    This looks good for Community. SIX SEASONS AND A MOVIE!

  • JT

    I remember when she was on the Today show years ago (back when people watched it), and she was saying her show being on NBC (where Seinfeld and the Cosby Show were) was a good thing, guess not. She’s always has two broke girls.

  • Ryne

    If this opens the door for Go On to be renewed I am going to vomit

  • Debbie

    Bum deal! The only comedy I liked on NBC.

  • Chris J

    The Community finale tonight was a perfect close out to the series. As a fan of the show, if Dan Harmon is not on board for another season, it’d be best for them to just end the show right there.

  • miss may

    It’s about time!

  • David Howell

    First good decision NBC have made in a while. I even thought GWK was stronger, Whitney had a local programming lead-in (that’s how bad NBC comedies are doing, we can legitimately talk about local programming retention like this is the CDub).

    Will they have the courage to cancel Go On and New Normal? Probably not. That’s why they’re #4 even with football and Voice. But this was not a show that had any right to be nursed to 88. And 44 is the last stop before 88. Thankfully NBC stopped the train (wreck).

    Now the incomprehensible – could the new shows do even worse?

  • mando

    I would be mad if this show got renewed while GWK canceled.

  • Hector Zumwalt

    I would have rather had a second season of Are You There Chelsea vs Whitney. I tried to watch it but it was annoying and not funny. I honestly was surprised it made it to a second season and a little surprised it was cancelled since it made it past the first season. Maybe NBC will actually go in a new direction but I am bummed about Gothica, last pilot season I was hoping the show that had the Grimm premise about NYC having two dimensions to be picked up but it was not. It looked really interesting and would have been great w Grimm.

  • Hector Zumwalt

    I watched The New Normal but I can’t see it going any further wout being repetitive. Ryan Murphy is a genius but I cannot see it going that far…as much as I liked the first season of Up All Night if they would have kept it I would not have watched. It honestly would have been a whole new show w the same name. Glad Christina Applegate jumped the sinking ship or else it probably would have been renewed w the new format and then been cancelled the first few episodes bc again it would have been a whole new show. NBC was smart with that decision. I like Will Arnett even though a lot of people did not like him. I think if they would have not dropped the Ava Show it would have made it a second season to the third.

  • mmogaddict

    Should never had made it past season 1. It was crap.

  • joel

    Season 1 was very good but they regressed this year and didn’t seem to have any idea or control over how to recapture the magic.

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